Arsenal 2-2 Swansea: Aneke Stars In Draw

Jamie Sanderson October 3, 2011 Matches 48 Comments

Arsenal’s unbeaten start to the Premier Reserve League season continued this evening, but goals from Luke Freeman and Chuks Aneke were not enough to secure all three points in a 2-2 draw with Swansea City

Neil Banfield warned against Swansea’s flowing football before kick off, but the divison’s newest entrants had shipped eight goals in two games on the road, and were naturally cautious in the opening stages.

Yet it was the visitors carved out the only real chance of the opening exchanges, only for Gwion Edwards to flick Stephen Dobbie’s cross over the bar. However, proceedings exploded into life on the 15 minute mark, when Ryo Miyaichi beat two players out wide, before his cross was turned home by Luke Freeman. 1-0.

It was an goal from nowhere, and with Miyaichi, Chuks Aneke and Sanchez Watt all coming close to a second, the Gunners were not resting on their lead. But as unlikely as Arsenal’s goal was, Swansea matched it with one of their own. Kurtis March got it, lashing in another Dobbie cross for 1-1, as the game approached half time.

Far from being frustrated, Banfield’s young charges appeared energised by the Swansea goal, and were promptly back in front when Oguzhan Özyakup’s corner was met by a flick header from Aneke. 2-1, and much deserved.

The game struggled to get going after the restart, with Dobbie’s drilled free-kick being blocked by Martin Angha and a powerful Zak Ansah drive being turned over by Gerhard Tremmel the only real chances.

Swansea threatened a late push, but after Edwards was withdrawn through injury, any late threat seemed to be lost. However, Dobbie produced a superb last ditch equaliser in the 90th minute, slamming a in a free kick for 2-2.

And that’s how it finished. No three points, but with excellent performances from Aneke and Özyakup among others, Banfield’s boys can be happy with their evening’s work.


  • Wenger actually needs to give Aneke more of a chance, clearly very gifted and at the moment there are a couple of 1st teamers not cutting it, might as well take a risk on a couple more youngsters, just look at Coquelin, best player v The Sp*ds

    • who would he replace? aneke has played 0 games professionally and only on reserves level. probably will need time to adjust to the PL tempo and physique as well.

      and t this stage in arsenal’s season, there would be too much pressure on him – just like on ramsey. he doesnt need that.

    • @Hiroo Nakamura fair comment but things can only improve and it may take a risk or two to improve. Those under-performing at the moment have been given their chance and aren’t taking it so change might be necessary but obvs Wenger and the coaching staff see them all day in and day out so they are the best people to judge

    • Adjust to the physique?? The guys 6″3 and is no where near skinny i would not actually name him as a risk or if you do classify him as a risk then it is minimal IMO but let Wenger do what he does best(Developing players)

  • Great for the lads. I hope Aneke, miquel & ozyakup go out on loan very soon.

  • Chuks aneke my man hope u commit ur future to nigeria……just like frimpong did

    • i think its better you post this at young nigerians website this is arsenal. its up to aneke to choose which country he’s gonna play for.
      just to refresh your thick memory. frimpong was born in ghana and probably speaks fluent ghanian and have more connection to africa. maybe aneke situation could be different. if you think its that easy you are clearly dont have a clue. if some cases some of your international team mate still consider you a foreigner and dont deserved to be picked up. you better not have a bad game even the local media will call you english.

    • It will be stupid of him to do that. We now lose Frimpong and Song to the African Cup, certainly hope this guy isn’t stupid enough to do anything which will weaken the team even further.

    • Fluent Ghanian? By Ghanian you mean English right, seeing as English is Ghana’s official language? Besides all he said was that he “hopes” Aneke chooses Nigeria. What is wrong with that? By the way, I am sure the nigerian media (which he will probably not be that exposed to anyways), is going to be nearly as bad as the English media.

      Love when ass wholes get put in their place.

  • Ibrahim Moa/nigeria

    Think frimpong should replace aneke in d reserves for 3 wks and lets see.

  • Yup, as long as he commits his future to Nigeria and not those bad boys England, I don’t even care how he plays!!! He’ll be twice as good in my eyes just because he’s playing for Nigeria!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That’s prove Aneke have been shown over again and again. Fantastic consistency at every games…and it’s time for him to step to 1st team..or maybe loan him at different club.

