Arsenal Accept Lansbury Loan Offers

Jamie Sanderson August 29, 2010 News 94 Comments

Arsenal have accepted a plethora of loan offers for midfielder Henri Lansbury, but the England Under 21 international is yet to decide on his future.

Lansbury has been named in the Arsenal first-team for the new season but Arsène Wenger has given the youngster the opportunity to leave again on loan, should he wish. Former loan club’s Scunthorpe United and Watford have all asked whether they could have the prospect for a second spell, but Wenger rebuffed their advances. Instead, offers from Championship rivals Swansea City and Leeds United have been accepted, while Premier League outfit Newcastle United have made their interest known.

However, Henri is hoping he could still play a part for Arsenal, notably in the Carling Cup. Recent injuries to Craig Eastmond and Emmanuel Frimpong have opened the door for match minutes in the holding midfield role, but Wenger remains uncertain. Newcastle would offer the perfect opportunity for top flight action but they’ve only had a tentative interest as yet, but could make a firm offer if they fail to land other targets before the window closes.

Henri is poised to make his decision on Monday.


  • Would have prefered to see him challenge someone like Denilson for his squad spot.

    Unfortunately I see JET, Lansbury and Eastmondall eventually leaving Arsenal permanently due to there being no room at all in the side.

    Shame as they’ve never really been given a chance in the squad. They’ll be loaned out until they’re 21 like Simpson.

    I think AW nurtures foregin lads brilliantly but not sure about Englush lads. Wilshere, Walcott and Gibbs would have made it at any club.

    It’s the actual nurturing of English players AW does not do. Look at the amount of time he has put into Denilson and Diaby. Never have they been loaned – always under Wengers wing since 18/19. They wouldnot get into any other top 4 side.

    • I disagree with Gibbs. I think he came from nowhere and quiet honestly had a horrible time out on loan (Norwich)

      Obviously, Wilshere and Walcott are special, but thats what we demand.

    • JET will make it.

    • this is a typical display of the impatience of the English which we have seen over the years at arsenal.. yes these kids will be in the starting 11 of some teams but which teams?
      look at the top5 teams(man city included) and tell me how many of them will have these kids in their starting 11 at the same time? not manUre,arab Citey,Chavs or the pool.

      this silly attitude of the english kids actually trickles down from the fans, we all get excited when any kid (foreign or english) gets close to the first team but what most people don’t have to forget is there is normally a team there already.
      i will be more than excited to see JET, Lanbury,Wilshere and Gibbs make it just as i will be excited to see Frimpong,Ansah,Boateng,Monteiro,Nordveit,Miquel,Angha,Aneke,Afobe and Barazite make it.

      a throw back to a few years ago tells us some of the players need to be patient cos some of them are not even as good as they think and a typical example is Bentley and Jerome Thomas leaving because they couldn’t get regular play ahead of ROBERT PIRES and SYLVIAN WILTORD.
      are you fuckers kidding me?
      start being real arsenal fans and cut out being this whinny lil bitches cos you ain’t helping the club in any way,shape or form.

    • Walcott was bought and not really brought through here. We just kept playing him for as long as it took for him to become good. Sacrificed the first team for his development to a large degree imo. And he’s still not proven himself, but yesterday could well signal the turning point because he looked awesome from start to finish and was really focussed. I hope he does finally show his true quality on a consistent basis because he can be a devastating weapon, but it doesnt excuse the way wenger has used him at the expense of the 1st team and other youngsters over the years.
      If you want to compare how he treats foreigners, look at merida. He has incredible talent imo, but has left the club because of a lack of opportunities really. And he played better in his few first team games than theo. Had HE been given the chance instead I dont think it would have taken him this long to develop into a quality player.

    • Diaby was playing with the first team then he broke his ankle. Denilson came straight in to the first team. Henry even said he had never seen a player adapt as quick as denilson did to the prem. Lansbury and JET will make it at Arsenal.

      I really can’t even comment on your rubbish comments anymore.

      PS, Jay Simpson didn’t make it because he was not good enough for this level.

    • monty

      That has to be one of the daftest posts ever on here. Completely baseless tosh!

      lansbury & JET aint ready yet and a loan is just what they need.

      As for Wenger not nurturing English players; How about Gibbs, Wilshire and of course, the new darling of the media; Theo?

