Arsenal Still On The Trail Of Alvarez

Jamie Sanderson June 22, 2011 News 111 Comments

Arsenal remain in the hunt for Vélez Sársfield midfielder Ricardo Álvarez, but six other European clubs have also shown an interest in the Argentine play-maker.

South American executive Richard Law is said to have travelled to Argentina last month for talks over transfer, but the negotiations were quickly over, as Law was not willing to match the €12 million Euro’s president Fernando Raffaini demanded. However, scouting of the player has continued, and the Gunners are plotting their next move.

Reliable Argentine website Olé reports that Inter Milan, AC Milan, Roma, Málaga, Sporting and a German club have all spoken to Vélez about Ricardo’s availability. A number of offers are on the table for the player, but Olé says Arsenal have the most ‘authentic’ interest.

Brazil based scout Sandro Orlandelli picked up on the left footed maestro three years ago, when he showed positive signs as a 20-year-old, and various scouts have since followed his progress.

It remains to be seen whether Arsenal would match Vélez’s asking price, especially as Álvarez’s would not be first choice, but more an impact substitute.

The transfer is expected to rumble on for a few more weeks yet.


  • Any personal impacts on the transfer, Jamie? :)

    • Loose Cannon

      Why are we buying another creative midfielder?

      The focus should be securing defenders and at least one DM…. *who can actually bloody tackle*

      Plus, we need a world class striker who can actually shoot and put the ball in the back of the net.

      WE NEED ETO’O!!!

      Unless we’re planning for the imminent departure of Nasri/cesc, then a replacement is needed.

      But yet again, we show interest in a player we want and fail to close a deal quickly. Meanwhile, other clubs have been alerted and are now sniffing! Allow me to curse my arse off: *+#*@#*#¥!!!



    • Loose Cannon


      I would like us to focus on established European/Prem stars this summer. Signing an unknown, unproven South American in a crucial season is a huge risk.

      However, im desperate for some excitement and raw magic, so will take him with open arms.

      Come on boss, sign quality…sign experienced.

  • que “impact substitute” mi culo, this guy has the talent of jack and aaron put together!

  • i don’t want to be a spoilt idiot fan about this, but if the club have had this guy watched for THREE years and they consider that he is good enough for the first team, then given our acknowledged NEED for reinforcements this summer, we should really be concluding this business without any fuss. Haggling over a fee in the region of 12m Euros is pretty weak, really.

    I really hope this one happens as I think he looks exciting, and I think the team needs new options for the left of midfield.

    • For anybody who hasn’t seen the 4 hour (give or take a few hours) long youtube clip some kind peep posted in the comments of the last Alvarez story…it’s a must see. Technically brilliant, great dribble, even better pass, a goal scorer and probably most poignantly…he can defend. There were seven or eight occasions he pulled the ball straight out from under the feet of an opposition player a la Vieira at his prime. He also looked like he had some height about him. Impact sub? Nup, this kid will be knocking on the starting eleven door if he can translate his ability to the Prem. He’d be wasted in Italy.

  • As he’s from Argentina, would there be work permit problems? Or can he get a European passport?

  • I am slowly beginning to lose it for Wenger. 3 years of scouting, 12m Euros….C’mon!!! pay up and lets have another dimesion in that midfield

  • please, get him before it’s too late

  • Is that final comment on his squad status based on the Ole article or @ArgentinaFW’s thoughts on Twitter?

  • Can some please give me a scouting report on him?

    Some people say hes slow, some say hes fast, some say hes a winger, some say hes a central midfieler!

    Getting alot of conflicting reports!

    • First off, he has an italian passport so he won’t have a problem with a work permit..second, he can play anywhere along the midfield, has an amazing left foot, and is pretty fast, he times his runs really well and hes tall

    • What I heard: He is not so fast however have great skills and technics and a bit like messi on the ball (not the little fast moves but fighting for the ball at all time), he can actually play in all midfield positions being ambidextrous.

    • I think the conflict is not in the reports ;)

      He`s slow when the tactics require it and when he`s linking up play, he`s fast when running through people and when playing in the wings, and he can obviously play at CM! He can be all these things at the same time!

      but since you should believe none of what you hear and half of what you see, the best chances at getting this story right is to take a look at youtube.

