Wenger Helps Seal Aliadiere's Lorient Move

Jamie Sanderson July 5, 2011 News 71 Comments

Jérémie Aliadière is back in football with Ligue One side Lorient, but only after once again receiving the help of Arsène Wenger.

Aliadière returned to London Coleny in the closing stages of last season, after being granted permission by Wenger to work on his fitness following a series of injuries. The 28-year-old also turned out a handful of times for the Reserves, but struggled to attract potential suitors.

However, a deal with Lorient emerged over the weekend, after Wenger used Arsenal’s good relationship with the club to get the ball rolling. Jérémie confirmed his former managers help in an interview with the Lorient website, saying:

“I think Arsène Wenger had called and requested some information from me since I was there the last four months. That’s how it started and it always helps when there are relationships like between Lorient and Arsenal.”

Aliadière has signed a one year deal with the option for a further three years if he proves his fitness. He may yet be joined by Gilles Sunu and Francis Coquelin, both of whom are still wanted on loan again by the Brittany outfit.


  • glad to see that instead of investing time in trying to not only keep our best player whilst also attracting fresh faces to the team, that he’s taking time out from his hectic schedule to help part timers seek new employment in pastures new.

    • I think you’ll find it’s more about strengthening the club’s relationship with Lorient as opposed to finding a place for a part timer.

    • Gunner from the south

      huh, so when did helping someone out become bad… it helps strengthen relations with lorient and it’s a great thing to do… never hurts to be nice and help out a friend… you never know when you’re gona need someone, trust me, the unexpected happens more than you think…

    • I for one love that we have a sense of loyalty and decency at the club. Arsenal is great.

      All the best to Jeremie Aliadiere. Hope he has some success.

  • Shows the class of the club. Glad he can move on and free a space on the team for our reserves as he always seemed to be in the starting line up!

  • I still remember when Aliadiere was secretly playing through a groin injury because he finally got a run and was scared to miss out.

  • Wow, Wenger. Really? What about trying to sign some players for Arsenal FC?

  • I love and respect Arsene, but his “do gooding” normally leads to disasterous results.

    On promise of Flamini remaining, we lost Gilberto, Lassana Diarra, as well as Yaya Toure and Placios on the cheap.

    Just look at now; all the youngsters he showed faith in are leaving for money, or a better place.

    When Aliadiere joined Boro, he killed us in 2-3 crucial games, and helped us lose all hope for the championship!

    • Arsène Wenger’s do goodism might hurt FC Lorient as well.
      The club was looking for replacement to Gameiro and has now opted for Aliadière.
      If Aliadière fails, it will mean buying a new option with an increased transfer fee as the club will desperately need a striker.

      And the same players that were targeted for this transfer period are going to grow more expensive.

      Added to that, Aliadière is probably out of shape and will need quite a lot of play time to come back, eating on homegrown talent’s playtime.

  • nice to see wenger getting on with signing players..oh wait for other clubs. Wenger and the board are a total farce

  • Good to see he’s been busy on the phone. :rolleyes:

  • And then you see how Man United have treated Owen Hargreaves…

    • Man U really are the worst of scum. At least let the guy use your kit and facilities. Terrible.

  • angry fans just watch training photos on arsenal.com to relieve yourself from it

  • read that song might face some jail time
    not what we needed..we need costa,wenger want players but he’s not willing to spend or doesn’t he have the backing from the board

    • zulu gooner

      Song did nothing – his bodyguards may have acted robustly. if he had allegedly hit someone he would have been charged and called to court in august. just another brit press attack on ARSENAL FC

  • Nice one wenger. Sorting out other people’s players while our club goes down the pan. I’ve seriously had enough of this. Wenger out

    • How about you out ‘Angry fan’…Spurs new kit’s about a fiver cheaper; go be angry at the Lane.

  • This act really showed the class of the club. I am happy for Aliadière as I really liked him when he was here.

  • nice to see that we still have a bit of class – unlike some of our fans with dum comments – keep the negativity rolling boys!!!

  • oh my god are you all mental… he hasn’t spent his whole summer trying to find aliadiere employment, it was probably a 5 minute phone call.

  • methimpikehoses

    Jesus, people, how long do you think it took him to make a couple of phone calls?! He didn’t write the contract himself!

    Without much effort, he’s cemented a relationship with a small but very promising french club who are in the middle of producing talented players. Not only that but he’s planted a loyal former player in there who will be of use if any top talent starts emerging from their academy and helping any other loan players we might send there in the future.

    More importantly, Arsenal is a club that attracts young players with the promise that we will develop them into top players; we need to make sure that it is clear that if a player can’t make a career here for whatever reason then we won’t just abandon them on the scrapheap. It’s stuff like this that make young players join us rather than Chelsea, Man U, or Liverpool.

