Arsenal End Interest In Trialist Miyaichi

Jamie Sanderson August 18, 2010 News 41 Comments

Arsenal have ended their interest in Ryo Miyaichi after the Japanese winger had his leg badly broken during a trial match with Ajax. Miyaichi had previously spent a week training with the Gunners and had impressed Arsène Wenger.

Ryo featured in two of Arsenal’s second-string matches during pre-season, playing 60 and 45 minutes against Boreham Wood and AFC Wimbledon. The tricky left winger had already agreed on a trial with Ajax, but left North London with encouraging words from Wenger and the promise that scouts would be following his progress.

However, Miyaichi suffered a double break to his fibula after being victim of a horror tackle during a friendly against SVV Scheveningen. The Ajax coaching staff were left distraught by the injury. Reports in the Netherlands suggest Ryo was on the cusp of winning a contract with the Dutch giants.

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  • sad news.

  • wow, that’s sick. best of luck to him.

  • Sad that that should end our interest in him. If he’s good enough…

    Anyway, best of luck to him and his recovery. Sad news indeed.

  • Did Arsenal actually announce that they had ended their interest (doubtful as they would have a little more tact). If not then it may be better to rephrase the title as it sounds like a horribly cold way to treat a young man whose career may be over before it even started. Best of luck to him with his rehab.

  • SwedishGooner


  • wow, only on trial for a week at arsenal but the leg break curse still got him. gutted for the kid tho, seemed like he was winning a lot of people over and without being at a big club to rehab with i hope he manages to get back on track asap.

  • The platnium squad has been announced:

    Wellington silva is in the squad, lansbury, jay thomas, frimpong are in there.

    I cant believe Gary neville is in the Man Utd reserves squad for the platinum squad with cleverly, de laet

    • “Damian Emiliano Martinez Romero (training with the Club)”
      its the same thing for Wellington so have we bought Martinez and will he be playing for the youth team?

    • Interesting that Nordtveit is included, what with Kos suspended and Djourou’s fitness not certain. I guess it’ll be either Djourou or Song partnering Vermaelen against Blackpool.

      Jay Simpson’s inclusion also seems odd. If he’s on the verge of a move you would imagine he wouldn’t want to risk injury.

    • frimpong out for 6-8 weeks

    • Suprised at how strong the squad is with Simpson, Lansbury, JET etc. Do you have link to Man Uniteds squad? hope the games on tv

  • that is the worst thing for the kid
    I hope Ajax go through with the transfer

    • ajax r us i think is a realy good player and should not be just drop like that he gonna be great in the future

  • Poor kid, So sorry for him! I hope he is afforded 1st class treatment and is able to recover without serious side effect.
    I wonder what rights he has to compensation, and who pays his medical bills since he is not under contract? His home team, who are probably not well off, or Ajax who we know are financially struggling?

    • I think if they took him on a trial they are financially liable for his well being

    • “Ajax are finanially struggling”….where’s this information come from??? Just because a club likes to balance it’ books every so often and have NO debt, doesn’t mean they’re “financially struggling”! I’m sure that Arsenal’s debt is probably more than ten times Ajax’s deficit…a deficit which could be removed after one reasonable year in the Champions League! Ajax don’t rely on bank loans to keep them going….I’m sure the Emirates would tremble if banks started calling in their debts! Just be sensible……Ajax owe the “paperboy”…..Arsenal owe the “debt collector”!!!!

  • Unlucky why i heard he was pretty good

  • That’s horrible. I hope that Ajax offer him a contract. Best of luck to him.

  • Thats terrible – Hope he’s still able to go on and have a great career when fully recovered

  • i dont want to be sick, but this made me laugh a little. how can we hold an interest in a player who could never play again?

    hope he gets better

  • sad…
    but looks like made for Arsenal…
    technically gud but injury prone….

    • Well, prone to being the victim of “horror tackles” in his case. As you said, made for arsenal

  • It seems Leg breaks will happen only to arsenal players or the players we are interested in.Anyways hope the kid has a speedy recovery

    • An Arsenal curse perhaps?

      Poor kid, I really hope he comes back and the injury doesn’t rob him of his great potential. It would be a nice gesture if Arsenal advised Miyaichi and his club on treating the injury, seeing as we now have so much experience with this kind of fracture.

  • wow to suffer this sort of injury in a friendly is crazy.

  • this is why he should have been given time to rest before trials
    #he had trials with stuutgart, then next week arsenalk, then the other ajax

    trust me, all he needed was the slightest tackle to tell him to rest

  • This is truly sad. Let’s hope he can recover as quick and as good as possible.

    And off the topic J, do you know if the Platium One Challenge will be streamed on ATVO or anywhere else?


  • Awful news about Ryo Miyaichi He looked really tasty agains Boreham Wood. I am certain Ajax will look after him financially, just hope he can recover.

  • If this lot are in Ireland we will be pretty thin on the ground for Saturday! What with all the injuries and suspensions. The 1st team squad only has 26 players 4 of those are keepers, then take out Bendtner, Ramsey, Nasri (all injured) Koscielny (suspended) Traore is supposedly in talks with Benfica, so that must mean Cesc, Djourou, Song and Denilson are all back in the squad for Saturday. How i reckon it will look Saturday
    Eboue, Djourou, Vermaelen, Clichy
    Fabregas Song Diaby
    RVP Chamakh Vela
    Subs – Fabianski, Sagna, Gibbs, Denilson, Wilshere, Rosicky, Walcott

  • Arsenal wouldn’t suddently lose interest in a player because he is out for a long period of time.

  • Terrible for the lad, hope he recovers well and carves out a good career.

    I think the platinum squad suggests that wenger is confident of signing a new CB before the weekend

    • I don’t agree, that just means he feels comfortable with Djourou coming in and Song dropping back to the back four if anything bad happens.

  • That’s what happens when you dribble too much. :( Good luck with recovery.

  • How can i get Arsenal 16 by the way

  • by the way who ever wites this website please can you tell us ore bout the shwartzer transfer. plz keep us apdated thab=nks

  • According to sources from France we have signed Sebastien Squillaci(Sevilla)
    Sorry that this infromation not fits to the youthblog..

  • Really sorry to heart about the kid, i actually hope is medical bill is dealt with and it has not stop is development mentally, if he actually loves the sport nothing will stop him from recovering.
    I hope he has a speedy recovery and becomes the star he was meant to be.

  • hope ajax stick with him

  • Fuck the player that made that horror tackle, for God’s sake it’s just a friendly match. I believe that player has real issues.

  • I agree with everyone else who’s also said that Arsenal wouldn’t their interest in a player just because he’s injured. I’m sure Arsene Wenger will definitely scout his progress and Ajax will ensure that this talented player is given all the medical attention he needs. A bit of background info: the article was originally reported in the Dutch paper Algemeen Dagblad. A broken fibula, while it is a horrific tackle especially for a youngster and will take months to fully heal, can be fixed by a capable physio team and I’m confident that this is NOT the end of this promising young winger. J, please cover his progress and let us know when he might return and how our scouts chart his progress.

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