    • he’s a bit kaka like

  • Jamie, has there been any progress on the Oxlade Chamberlain deal? Are we still in talks over a fee?

  • Why do arsenal take so long to complete deals. I’m aware of our policy in not paying over the odds but sometimes we have to give and just move on…

    I like this guy as well and I know he will add side flare and direct_ness.

    Plus I believe he’s got italian passport.

  • where has it been said he will be an impact player? wenger has never signed an impact player before. oh wait. no he did. ljungberg. but even he went first team

  • I don’t know why but even though I rate the player, I feel like he is going to warm the bench more then putting the pitch on fire. Anyway, I do thing that watching south american player for a while is better than rushing for them, not easy to accomodate in England.

  • It doesn’t matter. Wenger and Gazidis will keep fannying around like usual, and while they do that a club will actually pay up, perhaps a little over the odds, and win things. Gervinho transfer will be done on deadline day and Wenger will say we have a squad already capable of challenging.

    It’s not rocket science. You bid for a player, the club accepts, you offer the player the money. If they are worth it, you do it, if not just drop the interest and stop penny pinching.

    In Arsene we rust.

  • Doc(Chicago gooners)

    Alvarez mother is italian so he would have no problem playing for arsenal

  • frankie frankie

    wenger seems to be going after afew wingers, alverez, gervinho, bid turned down for duoglas costa and hazard always linked. could he preparing for life without Nasri??? they keep saying fab4 isnt for sale so that would mean Nasri wont move into the middle, so where would they all go?

  • I think this would spell the end off the Chamberlain deal…..

    • Chamberlain is one for the future, nothing to do with Alvarez or anybody else who’s coming to first team squad for next season!

    • dude! chamberlain is a youth player and will not be pressured into first team early, unless he surprises arsene thats he’s ready.
      why do you think southampton want him back on loan? because they dont think he will break into arsenal first team straightaway.
      so chamberlain deal has nothing to do with this. he’s still a kid

  • Nico Argentina

    Hey Guys, I´m Argentinian, I watched Ricky every weekend in the last year and I can tell you that he is an oustanding player.

    Is fast, smart and skillful with the ball.
    If I were AW, I would do it NOW!
    Ricky Alvarez will be a World Class player after arriveing europe…
    We cant let him goes…

  • Mohammed/nigeria

    Wenger is not serious accepted

  • same with douglas costa deal, they’re offering little cash plus denilson and shakhtar dont want denilson they want full fee.
    same old arsenal, always pennypinching….
    its gonna be a long summer!

  • i live in argentina and have watched alvarez play quite a few times. Friends of mine are here season ticket holders at velez and they all rate him very highly.

    to give you an idea, i’d say he’s as quick as nasri, excellent dribbler (often nutmegs his marker or plays a cheeky backheel), accurate passer, tall and stronger than his sleight frame suggests, he has a mean left peg and the ability to glide past defenders with ease. Only criticisms – he is too left footed and his work rate is nothing special, probably better than arshavin though!

    I hope he joins, if Rosicky is sold he would more than make up for it, he could even jump ahead of arshavin in the pecking order, and as people have mentioned he has an italian passport so no work permit probs. worth 12 mill euros for sure…

  • I dont believe this chap or Costa are wingers more central playmakers but maybe Fabregas will eventually go and Narsi well he should be shipped out imo.

    We need wingers Theo is are only proper winger… teh liek of Rosicky, Arshivan, Narsi are all central palyers that have been forced to play out of their natural poistion. Only Narsi has performed well Arshivan has really let the team and more importantly Clichy down many times being too much of a billy big bo**ix to get back and do the dirty work.

    Ashley Young would have been perfect he is quick, a good footaballer, can play either side and hes English. He would have cost £20M and only had a year left on his Villa contract who cares the crucial point is you get a quality player. Man Utd are just getting the job done I think thats the difference they already have Giggs, Nnai, Valencia and Park who can play on the wings. Okay Giggs is nearing the end but my point is the keep on adding quality even when the have it… the players who performs best stays in the team the one who doesnt warms the bench simply????

