Campbell Loses Permit Bid

Jamie Sanderson August 27, 2011 News 71 Comments

Joel Campbell has had his application for a special talent work permit rejected. The 19-year-old will now move on loan, with clubs from France and Holland already showing an interest.

Arsenal had been expecting good news on Campbell, who is not eligible for a conventional work permit due to a lack of international appearances. However, the FA panel were not convinced Joel should be given special dispensation, meaning he is now forced to leave the club on loan.

Campbell should seal a move before the forthcoming transfer deadline.


  • hope he goes to PSV cuz going to Lille wouldnt be so wise rite now

  • how long will it be before he is aloud one then?

  • how long will it be before he is aloud a permit?

  • Didn’t Joel have some Irish connection that could be exploited?

    • The Campbell’s were Scotsmen not Irish – nice Castle up there, you should visit sometime……

  • shame. is it likely that with a year of potential national appearences that he’ll be eligible and won’t have to earn dual nationality?

  • Send him to Lille! Should help with the Hazard situation…

  • FECK!

  • When I first read his Wikipedia entry (since amended) there was a spectacular bit about him having an adoptive grandfather who was an Irish missionary priest ! Presumably this was bollocks and the passport application fell through…

  • Yet another waste of time, young player goes abroad forever and never ends up doing it for Arsednal, gets loaned out in an attempt to revive career in England before eventually being sold for peanuts to a Spanish club.

    Flawed logic and false economics.

  • This may not be a bad thing. A loan spell to either the french or dutch league would allow him to get used to the european style of football and become settled in Europe overall, similar to what Miyaichi did. Then next year we could get even apply for a conventional work permit as Campbell seems to have established himself as Costa Rica’s outstandin talent and i would imagne that he would play in the competitive national games in the next 12 months so he could just make the 75% required. Or a special work permit would probally work next year after he hopefully lights up whatever club he ends up in.

  • How does Miyaichi get one yet Campbell, who has played and scored for the senior international team, not got a permit! Crazy

    • Yes it makes no damn sense what so ever. Joel Campbell is a full international and that was clear for all to see this summer.

    • maybe because one has played in europe and has performed well in a good league and come from a higher FIFA ranking country while the other one come from a weaker (ranking term)football country and before the summer nobody has hear about
      a good season away in europe like ryo can win him the “holy” visas hopefully

    • i reckon they want wenger out so the fa stitched us up. i hope joel is not another ronaldinho who we signed and loaned out. judging by clips he defo could the business for us.

  • is there not a chance of an appeal where you have a better chance ? especially for the said visa ?

  • ‘FA panel were not convinced Joel should be given special dispensation’

    F*CK YOU FA!

  • Sad that because he sounds a promising youngster, but lets hope he comes back even better.

  • This is utterly ridiculous. If Arsenal think he has sufficient talent to play for them, then by definition he has a special talent.


  • Fu*king disgrace ! Rafael and Fabio at Manchester United got Special WP but not Joel.

    Someone explain this BULLSHIT !?

    • well the twin come from the mighty football country of brazil the other come from tiny costa rica,well that s maybe why ,the special talent visas has got nothing to do with talent ,its where you come from

    • Bad example there. Thing is, Rafael and Fabio both have a Portuguese passport, that’s why they don’t need to apply for a work permit.

    • @zieler:
      “Rafael and Fabio both have a Portuguese passport”?? I don’t think so..

      This is what stated at the time:
      “…Then they joined us in January (2008) but it was too late for the work permit application.

      “Their 18th birthday meant we could apply through international clearance which we got only a couple of days ago.”

      What’s your source?

    • They have portugese passports because one of their parents are portugese

  • Sad news, but all hope not lost, he can do what ryo did and come back after one season on loan so he just need to concentrate and do well for any club he join on loan in either holland or france.

  • WTF….He is a full international and there has never been a better summer where a guy has shown that. He played in 4 competitions for costa rica both for the full national team and the u20s. Bull shit

  • Wonder if his application would have been refused if he had been a Man Utd player???