    • Monty,

      Your mad, completely nuts if you think Diaby wouldn’t get into Liverpool’s midfield (especially now that Mascherano is gone and only Lucas…Lucas??? remins). He’d probably get time in United’s (at the expense of Fletcher) and Chelsea’s (possibly at the expense of Mikel) as well.

      This nonsensical disrespect for Diaby is zenophobic scapegoating. I saw so many comments on the BBC blogs yesterday about how many times Diaby gave the ball away against Rovers. I watched the match again on and counted all the misplaced passes of our players, and, through the 58th minute (when I had to go to work), Diaby had given the ball away 3 times, same as Cesc and Song. He played a beautifully disciplined match on Saturday, and by my count it was the thrid one in a row. He was excellent for large spells last season as well.

      Utter garbage this desperate desire to paint Diaby as a charity case. If you want to look for charity cases look at all the English players that will benefit from the Premier League’s new Affirmative Action rule. That is utter bullshit. We have Affirmative Action in my country and it completely fucks up everything it touches. It will surely the same in football. If you want to talk about unfair ‘special treatment’ you’d be remiss not to look at this Premiership Affirmative Action bullshit as well!

    • well im happy for him to go on loan. He is nowhere near as good as Denilson. If you think Denilson is crap then you do not want Lansbury to play instead. He is about as good as Cleverly in Man U and he is not exactly having a huge impact at United is he? He is worse than Gibson and gibson does not even command a starting place at United.

      What makes you think that jsut because they are young and English they should start? Atm we play with Diaby, Song and Fabregas in the middle, we also got Rosicky and soon Nasri back plus Wishire and Ramsey soon. You honestly think that Landsbury is that quality yet?

      I dont, i think its good for him to get out and play at highest level with another club. He has a huge future infront of him at Arsenal but its no point rushing him through, let him develop in his own pace and take him in when hes good enough. Most players are not good enough until they hit early 20s. How old is Henry?

      And yes i know you hate Denilson and yes it was denilsons fault Blakburn scored yesterday(even though he was not on the pitch, but yeh scapegoat).

      Still Denilson is alot better than Lansbury at this point in time. And he is a squad player. That is why Lansbury should go out on loan.

      I would hate a good talent like him getting ruined by the arsenal doomers just becasue he did not live up to expectations. You would want to flogg him off right away if he did a mistake.

  • I would loan him to Blackpool; there short of numbers, lacking in quality, he would be involved in a premiership relegation fight and Ian Holloway is a good coach.

    • Agree, and not only him. Offer two or three of our players to Blackpool until January with an option to extend. They try to play football and a relegation battle will do them good. Now is also a good time for us as we have fewer injury problems than usually.

    • Ian Holloway is a top bloke! And he wants his team to play football the proper way too. lansbury and JET coulod do a job for them, IMO.

    • I was thinking the same. Holloway wants his team to play good, entertaining football, not the sort of brutal, talentless, long-ball rubbish that relies more on luck of the bounce than anything else as played by Stoke and Blackburn.

      It would be good to strike up a relationship with Holloway that saw those lads on the cusp of breaking through from our junior ranks, but who aren’t going to get many games for the first team, get experience there. Our boys get Premiership experience, they get a stream of quality players on the cheap, which we can either blend into our first team or sell-on for a better price having got that experience. It would be a win-win.

      If we offered the same opportunities to other newly-promoted teams that play attractive, technical football (not Allardyce-Pulis style rugby), then it will raise the quality of the Premiership as a whole. That would do more for English football and the English national team than the various football governing bodies and their stupid rules ever could.

  • “I think AW nurtures foregin lads brilliantly but not sure about Englush lads. Wilshere, Walcott and Gibbs would have made it at any club.

    It’s the actual nurturing of English players AW does not do. Look at the amount of time he has put into Denilson and Diaby. Never have they been loaned – always under Wengers wing since 18/19. They wouldnot get into any other top 4 side.”

    These kind of statements just annoy me.

    Maybe Denilson and Diaby were in the first team because we had very few defensive midfielders? DO you seriously think that Denilson and (esp.) Diaby have no talent whatsoever? Denilson is brilliant in reading the game and Diaby is hugely talented.