    I suppose if we are going to be cheap about this and why break a trend I think getting Helb back and signing Mata from Valencia as both are out of contract.

    We could rotate Walcott, Mata, Helb (could play left side if asked) Gervinho and Narsi on the left and right of the attack.

    Would give us more natural wingers instead of centre/attacking midfielders who imo slow our moves down last season constantly coming back inside and the inability to beat a full back.

    • Yah, we have been over this. We can not afford to pay 100k a week for bench players and we can not have a 30 million pound striker on the bench. I swear some people have no concept of money at all.

    • Buy the way, Douglas Costa is both a winger and a central attacker. He runs at plays with pace and skill and links up. We don’t have to have a classic winger, just people that can run at defenders with a bit of pace. It is not like we need people to cross the ball a lot because we don’t go after headers anyways.

  • JS are u suprised Arsenal havent been after DALE JENNINGS?

    He won league 1 player of th year! Bayern Munich have made a bid for him!

    Hes got a year left on his contract! Surely hes a better option than oxlade chamberlain!

    • I found one game of Tranmere and watched him. He was decent for a league 1 talent for sure. Remember though, AOC is younger plus actually made the team of the year. Wish I could have found more games of both players to be honest.

    • By the way, I bought Jennings on my southampton manager mode on Fifa so that is all that matters lol

  • the king of the world

    Mata isn’t out of contract, he’d cost a bomb too. altho he is class

  • So we scout Alvarez for 3 years +, have a bid rejected, but still need to go back and scout him again? WTF?? You’d think after the first 3 yrs they would have a final opinion about whether they want him or not. This is the problem with arsenal fc, top to bottom they are all talk. Talking about strengthening the team, winning the title, making apologies for cocking up…. Blah, blah, blah….

    One day, we may just grow a pair. But I can’t see it with Wenger at the helm.

  • Cheers Aaron so what is his best position? Left wing?

  • 12M might not sounds a lot but if Nasri leaves and we have to buy someone that could easily go up to 16M for a new winger and if Fabregas leaves too we need another central that could easily cost around 20M, Clishy leaves and we will need to buy another 12-18M player to replace him.

    This summer goes well we could end up spending 30M for 4-5 players but if it ends bad that could be 40M+ for new players.

  • arsenal’s scouting network is constantly active, alvarez isn’t the only player we’ve looked at over three years. that doesn’t mean we should spend an arm and a leg getting him. this year we’re in the market for taller players, just another reason our interest is more concrete now. lastly, 99% had never heard of alvarez’s name before this story was released and still have never seen him play; you’ve seen a few youtube compilations (titus bramble can look world class in a compilation) and are now castigating AW for not concluding this straight away; people need to geta grip. that said id love if we signed him plus gervinho, arshavin has been very average and is proof that stats don’t tell the full truth.

  • ps:cheers for the update JS

  • We seriously need him when any of our main midfielders were injured our form dropped off. He can play anywhere in the midfield so the high price is worth it like getting 3 players for one.

    Now focus on Gervihno and some defenders please!!!

  • I know he isn’t as good as Fabregas, but I STILL feel that a cheap replacement for him could be Ever Banega of Valencia!!! I mean he would cost 15 million max and so he wouldn’t cover the whole cost of how much we make from the Fabregas transfer if he goes. I wish we could get Banega and I have been saying this for years…I don’t know… he’s perfect for the 4-4-2 in that he can tackle AND pass as well as shoot. He and Wilshere would be awesome together!!! Both can defend as well as pass and benega has that ability to shoot from long range…Wilshere will develpoo this as well I feel due to his wonderful technique and the fact that he scored some goals from distance for the reserves!!! We could have 2 long bombers if needed!!! This is only IF Fabregas leaves. If he doesn’t, we don’t really need him!!!

    • Why do you feel he would cost 15 max? He cost 16 million pounds when Valencia bought him.

  • So…..we’re haggling over a 12mil euro (so around £10mil then in pounds) for alvarez, yet we’re fine in the £15 for 17 year old league 1 chamberlain (but haggling over the sell0on clause)?