  • frankie frankie

    Shouldn’t take too long to get a permit. he wil be a regular for costa rica now and shoudl play 75% worth before long having played at the gold cup and copa america. he would either get a exceptional talent or full visa. i didnt think he would get one now so i am not suprised.

  • If he can be loaned for only one season all might not be lost. However, If he has to follow Vela and Botelho’s path, then we may as well say adios now.

    Any chance, anyone has an idea how long his loan will need to be?

    • not really, he’ll learn more caps probably reach 10 by next summer then the F**KERS at the fa will have no choice but to award him a work permit. how many caps did hernandes have before man utd signed him? anyone knows?

  • Go to ajax on loan whilst vertonghen signs for arsenal

  • SAD NEWS but i expected something like this to come up when you look at it. we just started the season and already have 3 players suspended and our manager banned from the touchline. lets just assume miyaichi was just lucky and move on. we are arsenal and will never give up.
    although i dislike spain i wouldn’t mind him linking up with wellington at levante for a year before they both come back to england next summer as new signings.

  • Very disappointing. And a little surprising. I thought he’d get one what with having a lot of caps for the Costa Rican youth teams and being a full international.

    Oh well. Send him to Feyenoord.

  • Yeah, Man Utd seem to be favoured again by another Footballing institution within the UK, then Red Nose has the nerve to accuse the FA of treating him like S**t. His arrogance seem to know no bounds considering the allmost obvious bias Manchester Utd recieve from the media, referees and other organisations. As much i see the positives in him being rejected, the criteria for judging a special talent seems so ambigious that influence over so called objective views can easily be manipulated. Campbell had everything going for him, Good peformences in the Gold Cup,Copa America and Under 20 World Cup built the hype around him. I just hope that he will be invvolved in the national set up so that we could push for convetional work permit than the lottery that seems to be the special work permit visa. Also, With Wenger and subsequently Arsenal’s proven recored for identifying and nurturing talent, that any application for a special work permit visa should be given arguably more weight.

  • and we shouldn’t give him to lille on loan for hazard deal, i will prefer they take chamakh plus cash. still i wouldnt mind whatever happen, we learned how to accept hard situations.

  • A loan spell will really help him alot and it will be good if he move to lille on loan, it will help in attempt to bring hazard to arsenal.

  • Yep, another visa declined for us when “other” clubs get theirs first time…

    • other club…. we got Ryo? forgot? I think Cambell is a ton better than ryo but still this is bull shit. he is one of the best player in his senior national team but this is just stupid. how can ryo get one but not this guy?

    • @Jom
      Rio was first denied permit, that’s why he was loaned out to Feyenoord!!
      It was after impressive performances at Feyenoord he finally got his permit!

      Forgot!? :-)

    • that doesn’t take away that he still got a work permit man. He got it and cambell who is a full international didn’t got one because he is young. stupid damn rule.

  • i was lucky enough to be at wembley for the don rodgers final arsenal lost to a 3rd division swindon team i did not think
    there could be a time when the fans would moan as much as they did that day i am prepairing to travel to manchester tomorrow
    as i am lucky enough to be on the away scheme i understand we have signed the korean park chu young do not know who he is but trust in arsen judgement along with me on that one is alex ferguson theiry henry denis bergkamp pele david dein and a list that would take 5 hours to write of people who know there football all are asking for people to show respect to the greatest arsenal manager arsenal has ever had but i have been reading the blogs and there is so called arsenal fans baying for his head
    there is no check to see if the people spreading this cancer are actually arsenal fans or just plain stupid wenger buys for pennies sells for millions thats why we have £100 million pot to spend the club has potentially got the facillity to churn out players like wilshere frimpong who in most peoples opinions will be worth tens of millions
    in the near future and yes we may have to sell them unless our outside revenue increases to the same level as man utd
    wenger has to juggle to keep us in the top four with only a fraction of the budget that man city utd chelsea have he brings wonderful players time and time again and yes he does make mistakes
    he also brought prestiege panache and worldwide interest to our small north london club barring 1 or 2 he could go to most of the top twenty clubs in the world triple his wages and be given a pot of cash you could only dream of to spend on the worlds best players
    but he has chosen to stay with us becouse he loves arsenal its his passion
    for someone who went through the terry neil years (sorry terry) you dont know what you have in arsen and if we lose him
    we will take 30 years to recover in my opinion what ever happens at old trafford tomorrow arsenal will challange this year for all the top honours and you know what win or lose i will all ways support every thing arsenal

    • That was the longest run on sentence in history mate lol. Yes though, you are 100% percent correct.

