Wenger Names Three Youngsters For Spurs Fixture

Jamie Sanderson September 20, 2010 News 72 Comments

Arsène Wenger will take a strong squad across North London for tomorrow’s Carling Cup tie with Tottenham tomorrow evening. The Frenchman has included just three Reserve team players – backing away from his usual youth based approach.

Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, Henri Lansbury and Craig Eastmond have all been included, while Benik Afobe and Chuks Aneke are on the stand by list, should there be any last minute injuries. Wojciech Szczęsny, contrary to reports in the English media, will not play. Wenger has instead opted for Wojciech’s fellow countryman Łukasz Fabiański.


  • What is the full squad listing Jay?

    I think this is the right move from AW. IF we get through this tie and get a nice home draw next then ok, Afobe, Aneke etc can all feature, but this really is an important game and I’m really happy AW has noted the fans frustrations from recent seasons and limping out of domestic cups

  • fabianski in goal…sigh..

  • can you tell us the whole list please?

  • Jet crash the spuds

  • c,mon arsene…against spurs v should b in ful strenght

  • I have no problem with Fabianski in goal but he must know that if he makes a mistake and cost us the game then their is no way in hell any arsenal fan will ever forgive him.
    Spurs game is all about bragging rights and f$ck this up and you will never ever get into arsenal fans heart ever again.

    on a brighter side Fab should be fit for chelsea game and its time someone brought them back to earth

    • lol, have u seen chelsea play is like one of them big sniper bullets that sharpens it self mid air to go faster!! they are deadly, we can probably out play them in possesion but they take their chances. unless arsenal stop passing across midfield and just go for allout attack we wont even stand a chance, not to mention its like men against girls (am an arsenal fan but fact is fact)

  • Wait what!?! J are you being serious!! WOOOOW bombshell from wenger especially considering what next week has in store.To be honest i wouldnt mind him giving the young guns a run against brom on sat.Belgrade is no place to send a worn out team.Sagna is def not playing tomorrow he confirmed via twitter and fabianski is in goals,So my line-up:
    Fabianski,Eboue,Djourou,Koscielny,Gibbs,Denilson,Lansbury,Wilshere,Rosicky,JET,Vela.Id be tempted to play arshavin maybe he can rediscover some “sparkle”

  • —————– Fabianski ————
    Eboue — Djourou — ? — GIbbs
    —- Eastmond —– Lansbury —–
    ————– Rosicky ——————
    JET ——– Chamak ———— Vela

    most likely lineup
    so Nortvedit isn’t being included?

    • hope vela steps up, i think he has the best one on one finish in the arsenal squad, but not sure of his composure wen the game is moving fast, or mabe he could be a robbir fowler for us

  • why? let the kids play…not the likes of denilson, eboue and such. they will be worn out later in the season if they play too many games like CC, PL, CL, FA-cup, and will thus get unnecessary injuries.

  • estonian gooner

    come on arsenal! we can do it! its bloody spuds, put them in their place!

  • Why Fabianski?


    • good question, and why is almunia still in goal for league game, two facts he’s not getting any youger and unless he can keep he’s for for da whole season we are without silverware again.

  • so a strong side with Łukasz Fabiański aka Falpianski in goal. Brillant Wenger you still have no clue about GK IMO. Even Atletico let play a 19 year old. If you are good enough you are old enough. End of.

  • I think wenger is spot on. the beating we got last time hurt even if it was carling cup. that was embarassing

    • with flappy in goal? He will make one blunder for sure!! Tech9 or Vito should get their chance. I cant believe it!!

  • Not really surprised what with the injuries to Frimpong, Nordtveit, Sunu, Henderson and all the loanees. In my opinion Hoyte, Murphy and Randall are all past it and won’t get anywhere near the first team and the likes of Miquel, Deacon, Cruise, Shea, Ozyakup and Evina just aren’t ready for the Carling Cup. I predict a team of:






    Bench: Szczesney, Squillaci, Sagna, Lansbury, Wilshere, Nasri, Arshavin

  • Do you have a list of names? what about the bench, Sagna, Koscielny or youngsters like Nortdvteit?

  • Nortvedit is injured

  • this could be last chance saloon for fabianski.
    i actually believe he has a good keeper inside him somewhere but he has no composure or confidence and he’s 25 now. he aint no spring chicken anymore. its time to do or die.
    he needs protection from our defence on set pieces and most importantly he needs to maintain his composure.