  • Love hearing everyone break down each signing. You guys seem to forget that a full team is not just 11 players so stop saying if one signs that means Nasri or who ever is leaving. Also, if you believe every single thing the papers or agents say then you are a gullible person.

  • Hi! I’m from Argentina and i’m a Vélez fan. I symphatise with the gunners and i’ll be pleased to see Alvarez playing for Arsenal.

    I can say that what Aaron said is correct: “he can play anywhere along the midfield, has an amazing left foot, and is pretty fast, he times his runs really well and hes tall”

    You can see some of his plays on this video:

    I hope you’ll enjoy him!

  • I believe Banega would only cost 15 million max because Valencia have supposedly valued him at around 12 million pounds…so he can’t cost more than 15 million pounds if Valencia have in fact put that price tag on him…plus they might be willing to sell because of their financial situation, although now that ever is a starter for Argentina and Valencia it is unlikely they will be willing to let him go. I just wish we bought him when he was available for like 8 million pounds…but we didn’t…I guess there is no need for him anyway.

    • where are you getting your info from mate? When did the value him at 12 million and when was he ever only worth 8. Don’t get me wrong, I think he is a nice little player. I still prefer Ramsey to him tho and I would have preferred Sahin over him as well.

  • sign cahmberlain pleeeeeeeeeaseeeeeee !

  • Arsene wenger is not serious about any tranfer.

  • interesting comments. i too have lost all confidence whatsoever of quality signings this summer. I have a feeling AW is going to do us again, he will make cheap import signings while we keep our fingers crossed hoping to make the season with them and hoping they r the surprise revelation signings. Cos i see wenger doing us the half season experiment of bringing in the cheap and doing his assessment till the winter transfer and if these cheap imports work we shall hear him say ” We do not need new signings we are doing fine” then come april when all hell breaks loose and we tumble at some point we will finally hear him say “We were close”.
    idiot. am fed up, with him and the board, they think its a game, dilly dallying and hoggling over fees, Not even Redknapp would hoggle for a player such as Alvarez, yet we still want to toy with the Samba/Cahill issue like we have an offers have been made for Cahill according to coyle, blackburn want 12mill for samba and we still dont have the backbone to sign what we need, its disgusting

  • Why arsenal transfer taking much time b4 reaching agreement? Scouting a player for 3yr no good news on his transfer yet. Shame on us arsenal

  • What the heck are Arsenal complaining about
    i’v seen few better dribblers cr7 & messi
    this guy is amazing.Southamton are demanding 12 for alex,if they had this guy they’d probably be asking for 40..(not first option) if he can convert his form to the prem then he could challenge the best.
    no one had heard much about pastore till last season now look at his value..just goes to show that Arsenal r not one of the elite clubs any more..what can they are for?? doesnt go down easily,dribbler like crazy & scores..what the heck more can you can from a forward..come on chelsea,manu,barca sign this guy up..Arsenal is a club run by misers they aint gonna spend a dime on good quality..
    what the heck happened to the gervinho deal??this is just disgusting the board needs to change or we are gonna lose some good players can you blame them??i support the youth policy bt when there’s a dire need for trophies then we need to sign,sign,sign,sign..youth,experience both

    • Oh shut up.
      Like 99% (with a 1% margin of error) of the people commenting here, I highly doubt you’ve actually WATCHED A GAME involving Alvarez, so don’t talk as if you know first hand what his abilities are.

      Most of us hadn’t heard of him until just a few weeks ago. Now everyone is a scout because they can watch a few clips on youtube. lol.

  • The linking of Arsenal with Gervinho, Gary Cahill, Falcao, Chris Samba etc is false crap which will be exposed when the transfer window shuts-up on 1st September 2010. There are “saints” who have invoked ‘moral issues’ to oppose a bigger Usmanov say in the running of Arsenal FC. Meanwhile, an incurably callous and rapacious Board is in cahoots with a stingy Manager, presiding over the longest trophy drought in the club’s history. Usmanov feels the frustration of the fans and would free-up resources to build a squad that would return silverware and glory days to Arsenal FC. This thick-skinned group (Board and Manager) in-charge of Arsenal FC has nothing better to offer. They only seek to bulge their wallets with cash accruing from extortionary gate-collections – ironically attained from the fans. Woe unto the despondent fans as things have irredeemably fallen apart at Arsenal FC.