    I’m sure Wenger more or less knows which players he wants to buy and all he can do is put in enquiries and bids and wait for a response. If he chooses to help out former players while he’s waiting, I say go ahead.

    • i totally agreed with you. the club sell established players and replaced them with young players who dare to reject man u & chelsea.

      Arsenal develops young players. our manager play them 200 ++ games until they realize they have barca/french/citeh DNA.

      it is so frus to see players like randall or deacon forced out from the club without a chance while palyers like denilson/diaby/eboue given so many games knowing players only dream of playing for barca or real M

    • FC Lorient is building an academy rooster. It has not yet. Very few players were trained at the club.
      The club performs at providing play time to promising youngsters who can not find play time in their own club.

      Aliadiere’s signing is blocking the few home grown talent who could have challenge for a spot in the first team.

      The only benefit for Lorient, apart from Aliadiere revealing himself at last as a consistent performer, is that he could help an english speaking loanee to fit in.

  • Even Aliadiere has joined the exodus, who’s next?

    • lool i was depressed reading the negative comments but reading ur joke brightened things up. I will now leave this article feeling happier

  • FFS!!! arsene wenger is under AFC payroll, not FFF!!!!!!!!1

    he played jeremy alia-shit for a reserve game instead of the youngster who move up the rank. what message was he trying to send to the u-18 players? “If u are french, u are superior”???

  • btw, aliadiere was shit. his “moment” was to score TWo goals against mighty WBA or wateva in carling cup.

    henry the second? not in milionnnnnnnnnns year my fren.

  • Max>

    Thumbs up because that was a joke, right?

  • great picture special of todays training.. Mr. Miyagi looking sharp and eboue clowning about in his drag costume haha! http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/pre-season-training-picture-special

  • Tebeary Henry

    whos inbetween vermaelan and squillaci in pic 10 on AFC website (short mixed race guy) and who is black guy in pic 14?

    When is Gavin Hoyte back too? I really like him, this could be his year i reckon. Arsenals new left back for the next 10 years. Really impressed at Brighton and Lincoln. Really good player. I like him.

  • Does anyone know if Pedro will be available for Arsenal next season or will he go back out on loan due to not getting a work permit?

  • plastic arsenal fans are so clueless to realise that arsene has the easiest job this summer than any other manager in the epl.
    he actually has to assess his young squad before deciding if he should buy or not. bartley even played in europa cup last season why should he spend 17 millions for small size defender like cahill without checking his young defender in preseasons. the team collapsed last season for lack of cover now we have young players who could graduate and provide that cover you still moaning. even in attack he has to see if theo is ready to play up front before he can sign a new winger like gervinho.
    remember czesney,miquel,djourou,koscielny,frimpong,bartley,walcott,wilshere,ramsey will be a year older next season. if we keep cesc and nas we will only need 2 or 3 new signings. manchester united and chelsea have to sign because their players are old and retiring. but for arsenal fc, we have to check our young players first before making any decision.
    it wouldnt make sense to spend big on a new defender then lose players like bartley whom we’ve been training for years.
    trust arsene and be a little patient.

  • djourou and koscielny had great partnership but collapsed for lack of adequate cover.
    it’s crazy believe the media hype that arsene will bring in players to replace them. i am not against new signings but forget cahill not for 17 millions anyway, maybe samba because of his presence and leadership, it will be great addition.

  • Guys,

    We all are passionate fans but I am sure we are not without grace. We can always wish good to people who have served our club with loyalty.
    Arsenal without re-enforcements, arsenal without cesc/nasri, without wenger…. none of this really changes our affiliation towards OUR Club.

    We all hate what the greedy shareholders/board/Management have done to arsenal
    – Every shareholder made huge returns (250%) while we won nothing
    – Ticket prices rose (while shareholders kept getting richer we fans kept getting poorer
    – Strong management was replaced by mickey mouse management
    – We were promised all our sacrifices (no trophies, losing The Invincibles, high ticket prices etc.) were for stability only for our owners to cheat us.

    Question is how guilty is WENGER and why is no one willing to come clean and tell us the whole truth?


  • so what if wenger helped him, whats yer problem with that??? This site used to just issue the cold hard details, recently i see more and more there has to be an angle in the writing to stir, I just dont get it.

  • I don’t see why people are being negative about this. Lets kill Wenger for having humanity and showing that he cares about people. Where were all the comments when he did the same with Robert Pires last year?

