Miyaichi Rivals Walcott’s 100 Metre Time

Jamie Sanderson December 29, 2010 News 59 Comments

Arsenal new boy Ryo Miyaichi has been clocked running 100 metres in a time of 10.84 second, during training with Chukyo High School. The time is only fractionally slower than that of Theo Walcott, who has been recorded covering the distance in just 10.30 seconds.

Miyaichi lists pace and high speed dribbling as his best assets, and with a time of 10.84, he will be one of the quickest players in the country. That, combined with his quick feet and skills, make the 18-year-old a difficult man to mark.

The world record for 100 metres is claimed by Usain Bolt, with a time of 9.58. Walcott and Miyaichi have both been offered the opportunity to move away from football and go into professional sprinting, but turned it down at a young age. The two wingers also boast quicker times than the likes of Thierry Henry, who while there is no official confirmed 100 metre time, is thought to have been around the 11 second mark.

Miyaichi will link up with Arsenal in January.


  • YG there are talks of Carlos Vela and a deal to spain anything in it.

  • In terms of sprint timings 10:84 cannot rival 10:30 as a gap of over half a second is quite big in this context.

    Think of it this way. They are running over 9 meters a second. So if someone is half a second behind they would lag by 4-5 meters over 100! Even over shorter distances it would be a significant difference.

    But I must say with the kind of close control Miyachi is supposed to have 10:84 is might impressive. Hopefully the kid won’t take too long to settle and more importantly his Visa will be sorted out soon.

  • Can’t wait but how has he got a work permit?

  • 0.5 seconds is a massive gap over 100m you know.

  • infact if we can have him at left side, our opponent will not get room for crossing

  • Its a good time and he is not yet in his prime , but I have to agree with Gooner4life .. Its not remotely close to Walcotts time. Walcott would be ahead of Miyachi more impressivly than when Usain Bolt beats his opponents .. Still very impressive times.

  • Theo was around 10.8 sec too at the age of 18.

    When does a man reach his highest speed? At 26 or 27 I guess, so they still can get quicker, that’s for sure.

  • it is a big difference if they were sprinters but they are football players so the distance is small i think some people miss the point.

    js will ryo play first team this season???

  • G4L, Miyachi’s close control at that speed puts him in the league of Overmars and Henry. I will say only the real Ronaldo was faster, and I am guessing.

    Walcott lacks the close control of Henry and Overmars at extreme pace. If Miyachi can develope a footbrain like Overmars and Henry had to go with the ability, we will have a world class player in our hands.

    Walcott is developing his football brain and game. Injuries have held him back but he is improving. I hope he now stays injury free for the rest of the season.

    • please stop using this word ‘footballing brain’poor walcott whatever he does this tag wouldnt go.we atleast as arsenal fans should not use this term created by some self proclaimed ‘football expert’

    • overmars was shit! close control?!? who were you watching! he only had two settings, run straight and run straight faster. vastly overrated. walcott is better.

    • I once heard Tommy Smyth (with a Y )call Marc Overmars Mr 10.4, meaning that Overmars had run 10.4

  • Amazing info, I think he will be big star if he fill his potantial, I read before that if walcott was in last 100 meters final he will came 6th,

    J, is there any problem in getting him work permit

  • i cant wait to see him playing for Arsenal i have seen some of his clips, he is a great player

  • Guys,I might be wrong but if I remember correctly UK has some sort of agreement with Japan so his work permit will not be a problem. This is something I remember when we were hiring a guy from Japan in our UK office.Now this was 3-4 years ago but I think this is correct.

    • jamie can u please confirm this.or somebody else.bythe way thanks veske

    • Immigration is my field. There is no special provision for Japanese nationals when it comes to work permits or any exemptions.

  • Yikes. He looks quick, but I didn’t think he would be that quick. And at 18 years old he’s only going to get quicker.

    Can’t wait to see him in the Reserves.

  • Walcott could be a lot quick if he goes pro.

  • Can u pliz update us on Wellington Silvas situation regardin work permit pliz?

  • SonofaGunsrepairer – Update – He doesn’t have one :)

  • AGooner on December 29th,

    walcott footall brain thing getting boring now.
    most of the good things theo does are of instinct so would suggets his brain is engaged automatically as he would not be able to do any of those things if it was not processed by his brain.
    What he needs to do is be more instinctive when he has got time.

  • TheBoyInRed&White

    If the two were professional sprinters then sure Walcott would be miles ahead of Miyaichi but given they are both footballers the gap is relatively small, and there are very few other players who could match it.

    But running with a ball is very different to just sprinting outright- while dribbling he could bequicker than Theo, he could be slower.

    And to put it slightly in context, at 18 Bolt wasn’t running the 100m but did the 200 in 19.93. His world record is 19.19, just to show the sort of improvement that can come with a few extra years.

  • I agree the ‘Theo football brain’ thing is old and irrelevant at this stage. The two goals he was involved in were ingenious against Chelsea. He pounced on Essien’s mistake lightening fast in terms of thinking, then at that pace makes the decision to cut back for Cesc. Then stealing the ball from Malouda letting Cesc take it instead of carrying it himself, then making a mazey run and letting the ball cut across him before shooting into the bottom corner. If that’s not a football brain then nothing is.