    Moses Watasa
    Kampala – Uganda.

    • And how do you know its crap? Pretty sure samba and gervinho rumours are true and you will see that. Gervinho will come and your comment will be laughed.

    • Apparently, you’ve only been an Arsenal fan for 5 minutes. “Longest trophy drought in our history”? What a joke.

      Virtually none of us had heard of Ricky until a few weeks ago, and suddenly we should pay his club whatever they want for him because we’ve all watched a few youtube videos and determined that he is exactly what we need.

      Some people need to grow up.

    • Moses – I know you are only an armchair fan but you should check the history records. How is this for a trophy drought
      1886 – 1929 (45 seasons)
      1954 – 1969 (16 seasons)
      1972 – 1978 (7 seasons)
      1980 – 1986 (7 seasons)

      Sure if we fail to win anything next season we will equal our third worst trophy drought (excluding the world war II years)

    • the longest trophy drought in the club history….hahahahahahahha learn about our history and them comeback here say you are an arsenal fan bloody muppet.
      and insulting our greatest manager ever….ever.ever in all in our history

      well sometime i get piss off by wenger but i would never insulting him.he offer me the greatest decade in the club history playing great footy.
      i old enough to remember when our club was actually really bad…and boring with really shit player who make of the so call rubbish player today in our squad look top class.

      arsenal fan ,my ass

  • @Badaman..ok did you hear about pastore two seasons ago dude Argentine player rise from the shadow..some clubs like to unleash their secret weapon late
    thats the south American way

    • What about Keirrson? Or would you like me to list the huge number of south americans that have left their land faltered since?

      Fact is, you hve no idea whether he is the next Kaka, or the next Keirrison, so don’t talk or act like you do?

    • There is a clear way to judge future success and potential. It is called scouting. Honestly I heard the hype about Kerrison and then finally got to watch him one game and it was so obvious that he was and average player on a goal streak. He was just scoring tap ins and scramble type goals. I have said this before…when judging young talent, look for quality rather then quantity. Number 1 mistake people make in judging talent is that they get distracted quantity.

  • js any news about the costa rumor??
    have Arsenal made a renewed offer for him
    he’s been on the radar of the manu for some time now.. they failed to sign him a few seasons ago as his previous club restricted from a trial they wanted cash but manu refused so it collapsed..would be an awesome signing for us

  • http://www….

    nice to see that ure not an armchair Gooner and its even greater to see that you are following wengers main goal..not winning and no ambition…jeez i didnt know we where gunning for a record …third worst trophy drought well thats an achievement wenger and gazidis even hilly woody can be proud of …
    well i guess as long as we make money eh ?
    The Arsenal is left in tatter by a lunatic and his friends..

    • you know what i dont give a toss about trophy.i m not a glory hunter.i fell in love with arsenal because a friend of mine and his father took me at hightbury one winter .i dont give a damn we dont win trophy in the rest of my life .

      supporting a club go beyond winning trophy (even so it fell great to win one)
      the only think who get me mad is player who have walk around the pitch when we need to win, dont give 100%

  • vote for Arsenal on espn link as the best team to go unbeaten over a season

  • @tomstoned

    funny that saw a couple of trophyless years before wenger rocked up, see that sense of entitlement you have, the one where you demand a trophy, demand success. wenger gave you that, remember that sunshine, the players Arsene brought to the club have gave you that. How stupid are you? (rhetorical btw I know how stupid you are…..very stupid is the answer)