    • Spot on, I would love to see long long all the moaners have been gooners. My first match was 1985 and I remember what Arsenal were before Wenger. Wenger is being critised against himself. By the way very jealous of you going to Manyoo away,done that trip many many times but live in New Zealand now so I just have to be awake at 3am instead

  • Ryo got a special talent visa as he is apparently faster than Walcott which is quite good for a younger player and yet Joel Campbell who has more international caps has played in two FIFA rescognised tournaments. The FA is corrupt So is UEFA so is FIFA did you see which group Manchester United got in the Champions League compared to Arsenal and (i have to say this) Man City

  • Bah. Hope he ends up at Feyenoord. They were good for Miyaichi. Still, massively disappointing decision.

  • I think he will end up at Feyenoord

  • Real sad he didnt get the permit , but i suspected he would not, the English FA gave us a chance with Ryo i doubt they would do the same for Campbell in his case though i feel he will do well in the holland league for a year(Feynord or Ajax)who i think play similar to Arsenal and he could get more chances to play and continue develop. He definitely be qualified by next season either by world cup qualifying matches or getting the work permit when he is better known

  • Very disappointing but not surprising.

    Regarding Ryo earning his special talent, I wonder how much that decision had to do with the fact that Miyaichi is already a big name and recognisable face in Japan and Asia, and not for actual footballing reasons. It makes the Premier League a lot more attractive to those regions if a player like Ryo is plying his trade here.

    But is there a big hunger in Costa Rica to pay to watch PL football? Doubt it. I’m starting to think Ryo’s permit was a one-off owing to his big marketing potential for the league. The FA gave him the work permit because it might be very profitable for them, nothing more. And poor Joel Campbell (unless he can earn a conventional visa from playing 75% of international games in 2 years) will suffer the same fate as Botelho, Vela, Wellington Silva, etc – a big middle finger to every special talent visa we apply for.

  • Chelsea just signed a 20 year old Mexican, Ulises Dávila, who has only appeared 15 times for his club and only in the under-20’s for his country. I can’t see how he could get a work permit if Joel Campbell couldn’t.

    Maybe Chelsea are planning on loaning him out to Spain or maybe they are currying favour with the FA to get a decision.

    However if this kid does get a work permit, Arsenal should bring forth legal action.

  • I don’t want to see Joel Campbell go to Spain – it can be fairly racist there and he might never get a match.

  • And Don’t belittle Ryo – he was one of the best players in the Dutch league last season.

    • If you’re referring to my post, I was not belittling Ryo at all. He deserves his permit. But when practically all our youngsters are denied them, it makes me wonder why the FA didn’t screw us out of a visa as they have so often done in the past. And Ryo’s marketing potential in the Far East, to me, seems like it could have been a crucial factor in their decision.

      A player like Ryo could be worth big, big money to the Premier League as they seek to penetrate the Far East and negotiate TV rights in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc. Ryo is a golden ticket for the Premier League, while any kids from Africa or South America are practically worthless to the PL as a brand.

  • The Panther is going out to pasture.

  • @zieler:
    “Rafael and Fabio both have a Portuguese passport”?? I don’t think so..

    This is what stated at the time:
    “…Then they joined us in January (2008) but it was too late for the work permit application.

    “Their 18th birthday meant we could apply through international clearance which we got only a couple of days ago.”

    The brothers never represented Fluminenses first team.
    (On the other hand, Arsenal did get permit for denilson)

    What’s your source, Ziele?