  • Is song in the team? I understand he isnt banned for the cup match so shouldnt he start since he has the weekend off?

  • Flappy

  • ——————–Fabianski——————–





    • LOL! Denilson in AMF role?? No chance!

    • for ur kind information denielson was a attacking mid… its wenger who coverted him into a holding midfilder…

    • But you can’t put him in AMF role. He don’t have that creativity to break defenses as Cesc, Rosicky, Arshavin, or Nasri do. He’s more suited to CM role with his side passing skill. Even Aneke seems more fit to that attacking role now than Denilson.

  • Great News for Spurs that the Fumbler are between the sticks….

  • I really wanna see JET!!!!!!!!!:D I think we will win!!!!!!!!!!:D I’m more worried about us being too tired for the next few matches….I would play an experienced squad vs. Partizan. That is a serious, serious match and such a hard place to play. They seem fanatical over there and so they should be. They have a rich, rich history and are not a club to fuck around with pardon my French.

  • Rosicky will not play (Wenger only likes playing him once a week). Wilshere looked a little jaded and worn out on the weekend. Maybe Song will play and probably Eboue if Nordveit is unavailable. It’s a pity that Arsenal provides no injury information about their young players, then we’d know about Nordveit, Sunu, Henderson, and the others. If Mark Randall doesn’t make the squad his future at Arsenal is over.

  • It’s so refreshing to see a change of plan from Arsene. The club really needs some fresh ideas after seeming to plateau.

    This surely is the end for Randall. And we also see the futility of having four keepers – that’s one too many for even the Carling Cup.

  • Milo – Partizan sucks. Pure lack of quality.

    • But they are in a good form now with 5 win in their 5 games on Serbian league. We are not in position to underestimate any team right now.

  • So what’s the actual squad we’re taking? If only Eastmond, Lansbury and JET have made it from the reserves into the 18 man squad, Wenger is going with a very strong bench should we need to rescue the game. I was expecting to see the likes of Aneke, Afobe and Miquel as subs, this shows some real intent from Wenger.

    Does he wants us to beat the Spuds for the revenge and morale boost, or is he taking the CC as a whole more seriously? Or maybe he just wants to get past Spuds and then revert to a younger team in the next round(s) for the experience. It’s certainly different from what he’s been doing the last few years.

  • I think Rosicky will play, possibly captain the side like last season against City. If we go through then we’ll probably play the kids again.

  • Veske….you are a fucking idiot. Partizan are not as good as us. BUT THAT CROWD IS THE CRAZIEST I HAVE SEEN. You should watch Football factories. Then you would know what I am talking about. There is a lot of crowd violence over there. The young guys may not be able to handle it. I would play an experienced side over in Belgrade and i’m sure most of the Arsenal fans would agree with me…idiot.

  • Surely wenger has to play Thomas vermaelen alongside djorou.

    Koscielny and squillaci cant play 2 games again in 3 days.

    Also diaby and vermaelen are fit for the west brom game who knows they might play tomorrow

  • Ok he’s not an idiot… and Mug…I’m not always bitching on here. I have a lot of time on my hands I won’t lie, but I love this site and I love Arsenal. I only bitched about our last match because i’m worried that our away from home mentality is not good. Aside from that I couldn’t be happier with the start to the season and what is happening at the club…

    • Milo, it was a joke dude! (thats why I used “ahem”) I was at the sunderland game, the away mentality is fine. Our penalty taking couldve done with improving! And the ref needed a new watch! Buts that all!

  • JS it would be great for the arsenal youth system if Henri lansbury did start.

    He was the first to come through wengers new system, Hes from north london, enfield, hes a gooner would be great to see a kid like that finally given a start.

    At 15 i was raving about him so unlucky with injuries and illness if he does start i really hope he shows ppl what a talent he is.

    Its been so frustrating a player of his quality should have been in the first team 2 or 3 years ago.

    • Robin Jack Williams

      Couldn’t agree more, it would be great to have a core of players at the club who are Gooners through and through – It would be nice to have some players that rival clubs don’t even bother trying to buy, like Barca have with Xavi, Iniesta etc. Hopefully Gibbs, Wilshere, Lansbury, JET, Aneke and Afobe (Although not necessarily all childhood Arsenal fans) can represent that for us.