  • Now on something else, does anyone else think that football is becoming some what boring and extremely repetitive. The same clubs stacking up talent on their bench like it is nothing and no teams can actually build squads any more. I was really looking forward to seeing FC Porto and Dortmund breathe new life into the champions league but then the summer comes and Sahin is off to be Xabi Alonso’s back up and Villas Boas is off to chelsea. Then I check the transfers today and Coentrao is sold to Real Madird for 26 million pounds. A team that already has a quality left back in Marcelo can blow 26 million on another left back. I hope these financial fair play rules help or football is just going to get more boring and repetitive. How many players has Man City now bought sense their sugar daddy bought the club?

  • This is why I love Arsenal FC. We are more than a football club.How many other managers would do this? People are complaining about this but the whole point is about building relationships. Wenger in my opinion has to be one of the best all rounded managers ever.

  • shane i totally agree wit dat its getn so boring …….

  • they read too much crap from anti arsenal papers like the sun( most writers are spuds).
    where is the mass exodus?
    the most ridiculous headlines:
    arsene to sign barton, what?
    van persie wants to quit
    walcott wants to sign for chelsea.
    i think they got embarrassed when they saw cesc back in training.
    the truth is no senior player will leave unless arsene says so. clichy didnt quit, he was sold. time to try someone else at that position.

  • bergie big boy

    Have it from a very good source at the club that we will singing player on Wednesday but could not say who or may lose job! Guess it must be Gervinho or could it be nas singing new deal, lets see tomorrow!

  • @Tebeary Henry, that is Wellington silva and emmanuele frimpong mate..

    • methimpikehoses

      While we’re playing this game, who’s that in between Conor Henderson and Squillaci?

  • with Wenger as a manager and Mourinho as a coach, we would crush european football

  • the so call mass exodus right now have involve aladiere,clichy,randall,and few other youngster ….ho my god please help us ;)

  • @shane
    Nasri is just like adebanjo, one good season and he feels like he’s zidane. if he wanna stay and learn more from le prof good for him. if he wanna follow hleb, flamini, reyes then mancini can get him off our hands for 20 millions or more. we will buy a replacement. but still, even cesc is not rebelling like the media predicted.

    • No, Nasri is on a different level then a Hleb. We would probably get between 15-20 million….now tell me a guy any where close to his level. I have no doubt that we can replace him….with a young talented kid that in 5 years will be ready. Some people go over the top with this you everyone is replaceable BS. If you are willing to spend 40 million on players then yes, I guess every player is replaceable but at a club like Arsenal, you can’t just simply replace some players. It sends the club back 5 years. Damn, you made me go back to this discussion again lol.

    • edit…. “We would probably get between 15-20 million….now tell me a guy any where close to his level AT THAT PRICE.”

  • Just lost out on Ricky Alvarez…he’s joining Inter

  • Nasri had a good half season and that was it. The way he played in the second half, he is certainly replaceable. If we change formation he is even more replaceable because he can’t play centrally in a 4-4-2 and he’s not the best on the wings either. 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 or even 4-1-2-1-2 would suit him better. He’s more than serviceable on the wings but he isn’t the best. Someone like Mata or Hazard are better wing players than Nasri and they would cost about the same as him right now. We probably won’t get either because Nasri will stay, but he isn’t irreplaceable…he has to learn how to be consistent before he becomes irreplaceable. This has been said time and time again on here and other Arsenal related forums. I defended Nasri to the hilt against crazys like John who said he was crap, but he isn’t irreplaceable and he isn’t as good as he thinks he is.

    • Nasri is far better then Mata and can play in any formation you want. He can play in the middle of a 4-4-2 or on the wing in a 4-3-3 or almost any midfield spot in the 4-2-3-1. No he is not irreplaceable…but for 15 to 20 million he is especially for an immediate replacement. Nasri is the real deal and people will look back on this and think, “What the fuck were we thinking”.

      People that argue that he has only had one good season don’t know what they are talking about. His career has progressed just how it should be. He was a wunderkid at 17 for Marseille. He then went on to win the young player of the year in France and then became a top player at Marseille. He then joined Arsenal where he of course was moved out of his normal position to a winger. He progressed every year for us. At 24, he had his break out season and has become the leading light for France. This is how he was suppose to progress so people need to stop pretending like he was just shit and then had 1 good year out of no where.

    • Nasri is so hyped up it’s crazy…real deal my balls.

      He’s a fleet footed finisher in and around the box, he’s good at pulling defenders this way and that way.

      But he was anonymous in the second half of the season. Did NOTHING.

      To go missing at the business end of the season is not the mark of a champion.

      Totally replaceable. And we can do better.

  • Now people name few options who can replace Nasri. AND wants to come to Arsenal. Someone who is very likely to join the club is nasri is gone. I can’t think of one.

