Confirmed: Frimpong Out For The Season

Jamie Sanderson August 19, 2010 News 106 Comments

Emmanuel Frimpong has torn his cruciate ligaments in training, Young Guns can confirm. The midfielder will be out for up to nine months in total.

More to follow.

Update: Confirmed by the club.


  • this is the worst thing for us and frimpong
    now wenger will definitely buy someone

    • Kwadwo Asamoah of Udinese this dude had a awesome WC! And we have the dough! So sad for Frimpong I got a tears! WTFreak I guess it’s the nature of the game!

    • that guy is 21 yrs old if he get him then we will have 2 DM 23 and 21 respectively and ending the dream of Frimpong or Eastmond to get in the first team

      I will prefer someone older, M Diarra just turned 29 has won everything there is to won and is no longer wanted at madrid but I really wanted Frimpong as our backup

      if I had my choice I will go for him either on loan or buying him outright

    • Disappointing for the lad obviously, as it looked like he was set to make great strides this season. But his only appearances for Arsenal would’ve been in the Carling Cup, so this is hardly “the worst thing for us”. An injury to Frimpong will certainly not force Wenger into buying a defensive midfielder.

    • I think we should get M. Diarra instead of Asamoah. He hast huge experience and would be a great back up for Song.

    • we will not buy another DM ,as we have eastmond

  • Full-Blooded American Goon

    Damnit. Damnit. Damnit.

  • how did he tear his cruciate ligament it wasn’t because of stupid tackle in training now was it?

    • oh man thats bad, l feel so bad for the guy why now when he just started to get some games, hopefully makes a quick and full recovery, why do we seem to have the worst injuries

  • More awful news! Yesterday was Nasri and now Frimpong. Poor kid.

  • It’s unbelievable… everyday a new player is out… this is definitely a big blow for Manu… I hope he can step up after that…

  • Arsenal won’t be going out into the market to sign a player on a three year contract when Frimpong will be back in 9 months. It means Craig Eastmond will play instead.

    • and then Eastmond gets injured and we are fukked again. I cant believe our policy!!

    • J isnt there a possibility of bringing a DM player on Loan?
      madrid have DM who they will want to sell or loan same for city
      why cant we loan one for a year surely wenger has the wage budget for it

      and any news on goalkeeper?

    • arsenal4ever- what if we get a new dm and he gets injured for the rest of the season. it’ll be the same thing all over again. injuries happen, and that is one aspect that can’t be controlled.

    • arsenal4ever what policy.Do you expect we have 5 player by post .As DM we have song,eastmont,frimpong,denilson,coquelin,nordveit van play there.we dont need another one.I want a CB and maybe a new GK and our recruitment is over

  • and as always this bad things happen to the Arsenal!!! I cant believe it!! What does they train. Full contact kick boxing????

  • was really lookin forward to sein him 2nite
    4 fs arsene b a manager and do wats rite 4 our team.

  • why does wenger feel it be ok to get this far into the season b4 he realises that our squad is not as big as the one he plays with on Football Manager. BUY BUY BUY!! maybe wenger needs to get injured himself before he realises

  • y y y y we are cursed the season aint hardly started yet there has to be a problem somewhere either its the physios or the training ground or something

  • Cruciate Ligament tears can happen fron anything, over stretching or landing from a jump are the main causes so it does not mean he was tackled, i’m currently recovering from a torn cruciate ligament. It isn’t definately 9 months though it is not unheard of to return after 5 months but 6 months is the expected recovery time.I live 5 minutes from Tallaght Stadium too was hoping to see him in action tonight.

    • me 2 im from finglas was lookin 4ward to sein him and wellington its typical arsenal

  • terrible shame for him after the pre-season he’s had. not exactly a disaster for us though, he would have been 3rd choice DM at best.

  • You are simply estimating that this type of injury will result in him being out for this length of time. Nobody knows at the moment the exact length of time he will be out of action for. It is a sahme for him as he might have played some part in the Carling cup matches.

  • Absolutely ridiculas. Dont even know why he was there in the first place!