  • Wenger should use his connections, like asking Fergie to put in a Word!

  • Why moaning? Moan moan moan so bored. The FA as usual like to pick us on all issues, as once the news of South Korea captain Park Chu-Young filtered in I knew Joel Campbell work permit was not approved. Hey look at the positive, as Arsenal would put him in a club that plays him regularly. Next season Wenger would apply under special talent for his much anticipated first team inclusive and subsequently apprearance. I never believed Wenger will bid for Benzema for few reasons…
    1) He would defintedly shut the young guns chances for first team ….players like Joel Campbell, Luke Freeman, Benik Afobe.
    2) Benzema wage wil be huge and we knew and heard the owner and board will not approved such transfer let alone bid for him.
    3) I would like to think Benzema would be in the mould of “Fabregas” and “Nasri” causing unrest, troubles nd hence unity in the dress room. Wenger not the sort to buy this kind after this few seasons of drama. I’m not saying he would not, but I think he would try not under all circumstances moving forward for the club benefits.
    4) Every Tom, Dick and Harry called Wenger to buy leader ad experienced and now the same pundits and fans alike slanting him…Utter laughable. Park is his national team leader and one of Monaco most outspoken personal. I can tell you South Korea players are hardworking just like Japanese, and they rarely created unrest and provide unity in the restroom. He is an experienced player from my opinion and you can form your own as you wish.
    5) The financial gaim for the club over the S.Korea market can be immerse in the long run.

    I can think of more but you get the point here.


    • Point 3….. No that is one of the things Wenger is known for doing. Adebayor (had fallen out with Monaco), Gallas (Had fallen out with Chelsea), RVP came with baggage, Thierry Henry had a poor year at Juventus, etc.

    • re point 3 – Fab was quite different from Nasri. One gave many years loyalty, didn’t move for money and didn’t shoot his mouth of to media. I would like to think Fab gets a good Arsenal reception if Barca play at Emirates. Not so confident Nasri will get such treatment

  • How come other E.U. countries can take him but not England ?

  • @ Shane & Jules NZ ….. I suppose if Benzema really comes to Emirates, then we might see one of our striker sell off in the same season. Another reason was Wenger is still waiting for the board approval to raise the top wages of 150k/week to attract/maintain top players only.

  • how does denilson get a special talent visa and joel campbell does not manu get permits 4 all of thier player da silva twins hernandez etc.

  • I’m not sure about this but I think I read somewhere that Feyenoord are after another striker so that would be a great move for him and strengthen the clubs ties with them further. Unfortunately Joels country just isn’t considered big enough for the visa at the moment but hopefully he can do a Ryodinho and impress on loan.

  • @Jules NZ

    Exactly, Cesc is a Gooner, Scabri is just a money grabbing c**t who only gave us a half of a good season. I have no respect for him whatsoever.

  • What a joke – another one for there future… Trouble is that future nrver turns into anything!
    Oh well with the shambles that wenger has created he wont be here for much longer …. Wenger is a failure and embarassmenf to be associated with our great club

    This fool must be sacked NOW.

  • Wow quiet amazing,Arsenal seem to be the only club in Europe with players work permit issues we buy young players from abroad loan them to other European country and never hear of them anymore: whatever happened to the south American midfielder , Ellington the Brasilian Striker in Russia,…??????

  • what a lucky kid, no work permit and lots of ££££££££££££££££££££ in his back pocket

  • The Joe Campbell situation is good riddance. With Joe in the squad of Arsenal, mr. profit-maker (Arsene Wenger) would (as usual) use him as an excuse not to sign quality players. We alll saw how a bunch of Arsenal kids were battered to pulp at Old Trafford yesturday. Nauseated and fed-up of obstinate Mr. Arsene “Gaddafi” Wenger + his insatiably greedy Board. This stinking gang has burst Arsenal and should preside over the funeral – minust the bleeding Arsenal fans.

  • Richard Sumpter

    2001 and Arsenal lose to Man U 6-1
    Check the history books for what Arsene did with the team from there
    Glory days are on the way.

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