    And has Walcott not been given more chances than basically any other young player? Wilshere did not play a role in the first team earlier because he was too inconsistent and we have a plethora of attacking midfielders, especially diminutive ones.

    Gibbs has Clichy in front oh fim.

    Why do people seriously think that Wenger cares about a player’s passport?

    • preach preacher

    • spot on. and i”ve got a feeling this will be denilson’s season.

    • Good stuff. I agree he doesnt care about passports, but he does seem to pick his favourites and sticks with them no matter what. In truth, had walcott been french, with the way hes played up until now, he would have been treated exactly the same as denilson by arsenal fans, and the fact that he is english is the only reason the fans have allowed it to continue to this point. He’s been terrible for the most part. You can say he’s scored amazing goals or done amazing things, but so has diaby, yet he is looked down upon by many arsenal fans, even though hes been playing pretty well for the best part of a year now and really looks to have turned the corner.
      So, I agree with you and would add that it is the fans who care about the passport rather than wenger. And it is wenger’s philosophy of picking players because they are good enough and for no other reason that I really love about this club. I just disagree with him sometimes on who is quality or who deserves the chance..

    • Anyone that doesn’t like Diaby, doesn’t know this game.

  • Re Lansbury; it’ll be great if he can go to a PL club. We all know the difference going on loan made to Wilshere. It was great to see him tackle Samba yesterday :D

    • yUP.. Samba look twice his size and yet he fell down. Must be something he picke dup at Bolton.

    • Yeah it was great, I read somewhere I think Owen Coyle said that in Wilshere’s first training session with Bolton he was absolutely taken out by Kevin Davies, so what he did was get him back with a strong tackle of his own :D

  • i was travelling in brazil around 2001 and everyone i spoke to rated denilson as one of the country’s best young players. he played in all thrir international youth teams and was even captain i think. this probably has more to do with why he has been given a run in the arsenal team. hopefully denilson will yet fulfill his promise.

    disagree with anyone who says arsene doesn’t nurture english talent. there’s about 6/7 english lads who are on the verge of challenging for the 1st team. the club is not overstocked with senior pros and the likes of JET, Lansbury, Eastmond et al will have plenty of playing opportunies over the course of the season and in the future.

    Right now, we have just one central striker available – could this be an instant opportunity for JET to stake his claim?

    • Blame it to the AAA that keep asking Wenger to buy 5-6 players every season and never trust the youngster..

    • The injury comes at a perfect time for RvP to make a recovery what with the international break, if he does recover JET will have to wait. But if he doesn’t, I would be astounded if JET didn’t make the bench.

    • Denilson was 13 in 2001…???

  • There would be no point in going to a Championship side as he’s already proven his capable of playing week in week out at that level – if he can’t secure a loan at Newcastle then he should stay at Arsenal. I can see him fighting with Denilson for a place, with Frimpong and Ramsey injured, he surely has a chance to make it to the bench. Henderson did it last year and Lansbury is miles better than him.

    • He needs to learn to dominate from week in to week out, not just be capable. Imagine Vieira, Keane, Gerrard in the Championship 10 years ago. That’s what Arsenal want.

    • yes but that s was Watford ,a penniless team short on player who use young player .And cleverley (manure player was the better player)a stronger championship team or a smaller EPL team will do.
      And he is nowhere near denilson.

  • Some premiership experience for Lansbury would be vital, Jack’s stint at Bolton has helped him in his progress and wish the same for all our young gooners, irrespective of their passports.

  • He really cares about passport, man. Kos cost 8.5 million and not special. Can’t believe Denilson is considered a first team player. Can’t tackle, can’t run, get bullied, jogs on the pitch and get overtaken by refrees while Rome burns. Still considered as a DM?

    • What the f*ck has Koscielny got to do with anything? Xenophobic comments like yours make me sick.

  • Whoever says Denilson can’t tackle doesn’t watch Arsenal. I don’t understand why people hate him so much. He reads the game beautifully and all he lacks is muscle. He is very mobile and plays box to box really well. He has better awareness than Song and when he bulks up, people will know why Arsene has stuck with him.

    Kos is very special. His reading of the game is excellent and physically he still needs to step up for this league but he has all the right ingredients. Arsene doesn’t have preference for passport but the overinflation of the market forces his hand. An English player, same age as Kos and knocking on the national team door would cost twice as much. Nothing to do with talent and Arsene doesn’t have the luxury of the amount of money other clubs have. he has to be prudent. Kos will be a big signing for us.

