Arsenal Set To Take DC United Starlet Najar On Trial

Jamie Sanderson July 20, 2010 News 34 Comments

Arsenal will take D.C United’s 17-year-old midfielder Andy Najar on trial upon the completion of the MLS season.

Najar is currently regarded as one of the most promising prospects in the MLS and has attracted offers from club’s all over South America. Andy was born in Honduras but moved to the United States at the age of 13, where he quickly rose through the youth system at United and was subsequently promoted to the first-team at the start of this season.

Many see Najar’s development as the only plus point in an otherwise dreadful season for DCU, and he currently finds himself in a difficult situation over his international plans. Both the US and Honduras federations are desperate to recruit the player who scored against the LA Galaxy at the weekend.

Andy’s personal coach in Honduras has confirmed Arsenal have been in touch via American scout Danny Karbassiyoon and plans are afoot for the attacking midfielder to trial with the Gunners.

“Andy will have a three-week trial with Arsenal after the completion of the MLS season.”

Brazilian outfit Santa Cruz have already been in touch in a bid to jump the queue for Najar, but it remains clear that no potential deal will be discussed before he has been looked over by Arsène Wenger.

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  • He looks absolutely tiny in the article photo! Wikipedia has him as 5’7″, same size as Arshavin.

    • Yeah he look small but good in pace! Similar to Wilshere….

    • being tiny is not abig deal because wilshere, Gibbs and vella are also tiny lol.

    • How is Gibbs or Vela tiny, solomon? Vela about 5’10/178cm and Gibbs about 5’11/180cm. Not exactly tiny, like Arshavin or Wilshere, who’s about 10 cm shorter.

  • He is tiny, lilliputian even. But he’s tough and surprisingly strong. He has been competing very well in MLS, which, while it isn’t the best league is certainly very physical- sort of like the Championship.

  • haha, christ you’re right, he looks like a midget!! mind u if he plays as well as messi, or arshavin on a good day, then i’m all for midgets joining..

  • j
    do u know whats happend to wellington silva.he missed 5 games before wc and the 2 since for fluminense

    • He’s been playing in a youth tournament for Flu. Now he’s at Arsenal for pre-season training.

    • Gooner4Life

      Is he in Austria? As far as I know he is not. Will he be playing Crawley Town? If not, then what is he doing at Arsenal!?

    • He’s come over to acclimatise, meet and train with his new teammates, for the coaches to look at him, etc. before he moves to London permanently in January.

  • gareth knight

    there is quite a few vids of this kid on youtube if anyone wants to watch, some nice goals, and a great header for a midgit…. Exciting stuff !

  • No offense but what’s with AW and his love for physically smaller players? And the problem is we don’t buff them up too. We need tough players in the BPL!

    • He dont have a love for physically small.
      technically brilliant or something like that he loves.

      sry bout suckky english.

  • barazite’s not going to austria!

    wenger must really hate him or something.


  • Coincidentally, I was at the DC United game just this past weekend, where Najar scored a heck of a header (their only on-target chance of the game, it felt like), and my friends and I had NO IDEA he was just 17. I’m no scout, but he definitely held his own playing the same side of the field as Landon Donovan.

  • alright j. excellent work mate… dont know where u get de info from but your always the first. Its top notch, keep up the good work buddy. When does the mls season finish and do arsenal have first option on the kid.

  • JS, pls what about the Montenegro 19 year old defender that had his trial in January? Thot we had a pre-contract agreement with this summer in mind. Well, the shmmer is all but ended! Any news?

    • wondrinfree

      Hey I’m in Montenegro for a couple of months, what’s the guys name and I’ll look out for him. It would be funny if he was from Tivat (where I’m staying) as their team is called FK Arsenal.

    • his name is stefan savic,he was close to signing in februaury

  • the king of the world

    barazite is going on loan this week!

    • if it’s true, then thank f*** for that. i think newcastle or some other bottom of the prem team with aspirations of playing good attacking football would be good for him. very interested to see how things work out for the next pires.

  • Where is he going on loan? Is barazite not good enough? What I’ve seen of him,he looks like a top talent – but I dnt watch him week in week out so I’m not the best person to judge his development. Has he got bad attitude or is he just not good enough?

    • hopefully this will be like a ‘wilshere to bolton’ loan, meaning wenger thinks he’s got the talent to contribute to the first team but he just needs a little bit of top level experience to polish him off. fingers crossed xxx

  • Arsenal up 2 to 1 on Crawley Rhys Murphy has a brace!!! Live text on ATVO! in the 2nd half!

  • he has potential…

  • someone tell me who is the skinhead sitting between Henderson and Nordveit on (training pictures no.22) Could it be a trialist centre half?

  • I’ve got season tickets for dc united as they are my 2nd favorite team after arsenal. I can speak firsthand that he is an excellent player. He’s been the best player on the team at the age of 17.

  • Great!…. a midget

  • Well, let’s not forget players in the like of Keegan! Being small can sometimes ‘force’ such players to work and train harder to be more outstanding than the rest!

    • Personally I’ve had enough of seeing our midgets getting pushed around, how about buying someone big for the centre of midfield. I like Felani at Everton, likes to get stuck in, has a good shot, and he’s quick. Most importantly hes not scared to head the ball. Its what we have been missing for the last couple of years.

  • If the guy is good enough, his height doesnt really matter… look at Messi after all…and Roy Keane missed out on international call ups when he was 15/16 because he was apparently too small also…

    However, if we don’t make up for it in other areas and balance the team in some way it will be an obvious point of attack and will surely be exposed at some stage in a 50 + game season, particular in a league like the EPL.

    We have had players that didn’t take any sh*t before and still played good football winning championships etc, Keown,Adams,Vieira,Petit,Gilberto,Stefan Schwarz,John Jensen,okay, the last two weren’t so hot, but u get the point

  • I am a DCU season ticket holder, and this kid is legit. He has a long way to go in his development but he is a great young talent. As a DCU fan I hope the gooners keep their hands off of him for now and give us a few seasons to enjoy him.

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