Jay Emmanuel-Thomas & Wilshere Start Against Sevilla

Jamie Sanderson August 9, 2008 News 59 Comments

Jay Emmanuel-Thomas will make his first start for the first-team this evening, as Arsenal look to retain the Amsterdam Tournament Trophy against Spanish outfit Sevilla.

Arsene Wenger has taken a handful of youngsters to Holland – with the surprise inclusion being the Under 18’s captain Thomas – and after a hard work out for the more established faces yesterday evening, he has rotated for the potentially crucial clash.

Jay played more games than anybody last season, featuring in a whole manner of positions from centre back to up front, but Wenger has named the England Under 17 International on the left wing, with Armand Traore currently injured. Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs, Mark Randall and Aaron Ramsey also start in a side which has a ‘Carling Cup’ feel to it.

J. Hoyte – Djourou – Senderos – Gibbs
Wilshere – Randall – Ramsey – Thomas
Bendtner – Vela

Article By – J.Sanderson


  • 1st :)

  • Johnny Maverik

    Didnt Thomas kind of make his debut against Hudderfield? I know i was basically a reserve side but it was classed as a first team friendly.

    It’ll be great to see some of the young lads in action thou, and Thomas is a favouret of mine so im guna love seeing him against a side the quality of Sevilla.

  • The Dutchmaster

    some more quotes about Annan:

    “Now IK Start sport and media director Svein Mathisen has revealed that The Gunners have invited the promising star to North London to see if he suits their ideals.
    “He is invited to Arsenal for training as well,” Mathisen was quoted as saying by VG Nett.”This is, however, poor timing as he has a game for Stabaek on Sunday.”

    From setanta sports.

    J have you got the full starting XI.

  • The Dutchmaster

    Good to see Cesc play again..I would like to see kolo aswell.

  • No Toure? he need to get match fitness

  • Why is Gilbert on loan and not any of the Hoyte’s ?

  • Fabregas isn’t in the line up? He’s on the bench but he’s not starting.

  • Is there live-feed somewhere for this game?

  • can someone tell me what happened to merida?

  • Fabregas' Dad

    I would’ve liked to see someone like Simpson included in the squad and given a chance at RM against quality opposition so we can test whether he can do a job for us in the PL at all, especially ‘cos we’re short on midfielders at the moment and Eboué’s not very good at RM.

    For his sake I really hope Justin Hoyte leaves to restart his career and so we can use Eboué as RB cover.

  • This is not the starting lineup Jamie ;)

    This is the one:





  • Fabregas' Dad

    Well I’m not that desperate for Hoyte to leave but I think Middlesbrough could be a good move for him.

  • JS;

    Wrong team line up fella!

    You;re sacked!

  • It is the other Hoyte playing – the crap 1…oh wait thats don’t help – gavin is playing.

  • Haha, Updated now mate :)

    Just been watching ArsenalTV.. Hoyte gave an interview at the Arsenal.com photo shoot, and he said why would anybody want to leave Arsenal?

  • err…..for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$44

  • Velaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vela is t3h BOOOOOMMMBBBB

  • Vela has been worth the wait. What a start to his Arsenal career. wonderfull finish again from a tight angle

  • Vela and Bendtner seem to be forming a good partnership already.

  • Respect to Thomas however if I was Barazite I would be aboslutley gutted theres just no way Thomas is a better left-sided Midfielder than Nacer. If U ask me I think somethings gone on there between the player and Manager. There is no way he can be that far down the pecking list after being on the Bench at the end of last Season. C’mon J spill the beans! Lol.

    P.s great Blog!!

  • The defence is holding up well so far

  • From what I’ve seen in the last 35mins, this team will be sewn up very quickly with an effective DM

  • Hope Djourou is not badly injured

  • Agreed daymee. We still need a dominant defender. Djourou and Senderos are abit lacking

  • My link has died, anyone got another?

  • Vela scored the first goal !!!!!!!!!

  • Randall very, very nearly just scored an own goal.

    Some impressive goalkeeping by Fabianksi, but the defense is awful.

  • jay emannuel thomas is good!!

  • Johnny Maverik

    Randall isnt playin well. If this wasnt a friendly the penalty would have probably been given and i wouldent be suprised if he’d have got yellow and then red later on.

    Good Denilson is on, he did really well yestersay, very impressive. I havent always been his biggest fan but hes got the talent, just needs to show consistancy now.

  • Fabianski has done well. Vela is worth his shirt in gold, Thomas has played well. Randall a bit intricate and clumsy, Wilshere holding his own despite the opposition, Ramsey suprisingly trying for goal (unlike the ice cream man), Bendtner linking up well. Holding midfield position urgently needs attention. Senderos/Djourou partnership looks better than the other two big boys

  • Fabianski has looked solid so far. Djourou has also played well for me.

    Wilshire is definitely worth a squad place, along with Gibbs and Thomas.

    Ramsey’s not had a good game, bless him!

    IF we can just sign that experienced DM, we’d be larfin…

    But that means spending money and Wenger just hates that!

  • Johnny Maverik

    Gibbs is doing very well. Considering hes not exactly experianced at left back at any level, is young and marking one of the most tricky wingers in La Liga hes not done much wrong.

  • Johnny Maverik

    Ur all right about Fabianski aswell. Very very impressed with him. Hes been solid. Shows what he can do when hes playing at his best.

  • daymee: i think Senderos has looked terrific all pre-season, and in the internationals too. But Toure has only had the one game back, and Arsenal fans seem to have forgotten that for the first half of last season, Toure and Gallas were ubeatable – i think we even went a huge amount of games with clean sheets because of our first choice back 4 – it only went downhill when toure was exhausted post-anc and then sagna and flam being out. I think with the good start we have they can prove people wrong AGAIN.