    • Denilson is young and he played last year with a back problem
      this year he will be fit and ready for a fight but I still believe he should play alongside a DM not as a DM

    • @Andrew – I agree I thought last season he was carrying an injury. I dont think we should have played him if this is the case, but really he has to contribute more if he is going to soldier through with an injury because otherwise tehre is no point in sticking with him. Ive seen song get injured in a game, and if he stays on he doesnt drop his performance level till the match is over, then he might be out for a couple of games, but that is the mentality that is required of a DM. I think denilson tries to show mental strenght by making himself available even when hes carrying an injury, but his performances expose a mental weakness that is not desirable for a player in his position.

    • Remember when we started seeing Denilson? He was given a similar role as Fabregas. Denilson reads the game very well, has a good range of passes a nice shot but does get muscled away from the ball too easily.

    • T2T – theres no doubt some of his best moments have been in assisting goals, but he has also had some brilliant games as a defensive midfielder. He was brilliant when we beat Utd at old trafford two years ago, and the time before when we beat them. In those games he didnt seem to get muscled out of it. With him I think its a matter of application, which may be due to injury problems, but he is capable of standing up to physical challenges to a reasonable degree. Wilshere can do it ffs, its more about attitude than strength, although every side also needs a song and/or diaby in their side as well because it’s more important for the 50-50s. When he has the ball there should be no reason for him to allow players to muscle him off it in a fair way. Rosicky rarely loses the ball like that because he has good balance and knows how to use his body well.

  • Lansbury wants to become a part of the first team like WIlshere and Eastmond became this and last year but if wenger cant see him getting games then its better to send him on loan again
    NewCastle are chasing cleverly and are probably keeping Lansbury as a backup but even a loan to a good championship side is a good option

    • what a joke to say wenger doesnt nurture english talent .hes been more than patient with walcott despite all the negativity from ‘ fans’ who will soon change their tune.if english players are good enough they will come through . up until the latest talent coming through , the english lads have been way behind technically compared to foreigners of the same age .that is now changing and hopefully the fruits of the youth policy will push arsenal to the front of english numbers making established names.

    • when did i say anything about nurturing talent?

  • If passports matter it’s only because English players, unless nurtured by Arsenal, tend to be overpriced and overhyped. Kos is very highly rated in France and I believe by most Arsenal fans. And Denilson will be great now that he’ll get an injury free run. His critics often don’t understand the role of a modern midfielder. Here’s a good article on that subject:

  • Denislon got overran by Sidebe of Stoke City and Atkinson the refree and many others playing as a DM. Reads the game? see how Rooney scored against us last season at the Emirates. He only passes sideways and backwards; compare that with the passes of Wilshere. Well, well, well, his time here is getting shortened with emergence of Frimpong, Ramsey, Wilshere and Lansbury.

    • That match was his first or second game back from a spine injury! Yes, that is a broken back.

      Whatever else you might say about him, his workrate isn’t the problem and, about the Rooney incident, you should really be asking where the fullback was.

      Of those you mentioned only Frimpong looks like he might be able to do a DM job and he’s at least a couple of years away. Ramsey’s tackling and covering were hopeless. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s great and was really starting to get it together when Shawcross broke his leg but how often did you see him standing about near the half way line looking for gorm as the game passed him by?

      If you want evidence of what he can do just look at the Barcelona home game. We didn’t get a sniff until he came on.

      It takes two to make a complete pass

    • Denilson had a minor injury problem last season. Yep, he only broke his back, so of course thats no reason why he night have been off the pace last season.

      Fucking hate “supporters” who have to find scape goats.

  • denilson is quality, he has the best long shot at arsenal. the fact that arsene plays him more readily than others shows he is better than the others. all of you’s are idiots, are you there in training day in day out. we started the season well last year playing denilson in the centre of midfielder. denilson last year played better in the first few games than wilshere has at the start of this year.