  • ok, once again arsenal are linked with a ‘trinket’ or creative player, i dont have any problem in this.. as atm, we only have JW19, CF4 and SN8, and narsi and fab are off, arshavin and rosicky are unfortunately staying… why?!.. between them they must be earing £150,000 a week… why? .. but im straying away from my point, i agree with , i think it was dimitri earlier, Arsenal Football CLub spend TOO much time messing about in ‘preliminary negotiations’, teams like Man Utd and Liverpool can whack out huge (well £15 mil+) in a day.. look at carl jenkinson,.. we were suppost to get him in January.. he finnally signs.. gervinho,.. for the last WEEK they’ve said… ‘he’ll be signed in the next 48 hours’… fgs, just actually pay up..i mean, then it turns out we were in talks for phil jones and had an offer ACCEPTED.. why not pay £1.5 mil more …. and get gary cahill?! seriously arsene.. its not difficult.. chris samb’s fee is rising by the day atm… just pay them the 12mill.. or include a player , now who do we have who claims to be a CB.. and is surplus of requirement… SQUILLACCI.. give them 12mil + squillacci, so they get a free (crap ) replacement.. for the last 12 months i’ve been fretting about Arsene wengers LACK of busyness in the transfer market, and unfortunately i can see us only selling denilson and clichy, and only signing gervinho then wenger going ‘ we are older as a team, and i believe we have the capabilities to win the title’.. FGS.. we are NOT going to win ANYTHING with this current squad..

    here’s an idoits guide of what needs to be done

    1. pay up for gervinho… in the modern game an extra 2mil is nothing,
    2. 17mil for cahill..
    3. 8 mil in for denilson
    4. 8 mil in for clichy
    5. 8-10mil in for bendtner
    6. 4.5mil in for rosicky,
    7. pay !3mil for oxlade chamberlain
    8. get 12 mil for arshavin..
    then buy goetze for 15mil..
    9. ALso, ditch vela and almunia, And Eboue, probs get 5mil for eboue, 1.5 for almunia and 6-8 for vela,
    10. buy a striker WHO SCORES GOALS.. odemwingie.. dont offer him the same amount of money as WBA pay him.. be serious.. pay him twice as much as they pay him.. denilson gets 60k a wek for god sake
    11. SORT OUT cesc and samir.. if they wont to go.. sell themm… but sell them abroad.. the last thing we want is man utd winnin g the title bcoz of nasri

    there are many more points i could include, but its pointless, im just trying to share my opinion, i expect to get flak for slating certain players, but lets face it, i know im not the only person to hold these views

    • Andrew… I normally think you make some decent comments but how can you make an “idiots guide” and ramble on like an idiot at the same time? Look at some of the stuff you put in your list. Where in the world would we get 4.5 million for Rosicky? Are you planning on a russian team spending 12 million on Arshavin? Waste 17 million on an Aston Villa reject that is not better then any of our 3 best center backs by the way which would make Gary Cahill our most expensive signing in our entire history? You think we can get Goetze for 15 million? If we can get 8 million for Denilson I am sure Wenger would take that in a heart beat. The same with Clichy in the last year of his contract. Ditch Vela? People are going to regret ever saying that I guarantee you that. Ditch Eboue? It has already been pointed out that he brings more to the club then just on the field plus name me a list of better back up right backs. I bet the list will not be to long. Yes, sell Cesc and Nasri even if people are not offering anywhere close to their market values. Just swap them out for a bag of peanuts. Sounds like you got the plan for success mate.

  • Cough cough….new stadium. Cough cough…it cost lots of money cough cough.

    Seriously I swear if any of the moaning fans are over 12 years old, you should be ashamed of yourself. How can you have no concept of money or history at all.

    • Bergkamp is no1

      That is an old argument people tend to bring up a lot, from having about £600 miljons in debt we are down to around £200 miljons, we are geting money from the Highbury apartments which are all occupied. We have about £30-50 miljons to spend on players.

    • Old argument? That is the problem people like you think it is a quick process which is crazy. For one, if your argument is that we went from 600 million in debt to 200 million is 6 years then that is flat out amazing and shows the work that everyone at the club is doing. People just need to toughen up and recognize that the goal is to get the stadium payed off completely and then all of our income will be going towards improving the team. If we start acting irresponsible now, we could easily end up going backwards.