    Wenger…hello? Look at Aneke right now! :)

  • Yeah. Maybe we should get lansbury back from WHU and give them aneke on loan?

  • it looks like arsenal fans including arsene himself lost faith on kids because of the crisis.
    chamberlain should have been on the pitch yesterday. aneke is good enough to get first team games. i dont see that happening right now maybe in the second half of the season but january is still a long way to bring in new players arsene should bite the bullet and draft in aneke or ozzy coz rosicky and ramsey have done nothing so far. the gamble could pay off then we have new vieira.
    at the same time rotation is badly needed to allow players to rest. this late fitness test should be abandoned if a player is not fit 48 hours before the game he shouldn’t be selected. what was the point of picking gervinho and walcott?
    in short yes aneke is ready for first team he could start as a sub then build up confidence slowly.

  • why does nobody give freeman the hype that afobe gets. freeman consistently scores goals every signle game, but nobody cares. If anyone, this guy needs a chance.

  • Aneke isn’t even remotely close to being the same type of player that Vieira was. He is much more forward thinking and has a bit more technical skill, even though that was an underrated facet of Vieira’s play.

  • Olukoya oluseun

    Little being said about ryo and that has got me worried. He should be winning man of the match in these type of matches. Pls youngguns tell me what the problem is with him. Why his he not even in the first team?

  • Olukoya oluseun

    Little being said about ryo and that has got me worried. He should be winning man of the match in these type of matches. Pls youngguns tell me what the problem is with him. Why his he not even in the first team? How is it possible that the likes of aneke outshines ryo?

    • Has it occurred to you that Aneke might actually be the better player? “The likes of Aneke”. That’s an insult! Aneke is undoubtedly the most promising player in the Arsenal reserves; the only reason Ryo has got more fanfare is because he was acquired as a schoolboy from elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hopeful the Ryo could prove to be a very good purchase for us. And yes, he’s looked more likely to break into the first-team so far. But in my opinion, quality players in the number ten role (like Aneke) are much more scarce than wingers, and managers tend to treat their development more gingerly.

  • Ozzy would get a run in the 1sts before Anneke. But honestly both need to go out on loan first.
    Also, I like the look of Angha. he seems to be able to play anywhere across the backline comfortably.

    • What has Ozzy done? Aneke is twice the player and wouldn’t mind seeing him away to bolton or stoke, he is 6ft4

  • So when established players don’t win games for us we should throw in a young totally inexperience player????? WOW!

    First of all you need to see how good the opposition was when he played against them then he needs to be a real world class talent to get a chance. The tempo against Tottenham was insane and we dominated the game but they had some dangerous balls even so.

    Aneke needs to be given a chance in CC first then impress big and then we can talk of the first team. My question is if he is faster than Wilshere or Fabregas? If he is then I don’t think he lacks speed but if he doesn’t then I am worry.

  • I think some people need to realize that there is a huge difference between reserve games and the premier league. The same for the lower divisions, so stop with all this, “Lansbury, Aneke, next young kid must be in the first team” nonsense. We don’t get to see these guys week in and week out so non of us really know how ready they are. I mean Norwich did not even step up to keep Lansbury for the Prem so what does that tell you? The one I am more frustrated at being left out was AOC because we all saw what he can bring to the first team.

  • seen him in 3 reserve games i smell a rat. dont believe the hype he is average. cheap ploy to sell shirts in asia

  • shane- the facts are jenkinson played few games for non league maidstone and 9 games for charlton. is he good enough for the 1st team. oxo has played 20 odd games in league 1 but is mysteriously worth 12 million. How ? Lansbury had 3 good loans and featured strongly for Norwwich in gaining promotion in the champship. Fact is they couldnt match wages on offer by Newcastle, not because they werent interested. Funny how its ok to buy and play other clubs academy players from league 1 but wankger lacks the cojones to play his own. Specsavers are needed when he judges players from his own academy but hes happy to blow 13 mill on other clubs academies. If he doesnt rate the academy staff and players why not scrap it.

