Light At The End Of The Tunnel For Wellington

Jamie Sanderson March 23, 2011 News 49 Comments

Wellington Silva has been granted a brief reprise from his deteriorating loan spell with Levante, after being selected by Brazil for the International Mediterranean Cup next month.

Silva joined the La Liga outfit on loan in January, after Arsenal failed to win a work permit for the former Fluminense forward. However, a serious bout of home sickness, combined with question marks over his attitude and work rate, have left coach Luis García frustrated.

The club have since drawn up a diet and fitness plan, but Wellington has only featured once, as an 89th minute substitute against Getafe in late January. García lost his patience due to the players consistently poor attitude, something both Flu and Arsenal have previously experienced.

The striker will finally get some match time next month, though. Brazil Under 18’s have included him in their squad for the International Mediterranean Cup, which takes place in Barcelona from the 19th to the 24th of April. It will feature over 40 national teams, from four continents.

Levante have agreed to release the prospect, in the hope that the change of location and the promise of match time will kick start what has been an unsuccessful few months for the exciting youngster.


  • he STILL hasn’t fixed his attitude problems yet?

    what’s wrong with this kid? his career will go down the drains if he doesn’t take this seriously soon.

    will turn out to be a flop unless he realizes that he must change his attitude and work harder

  • hate to be pedantic but it’s annoying when English blogs/news outlets write “the la liga” – you’re saying “the the liga”

    Clearly Wellington hasn’t yet figured out what he really wants from life

    • you are correct but not in this instance.

      It is correct here because you are talking about the “LA LIGA OUTFIT” if you left the first ‘the’ off and just had “Silva joined La Liga outfit” it wouldn’t make sense.

  • Is wellington really as good as people say?he looks good in youtube clips but id rather judge him after seeing him actually play since only then can you judge aspects like decision making,work rate among other love to hear the opinion of someone who has seen him play.also is it worth waiting for him over taking a punt on maybe,Hazzard?

  • Clearly he’s pulling a Balotelli.

  • Good point Marcus but I’m not so sure that you are correct.

    The name of the Spanish league is ‘La Liga’ i.e. ‘The League’ translated. Compare this to the French league which is called ‘Ligue Un’ i.e. in the French version it is called League One and therefore you would be permitted to say The League One youngster.

    However, with the Spanish variant, ‘La’ or ‘The’ is part of the name of the official league. Therefore, it being part of the name, I don’t think it is necessarily incorrect (though it is somewhat clumsy) to say “The La Liga youngster”.

    Damn I need to get outside more.

  • Obviously for someone who has been catapulted to fame, he probably doesnt enjoy the whole change to his life regime. Rebelling against it is normal, for anyone in any situation. He has got by on his skill alone probably before now. All of a sudden he needs more, he is probably questioning himself a little bit. I don’t have much of a problem with it. Wenger can sort it.

    But as Jamie has told me before, it isn’t really Levante’s problem to deal with, they expected a footballer not a sulky teen. No worries.

  • How does he think he’ll get a special talent visa if he doesn’t buck his ideas up?

  • puregunner75

    some kids dont know how good they have got it,i think sad or stupid.

  • stop blaming him! young brazilians find it tough to adjust abroad especially after signing for arsenal then end up with crappy lavante.
    bothelo had the same problem now he has adjusted, hopefully he will be ready for top flight football next season. the problem here is not wellington, lavante’s poor management failed to provide moral support to an 18 years old away from home. if possible arsene should find him another team.

  • How is it possibe for him to get a work permit now? J you said work permits don’t hinge on playing time at clubs. Is this true?l

  • Js any news on Carl jenkinson my charlton mates really rave about him. He can play rb, cb, lb he’s tall, quick, good on the ball we definitely need a right back

  • This guy has “bust” written all over him. He’ll be fatter than Ronaldo in a few months.

  • He just need to change his atitude and be more profession may be he is still very young at 18 year mentally and need to add one or two years to be more mature i hope he plays well for brazil in order to kick start his progress. The young shall grow

  • also please dont compare him with ryo. he’s japanese not a party boy like brazilians he’s disciplined. plus, he’s playing for a top team that has strong policy on nurturing young kids.if wellington was sent to holland he would be playing football

  • looking at the photo – he has evil eyes. That said, Diaby has stoned puppy dog eyes and he is sh!t.

  • Our future Lineup

    Francis Kyle Miquel Pedro B

    Ramsey Alban B

    Silva Ryo
    Future Signing

  • JS you got any news on Carl jenkinson?

    We really do need a right back.

  • I wish young players would appreciate the opportunity they have wihich most can only dream of. He has the ability but lacks focus. He should spent some time with the likes of bentley;pennant;adebayor et al who have all not really met their potential due to greed arrogance and failure to appreciate what they have got and make the most of it. Wenger couldnt do much about these and lets face it it really is down to the person to sort themselves out. He’s young but needs to mature quickly to become a regular in football with levante arsenal or anyone else. I hope he does…

  • I don’t think he reads this website. It might do him a favour if he did. It’s a pretty fair selection of responses — both critical and supportive — that represent the real world he’s now trying to make a career in.

    In my limited but relevant experience: Homesick Brazilians are irrational. It will either break him or make him.

  • Someone needs to have some serious words with him. If he doesn’t sort his attitude out his career will go down the drain, doesn’t matter how naturally talented he is.

  • OK, all those on here who have been uprooted and left home and moved to the otheraide of he world, while at the same time seeing your dream move collapse and end up at a club you have no link to, or knowldge about, so then get a bit pissed off… Raise your hands and yes, you may pontificate and slate Wellington as much as you like, for you have an idea what this kid is going thru.

    All the others?

    Fuck off

    • I can relate to all of that, stopping at the “club” relation.