  • @feeno..

    im happy for you seem like a rocket scientist…remember Bergkamp mate who briught him to The Arsenal mate..and get over it..look at the facts…and look at some players wenger did get..bendtner..silvestre..schillaci..almunia..eboue..kozzer..bischoff…and many many more vela ??..i could go on and on..cesc that ingrate barca dna..nasri have seen what most Gooners have,,the ship is sinking…fast..
    we are being ripped off and all you do is keep smiling..but hey most armchair akb’s like that..nope mate get back to your fifa game..and be a good boy..
    or do like hilly woody should have done a long time ago..take a hike up kentish country and grow some balls..oopps tomatoes..

  • fans need 2gt a grip wenger will gt it right gud times r cumin keep da faith boys..

  • this guy is technically sound and is reminiscent of javier pastore and kaka in the way how he can glide past players whether he will sign i am not totally sure as wenger has said that he will sign a centre back but we do still need attacking players as hopefully denilson will leave and he has a defensive edge about him he reminds me of an attacking emmanuel petit in terms of his passing

  • tomstoned one word for you go run a club the size of Arsenal Football Club and hold responsibilities like Wenger then come back here to comment. The Club is in good hand and it will not only steer clear of the storm but “Arenal FC became a top tier club (even on par or better than Barcelona) with many talented players for many many years to enjoy and won many trophies.” Mark my words from 2013 and beyond.

    Oh not forgetting club are run by sensible, responsible and able management. Buy and buy and buy can never solve issues but deepen the debts of any clubs. Transfer fees are really crazy and out of proportion especially with the hype of English talents.

  • Bergkamp is no1

    Still the same story i see, Wenger still refuses to pay for quality. Not saying that Álvarez is any good but if Wenger want to buy good players you need to cough up the cash to get them, something that Wenger unfortunatly is incapable to do, and because of that we will fail again next season.

  • Im not your mate tomstoned, yet further proof that you are a slaverin idiot who reads to many crap newspapers.

    Let wenger do what he’s supposed to do and manage and you go back to what your supposed to do when your a fan, and cheer the fucking players that are put on the fucking park.

  • Ask Valencia about what can happen when you build a new stadium and continue to spend loads of money on transfers at the same time.

  • By the way, I will put to rest everyones fears. Should we keep Nasri and Fabregas this year, we will win the premier league or the champions league. You heard it hear first.

  • Great player, great skill, great future.

  • i tink sum of ye wud like peter risdale 2run our great club ye seem 2think its like playn sum football manager game

  • We do have a majority shareholder that has been know to splash the cash a time or two for solid players in his other investments. The Red Sox are on par with the Arsenal in pretty much every aspect. Don’t expect our transfer system to change much.

    • Kroenke does not own the Red Sox. He owns the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado rapids plus I think a baseball or hockey team. The owner of the red sox owns Liverpool.

  • Ricky Alvarez es un jugador polifuncional, muy rapido y muy vertical, es la estrella actual del futbol argentino, tiene mucho futuro. No solo juega de extremo, doble cinco o mediocampista creativo / enganche, además tiene muy buen remate de larga distancia y muy buena calidad con el balon en sus pies. Veanlo en youtube, en copa libertadores.

  • Man that’s a pretty bokd statement to make Shane…I mean we’d have to change the way we play to compete with Barca…the way we defend that is. We’d have to be even more aggressive than we already are in pursuit of the ball. That and movement off the ball is the only difference between us and them, but do we have the right attitude and committment to rectify that??? I have my doubts. As well other clubs have imprived significantly such as AC Milan, Real Madrid, and a couple others… I will be happy if we win the league next season which I think is possible.

    • We were beating Barcelona in the tie before RVP got red carded. We were also playing with out our best defender. Jack Wilshere will be even better next year. Kocsielny will be better next year. Szczesny will be better. Alex Song, Fabregas, and Nasri are all just about to hit their prime. Walcott is coming off his best season to date. RVP is coming off like 18 goals in 19 games. Ramsey will be ready to go next year. We will add a couple pieces to the squad. I am telling you, I truly believe that we will win the premier league and or the champions league next year. Like I said mate, you heard it here first.

    • Laurent Koscielny will never be the answer.

    • Koscielny has as much potential as any centerback in the world. He reads the game like no other center back I have ever seen. He just needs to add some muscle and cut out on the few mistakes and he will be class.