    • First off, if you are going to come at me at least get your information right. Newcastle? If you think wages are the issue then you have issues. That is the thing, people seem to think that Lansbury’s loan spells were better than they were. He was decent, but he wasn’t outstanding, plus as I just said. No prem teams stepped up to take him so that should tell you something.

      Comparing Jenkinson to the others is stupid. For one, I have come out and said it was a mistake as soon as we sold Eboue because Jenkinson is not ready. However comparing a right back where we only have 2 competing for the job to center midfielders where we have a ton of players is stupid.

      Then really on your AOC comment? How can you moan about him? So you would not pay 12 million for him? He is already worth double that now. I mean how can you not see that, that boy has great talent. Hell he already has a couple goals in just a few games.

  • ryo is toilet forget the 1st team he needs a champinship loan

  • People saying that these guys need to be brought up to the first team need to remember that JET was brilliant in reserves most weeks but when he was called up to first team or even loaned out into the championship he mostly failed to shine. There is a massive jump in quality from reserves to the premier league and even the championship. Not saying these guys aren’t talented or won’t make it but just give them some time to slowly blend into the first team like they are doing with Ozzy and Angha by the looks of it.

    • i think the staff are also reluctant to give young players experience under clubs that don’t answer the same protocol or style as arsenal. players like JET can be difficult to accommodate because, while they need to gain experience at a higher level, they won’t flourish chasing horse-kicks at hull city (generalization). aneke seems like a player that you have to play in the right position; is a championship manager fighting for promotion or relegation going to assemble a team around an 18 year old from another club? a loan would be good for him, but when he gets shafted on to the wing and doesn’t produce, will fans call it a failure?

  • sam on October 3rd, 2011, 22:56. There’s no language such as Ghanaian!

  • Olukoya oluseun

    @ merson How can he be average? I very much doubt that assessment,with due respect to you! The little i saw from him in pre season and his exploits with feyenoord last term totally contradicts your statement. Plus,the excitement shown by the players at the news of his work permit tells a different story! Jamie kindly help me with some expert analysis pleaaaaase. What is happening to Ryo???

  • Aneke should replace ramsey.

    What is ramsey good at ? please list his qualities?

    Coppy who played during the weekend as a defensive midfileder was ‘creatively’ better then ramsey. Coppy can tackle. Coppy can break up play. Copy can run up and down to where the actions are. (not job)
    Ramsey can think and if he can he cant think fast enough on the field.

    Ramsey reminds me or denilson.

    If Ramsey was / is to be arsenal main ‘creative’ player then forget it. Wenger needs to bite the bullet and get ramsey out to another team for a year or two and et him prove himself.

    I would defintiely give Aneke a chance over Ramsey.

    • These kind of comments are the reason that our players leave. Disgrace. Maybe you forgot about the whole having his leg snapped in 2? Ramsey has ALL the qualities to be a top midfielder. It just takes time for a young kid to come back from such a serious injury.

  • Shane – youve got 15 million to spend do you plug an obvious gap in defence by getting Cahill or Jones- no you buy another attacking midfielder to add to the other 7 in the squad. Wankgers days are numbered 8-2 4-4 2-1 (carling cup)

    • I personally would buy a class striker or a quality wide attacker. Then again the right back is now an issue. But in my opinion the summer should have gone very different. I would have never sold Fabregas for that low of a price and Falcao would have been my top target. Also would not have sold Eboue. Then again, who knows exactly how hard the transfer market is but then again it is part of the job and we clearly failed in it this year.

  • Olukoya- dont hide behind ignorance maybe the likes of Aneke and Watt are better players than the shirt selling hype backed korean.

  • who’s asking about ryo?
    remember vela? well ryo is the new vela.
    i know i will get thumbs down but this is the truth.
    just like vela, there will be so much hype and false hope no game time. the boy did better in pre-season than superstar arshavin but arsene needs to go the specsavers. his confidence will be shuttered till God knows how low he will gets.
    how do you expect someone to perform when you can clearly see that you are better than some first team members and the boss overlook you because he doesnt wanna upset senior players?

  • like last sunday he clearly picked half fit walcott ahead of chamberlain. we paid for it.
    i am not saying who’s better but walcott is not a winger. keeping real winger on the bench and starting with an unfit striker on the wing doesnt make sense. i just wonder if arsene wenger really wants to win games these days.