  • Yeah, but there was some truth to it so it wasn’t completely sarcastic…you know what I mean??? I have been bitching a bit so there was some truth to it….hahaha. We have played poorly away from home. Thaat is just my opinion. I think we need to play our style of play more away from home. To grab all3 points. We are being a bit too cautious now. We gotta change that if we wanna take 3 points away from tough away matches…that is how I feel. Oh yeah and Rosicky did not start the Sunderland match.

  • http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/news/Jay-Emmanuel-Thomas-has-been-backed-by-Arsène-Wenger-to-graduate-from-the-Arsenal-Carling-Cup-team-article585211.html

    Team according to John Cross:

    Arsenal: Fabianski; Eboue, Djourou, G Hoyte, Gibbs; Randall, Denilson, Lansbury, Rosicky; Vela, Emmanuel-Thomas

  • Don’t forget Aaron Ramsey, Robin Jack Williams and John. That guy carries himself in such a way that I think he really loves the club, and I think he will become a club hero if he can come back successfully from his injury. he might have been a United fan when he was, younger, but I think he is fully committed to Arsenal now and I really can never see him leaving for another club.

  • Yh exactly ramsey showed such leadership and passion. he gave 100%

    Lansbury, wilshere, ramsey, gibbs, frimpong these guys are battlers and will fight as well as play

  • ——————–Fabianski——————–





    Bench: Szczesney, Koscielny, Sagna, Lansbury, Eastmond, Chamakh, Arshavin

  • How many morons on this site can not call fabianski by his name ? its bad enough with other teams supporters calling him flapianski, if you cant support arsenal without stupid f-cking name calling of your own players bugger off and support someone else PLASTIC eveyone of you that called him that.

    Now the rants over it is good to see a more balanced side playing against sp#rs it would be nice if we win and get an easy draw in the next round so we can play even more youngsters.

  • ——————-Fabianski——————-

    Subs: Szczesny, Cruise, Randall, Wilshere, Aneke, Afobe, Murphy

    That team is a good mix of youth and experience. We can’t afford to risk Chamakh in this game when he’s the only CF available for us right now. Hope to see either of Vermaelen or Diaby could start in this game, but I doubt it. Would like to see Wilshere play in this game but I think he’s a bit tired with playing regularly week in week out.

  • JET to smash Spurs with a hat trick LOL

  • WHY FLAPPPYHANDSKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’d Love to See Chucks Aneke play, I’ve seen him quite a bit (on YouTube) and he looks like he’s got real class. Wenger shouldn’t play Chamakh, Wilshere (feature in every game this season, no?) or Rosicky in my opinion…Amped to see JET!

  • Flappy in goal means we will LOSE.Remember the clown in goal two years ago?

  • “We live in a world where if you have an opportunity you have to take it. You will get a second one, but you will not get 10 – and that is part of our job.”

    Wenger about Fabianski .
    2 chanches..?? he must had 10 about now..

  • Noooooooooooo! The Carling Cup is a children’s competition. If we play just solidly reserves then get beat, big fucking deal. Their 1st team beat our kids again. Who gives a shit! But we play our 1st team with some reserves and get beat and we never hear the fucking end of it! Since when is the Carling Cup a game for our 1st team. Fuck Chamakh playing. If he gets injured we’re fucked up front. What with RVP, Theo and the invisible ever present of Nikki B. I knew we needed another forward. When everyone was banging on about keepers and defenders I noticed a hole up front. Well done Mr Wenger for leaving us light again. Fuck Chamakh being risked, put JET up front! Duh!!!!!!

  • Team should look something like this:
    Eboue – DJ – Squillaci – Gibbs
    Lansbury – Wilshere
    JET – Chamakh – Vela

    With a strong bench by the looks of things, including: Szczesny, Sagna, Clichy, Koscielny, Nasri, Rosicky, Song, Denilson, Arshavin

  • can’t find squad anywhere. my guess is:


    i’m sure vela will be the central striker, and i’m sure rosicky will be the central playmaker, as he is wasted elsewhere.

  • Fabianski in goals for sure means mistakes for arsenal. Chesny should have been in goal instead. Fabianski will never we a top keeper for us. chesny will.

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