    • Denilson, WIlshere and Diaby are our CM player this season
      Rosicky, Fabregas and Ramsey are our AM
      SOng and Eastmond are DM

      Denilson is young and a very good squad player
      In 07-08 season he was brilliant

    • @ andrew, long term AW see Wilshere as the AM and Ramsey as CM

    • It will be more like what its at Barca
      Ramsey being our Xavi
      and WIlshere being our Iniesta

  • “However, Henri is hoping he could still play a part for Arsenal, notably in the Carling Cup.

    Damn, if Spurs beat ut, Lansbury’s season will be very short…

  • It might be better for him to go out on loan cause we’re paired with the Sp*rs in the Carling Cup and i don’t think good ole ‘Arry would miss the opportunity to destroy our kids by playing first team players :D

    • WE can mix and match the team for the Carling Cup;

      Almunia (Schwarzer will be number 1 by then)
      Eboue – Squillacci – Djourou – Gibbs
      Eastmond – Lansbury
      Vela – JET – Wilshire

      Something like that

    • Forgot Denilson!

  • Which top 5 team has young English talent in there starting xi? English players cost way over market value and truthfully aren’t as talented. Arsenal is on the verge of producing half of the England team by the 2016 euro.

  • was’nt walcot getting stick from our own fans never mind our rivals only like last month?

    denilson been gettin stick for 2 yrs now from our own so called support, before him diaby, before him song, before him flamini etc – theres a new fall guy every yr – its boring

    What makes me laugh is these championship manager experts were cussin wenger cause he did’nt bust the bank for quersesma (besitkas), Veloso (Still in portugal), ben afra (newcastle)
    Cahill (bolton) or what ever player that the sun, mirror, star, sky journalist (who have no qualifications on football other than a qualification in speculation) have told them wenger should buy – but apperantly they dont seem to be at any of our rivals.

    These types of fans\supporters are world class fools – like babies they cry the loudest and cant man up and get behind the team – instead some folks openly want us to lose so they can say see i told you so. – what kind of people are these!!

    • all these players know that they are at a big club and they will get stick from the supporters and the media if they don’t perform

      I still think the booing of Eboue was the worst think I have ever seen arsenal do and that is something that needs to change but these players should be mentally strong enough to take the stick from fans and media
      and emerge stronger like Walcott did and so did Eboue

      Its all part of the learning curve for these young players

    • gee

      Spot on dude

  • if you are just 19-20 then you should not expect to get a starting berth yet. you just cannot be good enough.

    players evolve until they are 23 at least so all these youngsters should keep going out on loans until they are 22-23 years old and mature and good enough to play a part of arsenal’s first team. if they don’t make it then – THEN leave the club…but we shouldn’t let players leave when they are this young (like jay simpson) and haven’t taken a spot in the first team yet.

    just look at pedro in barcelona as the perfect example of what waiting longer than arsenal can do for you.

  • btw, are there only three clubs’s offers that we have accepted or are there more? any more PL-teams?


    i dont see the point in henri going to a championship side – give him 6 months at newcastele

    the first point about wenger no favpuring eng;lish players is idiotic.

  • If Lansbury, JET, Frimpong, Barazite, Eastmond, Bartley, Watt, Cruise, Yennaris, Henderson, Randall, Ozyakup, Aneke, Afobe, Freeman, Sunu, Murphy loaned to Blackpool, i’m sure Blackpool will end in mid of table..

  • I like denilson and diaby………but wouldn’t you rather have diarra and flamini in midfield…….that decision has cost Arsenal two league titles……

    • Pure crap

      Based on what? Diarra left coz he didnt want to wait as Flamini played instead of him.

      To suggest it cost us 2 titles is crap

  • can some one reason any diffrent………..i seek dabate!!!!

  • i thought so!!!!

  • your all having your sunday roast!!!!!!!………well i’m a vegan!!!!!

  • your all at harvester or is it tobey’s carvery now!!!!!……

  • Leeds are looking good in the Championship, they play good passing football and Watt is doing really well there, it’s a perfect team for Lansbury to play in. Send him to Leeds until January and then see if there’s more concrete interest from PL sides to borrow him for the second half of the season, which there should be. No point sending him to a PL club unless he’s going to play regularly.

  • I really want to see him play for Blackpool on a season long loan. Blackpool similar style to us. Just wish Holloway is interested taking him on loan for the season and giving him the opportunities to shine.

  • Barazite wasnt never mentioned to go out permanent. Just out for loan to gain experience!