      So yeah, I can relate to moving from one side of the country to the other, leaving your friends and family behind, and on arrival, things don’t work out the way I hoped. Plus I was even younger.

      So yeah, screw you. And Wellington isn’t the only player in this predicament. Is it a coincidence that the only other player at arsenal to have this was bothelo? Another brazillian? Along with so many other brazillian players.

    • Er, Carlos Vela.

  • I’ve had more excitement reading the comments about Spanish grammar, than any footer match since the FACup of 2005. Let’s have more of this riveting stuff!!

  • right trey how far in the future u looking?
    tv5 and kos are 25, JD 20 is 24, nowhere near their prime for a centre back.
    walcott is 21… nasri is 23, fab 23( depending how long he stays)
    gibbs is 21
    song is 23
    frimpong or are u sacking him…

    i reckon…

    francis JD20 TV5 Gibbs

    wilshere Song
    Fab (if he stays, if not rambo)
    ryo Nasri
    Not sure who else will be striker for the future if not theo and i reckon wellington wont make it and we will flog him back to brazil

  • Lets hope being around more Brazilians of his own age will help. I think this can only be a good thing. Fingers crossed.

  • The comments that compare Wellington’s situation to that of Botelho’s are valid. Wellington is only 18 and he will probably mature. I just hope it is in time for him to see that he has a bright future in football and that he can make a career of it if he really wants to.

  • Jack Jebb creates first goal for England win 3-0 with amazing assist and scores second goal(free kick).
    Chuba Akpom creates third goal and has brilliant game.
    Isaac Hyden is not impressive.

  • i’m sure in preseason he will be with Arsenal and the staff will have a good word with him. this guy will be a great player, its really hard to be in a team like Lavente. guys, it always take time to get used to a new culture and way of living. Look at Bothelo, its been only this season that he’s playing at full potential. and look at JET, he’s still struggling. its a question of time. if in 3 years time he’s still like this then that won’t be good. lets give him time

  • I don’t rate gibbs while pedro is going to be a great player. Doesn’t anyone see that clichy is terrible defensively and backs up to far while being attacked.
    Alban Banjaku will be a legend, remember I said that.
    When jack and aaron are in their prime we will have the best midfield. Once alban develops we will be running the Prem. Though I don’t agree with all wengers decisions, I trust him.
    Frimpong isn’t good enough for the prem, that showed in the Emirats cup.

    Once wellington changes the enviroment he is playing In , all you haters will choke on your words

    Lineup will change dramatically in the future. IDC about the age of all our players now they aren’t good enough. Wenger won’t buy players to not give them a chance to make it big

  • I know Wellington’s former coach at Flu,i’m a friend of his son,and he said that Wellington can be a world class player,one of the best but he began a cocky boy when success came up.Hope he gets better..

  • this is the biggest problem with signing players to young… you never know how they will mature mentally. people are very different in their early 20’s from when they are 16+ and still immature… but you just can’t predict how that will happen with each player.

  • i don’t buy this ‘bad attitude’ story…people seem to be exagerrating the few things his coaches have said publically about him. Fluminese’s coaches were juvenile and angry at him after he signed for Arsenal, hence their disapproval of him. And Levante’s coach only said something like ‘he’s homesick. he still needs to learn how to live like a professional. we’re helping him.’ From that people have extrapolated somehow that this kid is trouble. Come on.

  • equally, i’m not convinced that this kid’s talen is rreally all that. reports that he is the new messi are probably a bit wide of the mark. could be a nifty little forward for the first team in 3/4 years though, for sure.

  • Jules NewZealand

    Can’t believe how many of you start bagging your own players even before their careers have started – bet you’re great to sit next to watching the first team. Give Wellington, Vela etc a break. “Muggy” spot on with what you said. I’m going to back Wenger to turn these boys around.

    • Jules u right, the only thing people don’t understand is that these youngsters don’t have someone to bring the outmost out of them. we need guys who are strong to make these boys realise how good they are and working hard everyday will bring ever greater joy to you and your family. It seems as if we good at judging youngsters and their problems but at some point we’re also at that age. Let’s get behind our future stars so that they know they are being loved in Arsenal Family.

      I’m South African Gooner 4 life

  • thats a young slim iron mine tyson

  • I think the levante manager is doing it wrong. Give wellington time on the pitch.

  • Looks like Wenger’s been tucked up again.

  • Have any of you ever tried going to live in a foreign country? I mean living there, not just going there and getting drunk for 2 weeks. It can be a scary experience. So cut the guy some slack. He’s a long way from family and friends, even with the internet. He’s on a steep learning curve, personally and professionally, so I think he’s entitled to some more time to acclimatise. Wonder if he has anyone from home with him – could be worthwhile to pay for someone to come over – family member or close friend.

  • YAWN.

    He left Brazil two months ago, bit early to write him off don’t you think?

  • I feel for this guy! Imagine you are told that you will be playing for Arsenal alongside players as Fabregas and Nasri. Obviously, the guy was thinking of nothing else than the start of next season, a year ago back in Brazil. However, after arriving at London, to find out that you have to spend three seasons in some relatively unknown clubs is just devastating for this guy. He just needs more time to realise that he still can make it, but through the hard way, it will toughen up him!

  • Let’s just hope he is not like Balotelli.
    He hasn’t even started for Arsenal FC and we are talking of “End of the Tunnel”..

  • our Ryo on loan in Feyenoord. What a boy! :))

  • The problem with Wellington’s attitude is NOT homesickness at all. As soon as he signed on the dotted line for Arsenal back in Brazil he became too big for his boots.
    Here is the story:
    I was personally hoping he would grow up when he came to Europe, but it seems like it really is a lost cause……

  • For God’s sake, send the kid to Feyenoord. The Dutch clubs know how to manage young kids.

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