    We are so unlucky – Was really looking forward to watching him play more games, i thought he brought some steel and grit that was needed

    Thanks for the info J

  • wenger said because of frimpong he wouldnt hav 2 buy a dm so wats he goin 2 do now

    • Doom and Gloom

      Wenger won’t buy anyway. Too tight.

    • exactly wenger said that we were thinking about going for a DM but we wont do that now and he was referring to the rise of frimpong in the pre season
      he already knows what quality eastmond has but he was still looking but the fact is that can he find a DM in 2 weeks.

      Asmoah’s agent confirmed it yesterday that we are interested now are we going to follow up with it

      I really dont want wenger to sign a 21 yr old when we have the likes of Eastmond, Frimpong in the wings but if Song gets injured and we are left with Denilson then I dont want us to say what might have been if we had just signed Asmoah in the summer.

      I really hope wenger can loan a player like Diarra for the summer but I just dont see wenger doing that

  • Shame, but he was way off being ready for the first team. Everyone was overexcited about him after his pre-season performances. He needs more time. A massive blow for him, but I don’t think it will effect Wenger’s thinking.

  • hey guys, dont be too sad.

    there’s lots of players who torn their cruciate ligament and so did i, the usual time of recovery will be 6 months but for pros it will take slightly longer.

  • omg i thought it can’t get worse god now what?? what about when we actuly start playing football games like stoke away we might end up playing with under 16, am realy angry
    n i know for fact arsen wont buy three players in two weeks time, i need cheering up after this

  • gutted for the kid…

    he really looked the business in preseason, some kind of essien/diarra hybrid, a proper little beast.

    i don’t think there’s much need to buy for the first team as he wasn’t going to be a big part of the side in any case. eastmond will just slot in and carry on from where he left off last year. but it does show you doesn’t it – injuries can just happen at any time. you need a few players for every position in order to mitigate the risk to your season.

    he was already injured for a while before wasn’t he? really sad for the boy.

  • It’s unbelievable, I just can’t believe it’s coincidental that we have a squad full of players this injury prone, what is going on?

  • we should be strong for the team at this stages..
    i believe competition is hot in the squad this season 2010/2011.
    this shows a sign that the level of work which has made competing for players at MIGHTY ARSE has been very competative.i wish em both nasri & frimpong speedy recovery n hope now we can bring in a def.midlifelder//MELO.
    it looks like we will get squillachi and shwazer.,hopefully with great understanding from tboth the selling clubs and MIGHTY ARSE….
    i will be glad if wenger can make a case of signing felipe melo who is also admired by the manager..

    i hope for the best for the mighty arsenal fc…we need to get it right this season and wenger i feel has come to a point he is beginning to be flexible in getting players in for depth in squad.
    depth in squad has made us not to fulfil our quest the past seasons and now we have money we must make use of this oppurtunity that lies ahead.shwazer,squillachi,melo.. will do jst nicely.

    long live the arse.

  • i liked how he perfomed in pre-season but i believe that we still have enough cover in midfield, lets get rid of almunia and flappyhanski first

  • Our long term injury situation has to be the worst in the Premiership by far. Yet I bet Wenger will still not buy a defensive midfield player before the deadline even though our squad is inadequate. That is why I know that it will be another season of no trophies and battling for a position in the top four! Wish someone at Arsenal will tell him to get real but noone will – that is why he loves it at Arsenal.

  • i think eastmond will play this season and maybe lansbury too(if he doesn’t go out on loan)….so sorry for frimpong

  • frankie frankie

    What a kick in the teeth for the guy. Hope he comes back stranger from this. Wenger won’t buy to replace him. He will just promote Eastmond and Lansbury.

  • apparently arsenal, villa and fullham have all made bid for marchetti but were turned down

  • This opens the door for Chucks Aneke to start in the Carling Cup. Terrible shame for Frimpong though…thought he was ready to play in the Premiership.

  • and 2 b honest i dnt tink eastmond anywhere near ready hes 2 liteweight

    • frimpong,coquelin and frimpong arte totally different DM but they are competing for the same post.Eastmond was first team already last year and he is not lightweight

  • Unbelievably gutted for the young lad. He looked to have a bright season judging by his performances in pre season. Maybe Chuks Aneke will be included in a few games? Who knows.