  • He cost us 3.5 million from Brazil but he’s nothing special. Can’t pass beyond 5 yards, often bullied, has no pace and doesn’t care to track back. Has had tons of opportunities but still average.

  • Bouldy is correct on denilson im afraid, I dont know what you’re thinking VIvas, fullback? why on earth would a fullback be tracking rooney in the middle of the park. Denilson lost his man due to a lack of awareness, rooney ghosted in far too easily and scored.

    Denilson is not a bad player, he has a good passing range IMO, but not enough threat going forward and not enough power to defend, he’ll be crowded out when Ramsey comes back. Like i said hes not bad, but not a player you want if you’re going for the title.

  • I personally think it’s a great idea for the likes of Lansbury to go out on loan but not back to a team of Watfords calibre,no offence to them as they helped him along last year but he needs to now experience either premiership football for a season or at the least a championship side with high expectations ie Leeds United,QPR etc. He can’t be allowed to just plod along and must have to feel the pressure of a big club scenario or else how exactly will he get up to the required level for The Arsenal? I’d happily like to see him go to Leeds or Newcastle rather than Swansea due to their following,he’ll come back 2 times the player he is today.
    The same should be done with Eastmond,Cruise,Hoyte and maybe even Henderson.
    To say Wenger doesn’t rate english talent and doesn’t know how to develop them is such a poor comment to make,plus to use the comparisons of Denilson and Diaby as to the pure biaseness of him is scandalous,they were both bought in at 18/19 years old,both at u21 level for their countries,both playing 1st team football for top flight clubs in their countries,both very good players and only in need of adjusting to the english game,I can’t have been the only person who watched Denilsons first couple of performances and thought ‘it’s like having another Cesc Fabregas’ the boy has undoubted quality but was played on his own as the holding midfielder which clearly isn’t his position. I for one hope he stays and makes the younger players have to work for their places rather than just be gift wrapped for them.
    We all need to look at the bigger picture here,how anyone can accuse Wenger of stifling talent is beyond me,when you look at the group coming through and think within the next 2 years that Walcott,JET,Eastmond,Lansbury,Wilshere,Gibbs,Bartley,Watt,Freeman,Henderson,Frimpong,Cruise,Hoyte could all be part of our first team squad if they apply themselves right then you have to applaud the man,when he arrived their really was no youth system,not to the standard of today anyway and that is all down to Wenger

  • Fugazyi

    Flamini left because he was out of contract and felt that the idea of playing for Ac Milan was too good an opportunity to miss out on,that was his choice and he’s now back up there,Diarra left because he couldn’t get ahead of Fabregas or Flamini,Gilberto was also contesting along with Diaby,he didn’t have the fight to contest that partnership for more than 6 months,do we really need someone like that? I don’t think so. But then that’s my opinion.

  • I think a 3 months loan should be enough to prove if he is worth staying all season long at Arsenal. Blackpool played some good football and need the quality of Lansbury who will be the captain of U21 in any time.

    Any footballing side in PL should be fine. Westbrom might be a bit tougher than Blackpool but I believe Lansbury can do it.

    This guy is in the England national team plan for sure. I am sure all the english national youth coaches will recommend Lansbury when asked if they know someone who can do a good job in the middle.

    I even believe ha can make the Euro 2012 squad along with Wilshere, Gibbs, Eastmond and JET. They are all brilliant at this age and are all fast learner.

  • arsenal youngster are some of the best in the world and just need to be pacient because wenger will give them there chance are els he wouldn’t have them at the club he will have relise them but he kept them sometimes sends them on loan for expirience but them always wanting to go on loan insted of fighting hard at the club wont help so one loan move should be enough in wenger we trust

  • A transition to the d-mid role is a good idea for Lansbury. I think he has the brains to understand the position, and he also has the bite and grit to do the job. He would still have a significant fight against Eastmond and Frimpong to giet playing time in that position, but his chances there are much greater than at either of the other two central midfield spots. The players in front of him and behind him look too talented at present.

  • JET is better than Chamakh that’s my opinion. I’m sick of the so-called link-up play that gets us losing 3 times as much energy to score a goal than if we had a fast striker who could beat the off-side trap. Anyways JET can do all the things Chamakh does, plus score a goal when he’s one-on-one with the ‘keeper which Chamakh never in his career managed to do.