  • The biggest disappointment since the beginning of the season has been Arteta. He is supposed to be our main created midfield player and Song has more assit than him.
    Not only does not contribute going forward at all, but he has been responsible to a lot of our goal conceded. Against Spurs he first lost the ball and did not track back his runner, and secondly switch off at a throw and let his midfield player run beyond him.
    Only three players played well on Sunday, our Gobby pole, Song and Coquelin. You know we have a problem when the defensive midfield player play more pass forward than our ‘creative’ midfield plasyer and still has a better pass rating.
    Arteta tend to play square balls and by constantly playing underhit ball at a teammate rather than in space, he slow things down and/or put them at risk.
    At Everton he had a good record of goals and assists, but when you strip the penalties and the set pieces (corners, free kicks) then you have a very mediocre record. There was a reason why nobody was ever interested in him. In a poor team, he is important because he keep possession, in a team with a lot of possession he is useless because he never add any penetration.
    Twice he played with Coquelin, twice he was outshone by a 19 years who is experiencing the premier league for his first season.
    Chuck Aneke or Ozyakup may be inexperienced, but they tend to play forward. A combination of Frimpong/Coquelin, Ramsey and Aneke/Ozyakup cannot play worse than what they current Coquelin/Ramsey/Arteta has shown.

    • agreed completely. i have yet to see him deliver a good through ball. he also turns the ball over in midfield constantly.hope he gets better

  • if first team players play and they keep on losing then whats the risk of giving younger players a chance? if they win its great. if theylose well the first team players loses so whats the lost? Nothing. But at least the younger players get a chance to get experience (if they lose).

    REDNOSE did the same with Man United with Beckham and that mob. He took a risk. And it worked.

    Ramsey … whether he is injured or before his injuries i have yet to see him ‘consistently creative in mildfield. But worse he cannot defend nor break up play offensively. He seem to never tackle an opposition player. Artea has been asked to play in the defensive role that has been Wilshire place. Artea is should be playing where Ramsey is playing. But Wenger places arte in this current role because he is better defensively then ramsey. But the point is Ramsey creatively is not good enough. And defensively he is a liability.

    The frist team as a team in the style they play with high line defensive play the whole team must defend. That means Messi runs like made chasing players and xavi runs like mad chasing players and inesita runs like mad chasing players. Not just the back 4. If not they no matter if you have the top 4 defenders in the world ‘playing a high line defensive strategy’ the opposition will always have a chance to score especially against quick and fast attackers such as rooney, and co.

    Ramsey doesnt have the intelliegence to play this style game wenger employs. To play 433 or 4321 requires extreme intelligence esepcially with the high line defensive play employed.

  • can someone upload the reserves v swansea match highlights. heard ryo was man of the match again

  • Chuks is a boss. He’ll be in the first team soon enough, no need to rush him.

  • I must say there are people on this site that just think they know everything. I have coached soccer on the elementary and high school level and you never get it right a hundred percent. Now aneke is God. Let the season unfold. We have not even hit the halfway point and the season is over for 90 percent of our fickle fans. I never thought we would contend for the top two but honestly i have not been impressed by chelsea, liverpool, newcastle or tottenham. Let them play soccer. Yes there are obvious deficiencies… but there is a lot yet to learn about the team. Aneke is a good player very slow, but technically blessed and is ox strong. However i have not seen enough to qualify him as first team material.

  • Olukoya oluseun

    Folks I’m sorry if “the likes of Aneke” seems like an insult…its complete misconseption,if anything I’m Nigerian just like Chuks and will be proud and happy to see another compatriot in my darling team after king Kanu who attracted me to the arsenal. But my point is,unlike the rest of the reserves players,Ryo has actually played first team football and earned huge accolades,saw some of his highlights at feyenord and was very impressed and excited about him joinind the first team this season. He won the *exceptional work permit* and the manager seemed poised to unleash a new gem. The few games the lad played in pre season also dint harm is reputation….but since then….hence my worry! Ryodinho will be great!!! Calm down people arsenal will be fine!

  • Chuks is an excellent young prospect. He is one of the few with a 50-50 chance of a career with the first team. Still much to learn, but he’s an excellent young prospect.

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