  • i can just imagine a front three of walcott, miyaichi and wellington…. mmmm

  • Stop reporting rumour as fact, Jamie. These times are highly, highly unlikely to be anywhere near what they can actually run.

  • grand funk diaby

    what walcott needs to brush up on now, is his close control technique. then he is a made man. miyachi looks very good on video btw. oriental ryan giggs.

  • May be this fella’s visa application was FAST TRACKED!! (couldnt resist it)

  • Can someone please find me Walcott’s times from the English Nationals?

    They may go some way to proving the outrageous claim that he can run 10.3.

  • @ Gun, what has Jamie reported that isn’t true here?? Do you know his real time in the 100 metres?? Screw off and do your own reporting if you don’t like what is on here. Geez.

    • Without supporting evidence it is merely idle conjecture.
      I’m still waiting for someone to present me with Walcott’s times from the National School’s Championships (data is available for at least the last 10 years).

  • Osaiyuwu Eseosa

    Remmeber i said arsenal is not reliable after that chelsea game,this the resuit.

  • Speed over 40-50 meters is probably more relevant for a footballer than speed over 100 meters, and acceleration most important of all. I bet Nasri’s times over 100 meters aren’t that impressive by Arsenal standards, but his acceleration past opponents can be devastating.

  • I study Law and in particular immigration law. As far as I have read Japanease people will 99% be granted a work permit. This is due to some special agreement between the two countries.

    Lets wait and see how good the boy will be. He has by all acounts good close control, reasonable pace and good height.

    • I am an immigration officer and have been for 20+ years. No idea what they are teaching you on your course, mate, but I can state quite categorically that there is NO’special agreement’ between UK and Japan regarding visas, work permits or whatever. Japanese nationals have to apply under the same criteria as everyone else. So stop spouting about things you do not know about.

  • still disgusted with the draw last night!could be very costly come the end of the season.desperately need strong defenders.& i apologize for the”wilshere loan comment”he’s miles off some of our other jokers,but still could improve his attack needs to learn a whole lot from cesc,nasri,&co.& in fairness to walcott he’s been awesome this season the goals say it all.no matter what anyone says about jet he still needs to be loaned out to spain same goes for lansbury out-denilson , sqcuilacci,almunia,havard-in-hazard,munian,subotic,wickham,

  • i dont comment much but i have been following this site for a while and think some was refering to this quote:
    ‘Football’s fliers hit incredible speeds and Walcott’s bursts mean he would run 9.9secs for 100m – if he could sustain his top speed of 10.1m per second. To put that in context, using data from the recent 100m final at the World Championships in Berlin, Walcott would have finished fourth behind Asaf Powell, Tyson Gay and the sprint sensation that is Usain Bolt. Bolt won the race in a new world record of 9.58 seconds.
    Campbell’s top speed could see him run 10.1secs for 100m – just a tenth of a second slower than Brit Dwain Chambers who reached the final in Berlin where he finished sixth.’

  • Walcott is a sprinter who plays football. Hope this Japanese guy is better than that.

  • I think Miyaichi turns 18 this month {Dec} so he’ll be a nice addition to the Youth Cup team.

  • Quiz

    What was the name of the tiddlywink Japanese forward that had a trail at Arsenal but wasn’t signed?

  • but Squillaci and Koshitty are better than him. Wenger is mad to make 8 fukking changes. Cant no one stop his madness at the club? he is even satisfied with the draw. Unbelieveable.

    • The problem is the defense. If you want to be upset with Wenger, be upset that he bought Kocielny and Schillaci. Both are decent defenders but neither of them are the calibre to come straight into the premiership and play consistently without making big mistakes.

      Kocielny has been directly responsible for 4 goals this season and Schillaci 1. That’s five goals caused by direct mistakes from two of our four center backs, the two new ones, I might add.

      Top notch central defenders, i.e. a Vermaelen/Djourou partnership for most of this season would have earned us another 2-4 points in the table, which, in a season as tight as this, would be massive.

      We are still fine despite the mediocre central defenders in Kocielny and Schillaci. This league is a mindfield. United drew and Chelsea barely won after taking something like 6 of their last 24 points on offer. The leagues is stronger at all levels. United and Chelsea are weeker, and we are still developing slowly (too slowly for most) as a young unit.

      We did well to fight back and take the lead. We just weren’t strong enough in defense to keep it.

      I woiuld have preferred to see Wenger spend the combined money it cost to buy Kos and Schillaci on one defender who was of a much higher class, then bring Bartlet in from the “cold” Championship and see how that played out.

      But hey, I’m a hack like all the rest on here and hindsight is 20-20, right?

      Happy New Year Gents!


  • acceleration is far more important than top speed but i’m sure he has good acceleration.

  • he wont hack the pl

  • ARSHAVIN HAS TO BE SOLD. I was at the wigan game and after i saw ratings for arshavin and i couldnt believe, some said he was at the top of his game, but really he is the laziest player arsenal have. He does nothing and doesnt care his effort just isnt good enough, im sorry to say it but Wenger really has to sell him.

  • I’d be more interested if they said he can rival Messi!

  • People are saying that 0.5secs is a big difference in an event like that, which you are right. But bolts specialty is running and he will know every single was possible to get the best out of himself. He has been trained specifically for years and will continue to do so. If Walcott had the same training who knows what he could do it in.

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