    • JET is not better than Chamak

    • seeing them so far this season (+ pre-season), me think jet is less secure holding up the ball and yes, he seems to be able to shoot /score rather nicely… but then lets wait some months before passing judgment on chamakh while he’s still acclimatising here

      but we should not let jet go like simpson

    • JET has massive potential and I think he will make it at Arsenal. But even considering, let alone proclaiming that he is better than Chamakh, is just simply ignorant. Chamakh, whether he’s a goalscorer or not, has proven himself at European level and he is by far the best talent from his country (albeit Morocco aren’t the best in the world) whereas JET is just another youngster at Arsenal, with massive potential.

    • JET, hopefully will be a regular for Arsenal, but not just yet! To say Chamakh isnt as good as him now is crackers!

  • With all these youngster vying for 1-2 places some of the good ones wont make it

  • it seems a good idea for henri, jet, et al to go to blackpool on loan as many have said here for the coach and the team playing philosophy… but our kids are paid well and i doubt blackpool could afford them… it’s been reported NONE of their players paid more than 10k per week… jet’s mcclaren f1 roadster would shock the hell out of blackpool!

    but otherwise go there, or bolton (to bulk up, and get that trademark ‘dark side’) !

  • JET is not better than Chamakh,give me a break! Chamakhs only played 3 games and he’s looked good,if it weren’t for him we would’ve come away from Anfield with nothing,against Blackpool he played alot better than he was credited for and against Blackburn I thought he was immense. His link up play and intelligence for switching positions while playing the right passes is superb,he’ll get us goals and he’s experienced,just look at his international record for proof of that. JET is gonna be one hell of a player but all this talk of getting rid of players so younger players play week in week out just wouldn’t work,remember we’ve been there before,let them learn their trade first,just because Fabregas was playing most games at 17 doesn’t mean everyone else should,too much pressure is put on them to play and perform too soon ie Walcott.
    Oh and on the Lansbury should play holding midfielder…NO…you can’t teach someone to be that combative at his age,he should be targetting Diabys role,inbetween the holder and the attacking mid,he’s creative with a good range of passing,decent energy but not a great winner of the ball,infact a bit like Denilson and look what happened to him in Songs role!

  • Everyone seems to forget that Ramsey, Wilshere, and Aneke are all younger than Lansbury. Ramsey and Wilshere are already clearly ahead of him in the team. All three of them look like better players than him.

    Lansbury has a very long way to go to prove he is good enough to make it at Arsenal. It will be very difficult for him if he stays at his current position.

    • What has his age got to do with anything? Players develop and come through at different ages.

    • Too many top prospects who are already ahead of him and have more time to develop. Your point about players developing at different speeds could also be applied to Mark Randall I suppose, but who really thinks he has a future in the Arsenal midfield. The reason he doesn’t is because there are better players in front of him who are also younger then him. It’s curtains for him. Pretty much the same for Lansbury, IMO. He will be much better off transitioning to the d-mid spot and trying to make it there.

  • sky sources are saying that juentus are in talks with the arsenal for traore. :-( i don’t actually know why i like traore so much… i guess its his amazing crossing ability.

  • Jack Wilshire was apparantly arrested and then released late last night for alleged assault.

    Hope its just a case of some twat trying to get a few quid from the tabloids.

  • I think some of you need to make you’re minds up do you support Arsenal or England ?
    Aw is paid to improve Arsenals football not the national team. The youth system will get harder and harder as time goes on to make a break through because some of our young players will be that good after a year or two in the first team it will take an exceptional player to dislodge them.
    We are all entitled to an opinion BUT Arsene knows more about football management than we do and the developing of young players, so to critise him like the first people on this thread have done is beyond a joke.
    If you dont like it bugger off and support someone else, there are to many plastic fans here that cant remeber the real hard times before AW and George Graham.

  • Tottensham lost ha ha ha theres only one world class team in london and thats us

  • I seem to remember these same type of people boasting about our “potential” players as legit first team players are going to be the same people riding them as they get you to life on Premiere league and won’t give em the benefit of a few bad games

  • We should loan JET, Lansbury to Blackpool, /Wigan or Bolton.

    These will be scrapping bottom half all season but also try and keep ball on floor.

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