    But I seriously don’t think Wenger will go out and buy a new defensive midfielder. Surely this opens up an opportunity for another youngster, and like you said Craig Eastmond will have his chance.

  • frimpong looked like a beast in pre season.reminded me of essien

  • Nice job Jay for breaking the news 1st. Keep it up!

  • Vertonghen anybody? dual role would be very helpful.

    Shame about Frimpong, I’ve been watching the guy for ages, he’s matured a lot from the kid who tackled and shot from stupid range in the reserves.

    • frankie frankie

      i second that Vertonghen motion. he would cracking but would cost more than arsenal would be willing to spend i fear.

  • Damnnn, im gutted. Fuck the reserves, why did he even train with the reserves!

  • Eastmond is too lightweight n not good enough, imagine him against any if the top teams midfield, he’d get battered

  • isnt this his second knee ligmaent injury?

    Sad to say but he wont make it with us now!!!

    • Booby Pires tore both cruciate ligaments and he had some career mate

    • RVP. Bobby Pires wasn’t the same after the first tear. I’m not saying that this cuts Frimpong chances for good but this is a serious blow in his development. It’s better to break your leg and be out for 9 months. Your knee is just too delicate and he never recovers fully. Once it has happened it can tear again.

      Btw. this doesn’t have to be because of a challenge, like some here are suggesting. Your knee can fuck up without any reasonable contact. Remember Owen at WC’06? Or when Ashley Cole stepped on a ball for Chelsea and was out for 2 months? All you need is for your cleats to get stuck in the grass while you are moving sideways or accelerating.

  • WTF i thought this was a football club, not a UFC training camp. i suppose we are gonna be looking to the younger lads to step up, considering Arsene’s not willing to reach in to his wallet for some quality and creativety. Looks like another season where we could just fall short due to injuries.

    • only nasri, bendtner, ramsey and now frimpong are injury
      and apart from frimpong we have sufficient cover for all the rest.
      Eastmond has been good but Frimpong was great exactly the kind of DM I wanted

    • Asamoah is pure quality, but do we need another DM African, we have Song and Frimpong.
      I believe without the injury to Frimpong, he would have challanged Song this season to partner CF4. And hopefully chose England over Ghana.
      Every 2 years we will lose or 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice DM to the African Cup of Nations.

  • Where did u get the news anyway?

  • Not the end of the world, Wenger said he wasn’t going to sign a midfielder because of the emergence of Frimpong AND Wilshere, and anyway we still have Craig Eastmond and Mark Randall. We’re actually better stocked in defensive midfield than it is made as. When we don’t have a DM Wenger tends to use a 4-2-3-1 (like against Liverpool) and use two midfielders who will lie deep, e.g. Wilshere and Diaby. Frimpong wasn’t our last hope in that department by no means.

    • Randall please ,this guy is finish for arsenal.he need to kick-start his career in lower division

  • poor kid – i hope he recovers fully and quickly…..

  • What a terrible shame! The kid had an excellent preseason and was clearly on a great developmental spurt. It’s truly a shame, but he is young and will hopefully get well and pick right back up where he left off. Best wishes for a full recovery!!!

    And, yes, J.,
    Thanks as always for your incredible speed in getting the news to us fans. You are the best in the business, bar none! Much appreciated!

  • I don’t understand everyones logic. A reserve player gets injured and everyone yells we have to buy a player now. WHAT? Do we need to strenthen up our reserve squad? This kid wasn’t going to play any first team games other than maybe some carling cup. We have Song, Diaby and Denilson plus Lansbury and Eastmond just incase. I feel bad for the kid but this doesn’t lead to a new signing.

  • JS its terrible news do you know how this happened?

    I dodnt what it is but most of our promising young players seems to get these big injuries ie Aliadiere, ryan smith, rhys muprhy, henri lansbury.

    Rhys Murphy and henri lansbury if it wasnt for injuries they would be in the arsenal first team way sooner.

    JS any truth in leeds wanting Lansbury? SUrely he needs to stay at arsenal or go on loan to a premiership side.

    • Best wishes Manu for a speedy recovery – poor guy must be absolutely gutted.