  • I agree with u shane, we bought nasri in 2008 and its taken him 3 years to develop to where he is. we just cant afford to wait on a replacement to develop, plus with the inflated prices we cant get much for 20mil

  • My list of immediate replacements already at or around Nasri’s level. Modric, Hamsik, Pastore, Iniesta, Ozil, Aguero……there is not a long list of attacking midfielder as good as Nasri. Now how many of those can we get for around 15 million pounds? Fucking Jordan Henderson is going to be around the same price as Nasri lol. I has through up saying that….

  • Its no one’s business if Wenger chooses to help the young man. Personally i think its a great gesture. The lad needs some confidence… he may not be a great player but he is still a person. Cant just throw him out with the bath water to borrow the expression… he may still have something to give someone else just not us. I agree with shane…. none of the names that we have been linked with hold a struck match how much more a candle to Fab or Nas….. They are both class. I hope they stay…. i have a feeling Nas would continue to excel under wenger. Fab will be Fab…. Exceptional. If they do we need two more pieces. I’m honestly interested in seeing how this till date, harrowing transfer market will unfold for the Gunners. Boom Arsenal.

  • Jules New Zealand

    With the whole naming a player to replace player X thing . . . Wenger generally identifies a player most of us haven’t heard off/ know a little and the next thing we all watch a clip on YouTube and become experts on said player. Picking talent his a real strong point of Wenger. That said any new player in must be allowed time to settle in – not everyone is a TV5. I would love to know how often throws out a name as a red herring just to stir up rivals while he works on his real target

    • Yes, Wenger is amazing at finding talents, we all know that. Replacing a world class player in todays market who will be ready for next year is next to impossible. If Wenger does it then great but it still does not change the current fact that who let the ball drop on Nasri’s contract. Why did he make it to the last year of his deal….

  • this isnt building a relationship with lorient. as soon as they see how s*it aliadiere is our relationship will be over

  • Shane>

    Why do you persist in referring to it as dropping the ball on Nasri’s contract? It’s not like he wasn’t offered a new one repeatedly, or like it wasn’t a good offer, or like he’s actually run his contract down – still twelve months to go.

    Do you think we could have got more than £20-25 million if we’d sold him last summer? Or are you just saying we should have given in and paid whatever he was asking?

    • No, I am saying it seems like we did not start negating a new contract until last year. It is the same thing with Szczesny. Most clubs try to negotiate a new deal before the player gets down to only 2 years left because at that point the club really loses the power in the situation.

  • it will be good if we keep him but if he leaves, arsenal fc will survive and yes i can name few who can replace him although i know arsene will not go for them but this is personal shopping lists. they all have defensive qualities and can perform in central midfield, ever banega, leroy fer not sure scott parker but if arsene buys him i wont have problem with it.
    nasri wants central role if cesc leaves but he can’t defend. big mistake if you are thinking he can replace cesc, no he can’t. and we are buying a winger possibly gervinho. not sure when miyaichi will be ready this season or next.
    we will certainly miss him but we will replace him for sure.

  • if its not for money then still its a big mistake to join a team coached by a defensive italian coz he wont be in the team sheet when they decide to park the bus and play for a draw.

  • I think if Nasri leaves then a great replacement would be Afellay. This guy has the ability to be better than Nasri and the potential to be world class. On the plus side his link-up with RVP has been evident in the past few internationl games. He might be looking elsewhere especially if Fabergas joins the catalans. I for one would love to see him here.

    • Oh yes, that would be great for Arsenal. Give Barcelona our star player and take their back up.

  • On one hand I’m extremely glad Arsenal got Gervinho but really worries that Nasri will not make sig a new contract with Arsenal. Really hope Cahill and Samba deal cause Nasri to rebutt all Top 3 EPL hawkingaround him and claimed victory by his signature for Arsenal.

    Arsene needs to gradually clear the dead woods to free the wages and buy some solid youth talents and 1-2 experienced players like Eden Hazard and even Sissoko (I’m not sure of that).

  • Cissokho is also a good passer and also crosses with good accuracy. All that means he will not come for a bargain price. It will take at least £13 million to persuade Lyon to consider selling their prized asset.

    Remember now: Cissokho and to me he is the best available option for Wenger if he’s serious about replacing Clichy, as there aren’t too many fullbacks that are equally adept in defence and offence.

    Strength, technique and speed don’t always come together, and this player belongs in that rare category.A rock-solid fullback, Cissokho has bundles of stamina and is quite a speedy customer.

    My main worries is Lyon will play hardball over the price. It will take at least £13 million to persuade Lyon to consider selling their prized asset and they are known for maximising transfer fees. Can’t see this happening as Wenger is not known for overpaying for signings and he’ll have to do that to get Cissoko

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