Blog Review – ‘Insightful & Entertaining’ Untold Arsenal

There are blogs about Arsenal, and there are blogs about Arsenal. They come in all forms. Informative, entertaining, insightful and intelligent. Untold Arsenal fits in all those categories. As the name suggests, it’s different from all the others, and it’s certainly one of our favourites.

If blogs are like teams, Untold Arsenal is a title contender. It’s lineup is notable, boasting a Belgian referee, an academic from Lancaster University, an economic student at Leeds plus a regular stream of occasional contributors. All edited and managed by successful author Tony Attwood.

Untold Arsenal sets out its stall fair and square on the home page: “Supporting the Lord Wenger in all he does” it proclaims. Yet far from subscribing to the “Arsene Knows Brigade”, Untold challengers and analyses the key decisions and isn’t afraid to dish out criticism when needed. They also study finances and statistics but if you’re a more relaxed kind of reader, the pre-match analysis delivered by the imaginary ‘Billy the Dog’ will certainly tickle your fancy. The site also It also takes a very strong line on corruption in football – from FIFA and UEFA down to the Conference.

Chief Editor Tony Attwood is a respected writer. He’s the author of the successful book “Making the Arsenal” – the story of Arsenal in 1910 when the modern club was formed – and a regular contributor to the Arsenal matchday programme. He’s also written for the official Arsenal website. Tony also runs a second site which charts the comings and goings of football in general and Arsenal in particular, 100 years ago.

All together, Untold Arsenal is a thrilling read. You can find the site over at – We guarantee you won’t regret reading it.

Article By – J.Sanderson

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