  • Tuan Nguyen

    We are playing the mind games with those cashy clubs in Premier League. We followed Phil Jones and MU spent about 18m pound for a promising star in the Moon planet. Be patient!

    • been patient for 6 years and look where it has got us….

    • northern gooner

      was looking at old dvds mags etc. in the beginning the mighty wenger said – he earnt his money in the close season thats when he did his work in the market( well he hasnt earnt much over the last six years) , he also said we must have 2 great keepers when a past it Lukic was our no2 to seaman. now we dont have any consistently good let alone great keepers. he also said that you would need basically 2 squads given the demands of the champions lg and he preceeded to buy experienced internationals from around europe. our first team squad now is very small by top team standards and includes too many promissing players who when injuries happen as they will always do are never given a game cos they are not ready , so others are played out of position rather than risk them – so they are not in reality first team squad players. Six yrs ago we were 2 players short of walking the league but that has increased year on year and now to realistically hope for the title we need 5 class experienced players

  • Back on the theme guys. I’ve bean looking some of Ricky’s videos on youtube and I must say (I know I’ll get a lot of thumbs down for this but…) he’s got some touch of great ones like CR7, RVP and Messi. I mean, guy is 1.88 m tall and he is faaaaast. And the ball control, oh dear god. I think that with gervinho and him on the flanks,RVP and Theo as CF and all of them fed with killer passes by Jack and Samir we could have great season. I think we have great defense, just get Samba and we are all set for new season.

  • Arsenal cant buy every player thats good, we have to have specific players. When there is 11 or 10 men behind parking the bus, you cant use a walcott on the wing, you need someone that can shoot, and pass well, not just run when there is free space. We press high, so we cant get any type of players. Also seeing that we press high, we cant have any type of defenders either.

  • Northern Spud>

    Don’t be daft. The squad got weaker for a while, and is now getting stronger again. Sure, you can draw a straight line average from it and say we’ve got weaker (just) in six years, but that’s missing the essential point: that it’s been changing the whole time. First we got weaker, then, about four years ago, started strengthening.

    I’d also point out that Fergie has just signed an unproven young talent as United’s first-choice keeper, except that he paid £20 million more than Wenger for a less talented player – de Gea v Szczesny.

    If we didn’t make a single transfer this summer, we’d be more likely to win the league next season than we were last year.

    • northern gooner

      the trouble is last year we werent at all ‘likely’ to win the league. with 11 games to go and a comparatively easy run of games did you really believe we would win the league ? when we need to close out a win where is the steady player to put on – the gilberto,the flamini, even the keown, the edu. 6 yrs ago despite a poor ref would we have even dreamt of loosing a 4 goal lead ? the squad is older and more experienced but alas also more experienced in panicing and not winning . why can we endlessly invest 1-3 million in 16-18 yrs prospects with no work permits who might make it at the very top level but not in a capable steady cb or keeper. wouldnt szczesny develop quicker with experienced defenders to take control physically and verbally.

  • correct, dave.

  • According to the Palermo President, Arsenal have signed Alvarez??? Rumours,don’t ya just love em…
    JS, have you heard anything?

  • Seems that reports are surfacing that Alvarez has signed for a mystery club. Palermo president thinks it us. While other sites claim that newly rich Malaga stole the march on us. If we did sign him, I’ll believe it when i see it. He is similar to Kaka more than anyone else tho. So who knows?! Maybe a risky coup of a signing. The wait continues…

  • This suspense is killing me.. :) haha

  • To everyone complaining that we only buy short attacking midfielder, Alvarez is actually 6ft 2in (1.88m).

  • Am I the only the not excited about the signing?I would have been more excited had it been Alexis Sanchez.Well I guess all of us have accepted that we will never sign established players and should be content on signing upcoming talents.Isn’t that exactly what we have been doing for so many years now? I know I’m losing my patience on the matter,I salute those who would like more such signings….where did you get such patience?

  • BornGunner!

    Subesh I didnt know Alexis Sanchez was a establised player, how many years have you been watching him for now? I bet you Theo’s stats are properly better then his last year, and from what most think, in a harder leauge!

  • ALL yo»ll get a chill pill the window is about to open then u can cry die or do whateva

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