    Fabianski has been terrific all pre-season too.

    Most importantly though, it seems no-one has made the distinction: We have a player called Thomas and this shirt. Are we away the last game of the season against a team who plays in red? Better fucking be. :D

  • Samuel;

    They were gr8 for most of last season, but we do need a top replacement for Flamini don’t we.

  • Johnny Maverik

    “Most importantly though, it seems no-one has made the distinction: We have a player called Thomas and this shirt. Are we away the last game of the season against a team who plays in red? Better fucking be.”

    Lol… he can play up front aswell…

  • Either Fabianski’s just having an exceptionally good day, or he’s finally starting to show his real potential. If he plays like this every game then Almunia should seriously start to worry.

    Seems like there’s a big lack of co-ordination between the defense and the midfield. If Song was available, he’d be the man to sort this game out.

  • THE DEFENSE IS TEARING!!Fabianski is in superb form!!

  • Samuel;

    We play Stoke at home last game of the season, but United away the game before!

  • also it’s 1-1 for anyone who doesn’t have a stream

    We’re getting pushed back and conceding a lot of corners at the moment.

  • 1-1 FT

  • Johnny Maverik

    Ah well, game over, cnt complain about 1-1 considering the age and experiance of the squad. Some good performances and some quiet ones, no disasters although Randall wasnt far off. Great performances from Djourou, Fabianski, Thomas, Gibbs and Vela in particular, although Gibbs struggled slightly towards the end.

  • Good test for the young lads.

    Senderos did well although he turns slower than milk.

    I think Djourou could be ahead of him if he gets the same sort of amount of games as Phil.

  • Butch Wilkins KEEPS going on about how he fears for us this season.

    But then again he played for Chelsea and ManU!

  • The game:

    It looked like the midfield didn’t expect to be 1-0 up so early against such tough, experienced opponents given their age and such and they didn’t create anything of real note after, instead just trying to hold on desperately (unneccessarily) to the lead. It’s like they just wanted to go to school in September and wait for someone to ask what they did this summer, “Oh, just beat Sevilla”. And I think they had the talent to create enough and rule the game but they didn’t have the confidence to do so. This will hopefully come with age i guess.

    Well, its that, or the much scarier option: Arsenal F.C. has forgotten, what with it being so long, what it’s like going ahead at the start of the game, that they just didn’t know what to do. ;)

  • Ray Parlour wants us to sign Barry and I aint gonna argue with Romford Pele!

  • Why not? Us gingers are rubbish at fighting.

  • If we get Inler AND Annan, trial and error should mean we come out with at least 1 great DM for the price of half a Bentley. Or hell, maybe even 2!

  • how was thomas today?

  • And we will be HOPING that one of them will turn out to be good enough, if they are, then we will be HOPING that they can settle in as quick as Sagna.

    Nope, we need that Premier league experienced player and that leaves Barry or Alonso. And IMO Barry is the better option in terms of what we need.

    Man, we have MADE nearly £15 million this pre-season from sell on clauses, etc.

    It is becoming a sick joke that Wenger refuses to spend decent money on decent players.

    He said he wanted an expereiced player who knows the league. That dont leave too many options.

  • Thomas did well fella.

    They all did aprt from Ramsey and Randall IMO.

  • Dwayne Dibby

    I personally agree with you about Garath Barry would be a perfect partner for Francesc Fabregas in the center of midfield but Arsenal and Arsene Wenger will or cannot spend big money on a player who has know sell on value and at £18 Million Pounds and 27 years old we would not get our money back on him IMO

  • I saw the 2007-2008 season review the other day, and given the calls from all corner for signing Gareth Barry, I paid a particular attention to Arsenal-AVilla match.

    I have to wonder why anybody wants to sign him!
    He doesn’t have any technique, he is just a lump!!!!!

  • Sorry, but I call bullshit on PL experience being the key issue. Torres, Sagna and half the bloody City team showed that quality is quality no matter where its playing. The top five leagues in Europe are about the same in terms of similar standards of fitness and kicking the shit out of each other, whereas the games a bit faster and has nowhere near as good a technique or natural ability. Other than the speed (and this shouldn’t be an issue if we hire someone seen as a typical arsenal player), there should be no problem settling in.

    Also, can people stop acting like the only option is to spend big fucking money. Especially on ‘young guns’. it’s ridiculous. Look at our first team, it costs the same as shevchenko. If people genuinely think that quality is always akin to price tags, they just don’t understand football. If this was true, SWP and Bentley’s England would have won Euro 2008 this summer instead of 250k Cesc’s Spain.

    People don’t like Inler or Annan because they haven’t heard of them. No-one liked Eduardo or Sagna, because they’d never heard of them. Or Adebayor. Or Van Persie. Or Cesc. Or Toure. Or Clichy. Bloody hell, when will people learn that the Arsenal scouting network most probably knows more about what’s good for our team, and football in general than a bunch of mouthy pricks with internet access?

  • look, i need all arsenal true fans to understand that Lorik Cana is the most eligible of all da transfer prospects brutal, young and then what we need 2 give otha teams first class gunnerphobia, damn hes da most ruthless dmf ive seen in ages, more brutal than any dmf da premiership has seen before even da likes of Roy Keane and Patrik Viera who were instrumental to both teams periods of dominance couldnt dare try to run past dis guy without da fear of a season long injury, nd yet, he goes season long without a red card jst yellow cards, the perfect tackler, strong in da air (both defensively nd offensively), reads da game brilliantly nd has a decent shot on him a previous captain 2 use 2 make Will sit up nd focus when realisin his arm band culd be stolen jst as he stole gilberto’s armband. Da most qualified and eligible for our dmf, aged 25 years and is presently worth 6m pounds, Wenger? what da hell r u waitin for??????

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