      J – any news on the Merida fee / compensation? If Traore is going to Benfica for a reported 3.2m, surely we must be entitled to a decent amount for a talented player like Merida?

  • Standard if its true, would have to be some other football club for a kid to come through the ranks without suffering a couple of career ending injuries before they reach 20. Honestly, if I were a member of Arsenal’s fitness team I’d probably contemplate suicide or at the very least tendering my resignation. Whoever is in charge of our fitness programme must be one of the most hard core Sp*rs fans in existence. Forget campaigning for Wenger to open up his wallet, how about we campaign for an enquiry as to why we get more injuries than the rest of the premier league put together. This is one hell of a lot more than bad luck.

  • Injuries aren’t always a bad thing in the long run. When he finally comes back in nine months time, he will be much strong physically and mentally. He will put on a lot more muscle during rehab and will come back a man.

  • Injuries aren’t always a bad thing in the long run. When he finally comes back in nine months time, he will be much strong physically and mentally. He will put on a lot more muscle during rehab and will come back a man not a kid.

  • FFS, whats going on with these injuries, first Nasri now Frimpong, unbelievable!!!

  • A Barazite update would be good when possible. Rangers have got Weiss now, so they won’t be taking up their option on Nacer.

  • Feel sorry for him but we’ve got Nordtveit and Djourou who can play as defensive midfielders too.

    • it will probably be denilson and diaby but just cant believe that kid has suffered two major injuries in two years. I feel so sorry for such a talented kid just hope its not wasted and he can get back and become our no.1 DM in the future

    • Song is our number 1 defensive mid for now and the future.

  • damn what a bad new!!….good luck manny

  • he was never going to make it anyway. clumsy in the challenge and shit with the ball

  • Well we have to sign. The fans wants to WIN not to look and wait for youngsters. The fans crave TROPHIES! we only get that with quality. NObydy and especially people like gunner4ever are prepared to waitn 9 montsh for frimpong and maybe win next year. Him and many others wants trophies NOW! not in 9 months.

  • Jay you seems to be on a roll these days with breaking news. Good job you’re doing!

    • Yeah gee thanks for breaking bad news (although, actually it was not J) If you have anymore bad news keep it to yourself, its getting so

      As for the person who said we crave trophies, well i have news mate in our 125 year history we have only won the title 13 times, fa cup 10 and a coupke of european wins, without duplication that is about 100 years of winning F ALL. I am glad my cravings are fed elsewhere other than winning trophies.

  • Sigh. I almost cried after I read the news.

  • I’m so gutted for Fimpong. The guy was looking good and would have got games in the Carling Cup and a few sub appearences in the league and FA Cup. I think we need to bring in cover for Song, but as someone said earlier I would prefer someone a bit older with experience and wont get in the way of Frimpong and Eastmonds development.

    • Well thats the hard part, to get a great palayer that is wiling to give up his place for youngsters in 1 years time. Good enough that he can play cover and challenge Song yet poor enough to be happy with youngsters taking his place in a year.

      Any club that has such a player will not likley let him go unless silly money is paied.

  • terrible news

  • how do we pick up so many f**king injuries!?
    it’s ridiculous!

  • God sucks bigtime….

    • thats just a stupid comment 2 make injuries are part of life dont go blaming the Lord for that

  • makes me think that wengers words around not having to now buy a DM were more confidence and man management for frimpong that anything else. i doubt he was in the market to begin with and saying that helped push frimpong to perform stronger and let him know he was in the managers mind

  • dissappointed but hopefully eastmond is given a chance

  • Terrible news, i pray he recovers quickly.

  • would love to see Chuks Aneke to step up now!! Good point from you J on twitter!!

  • Terrible news. Another injury plague season, i pray he recovers quickly.

  • Horrible news. Another injury plague season, i pray he recovers quickly.

  • WE just dont do small injuries do we? Always serious and lengthy. Speedy recovery to him.

  • Well now maybe NOrdtveit will stay with the 1st team even if we do pick up Squillaci!!:D Nordtveit can play defensive midfield if we need him to. I can’t wait to see how Eastmond does now. I have always really liked him.

  • its a big blow for the lad and he’s such a great talent i wish him the best in his recovery

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