Loanees: Bendtner & Campbell On Target

Jamie Sanderson October 2, 2011 News 41 Comments

Welcome to this weekends loanees watch – Young Guns’ analysis, reports and updates on the progress of the young starlets currently plying their trade away from the Emirates Stadium. You can read all the latest reports below.

Nicklas Bendtner played the full 90 minutes as Sunderland drew 2-2 with West Brom. Bendtner proved integral in rescuing a point after Sunderland went 2-0 down within the first five minutes. The Danish striker lashed home from just inside the box for 2-1, before his left wing cross was headed home by Ahmed Elmohamady to make it 2-2.

Kyle Bartley missed Rangers’ 1-0 win over Hibernian as he continues to receive treatment on a long standing groin problem

Henri Lansbury played the full 90 minutes as West Ham drew 2-2 with Crystal Palace. Fellow Arsenal loanee Manuel Almunia also started, and was forced to pick the ball out of his net within eight minutes. Lansbury turned in a combative display in midfield, and could have scored on several occasions, including two close range headers.

James Shea was not included in the Dagenham & Redbridge squad that beat Crewe 2-1.

Joel Campbell played the full 90 minutes as Lorient beat Valenciennes 2-0. Campbell, on his first start for the club, bagged the opener in the 22nd minute, turning home from close range. Joel was also involved in the build up to Lorient’s second goal, scored by Yann Jouffre.

Carlos Vela was not included in the Real Sociedad squad that lost 2-1 with Athletic Bilbao.

Wellington Silva was not included in the Levante squad that faced Real Betis.

Pedro Botelho played the full 90 minutes as Rayo Vallecano drew 1-1 with Racing Santander. The Brazilian turned in a good shift out wide, but was lucky to remain on the pitch after a dangerous tackle with 10 minutes remaining.

Samuel Galindo came off the bench to play the final 16 minutes of Gimnàstic’s 3-2 defeat to Villarreal B. Galindo, who picked up an injury last week, was thrown on in an attempt to grab an equaliser, but struggled to get involved.


  • Whoop! Fantastic coverage as ever!

  • you must just have to copy and paste Welligntons involvement each week cause it aint changing . . pity for him and Arsenal

  • Why was Vela not even in the squad?

    • vela had a reaccurance of a knee injury so was not included in the squad his and welliungton story is completely different, when vela is fit he plays and is worshipped by the sociedad supporters

  • Nice one Joel!

  • Carlos Vela and Wellington Silva have to be the saddest stories IMO. Both have so much ability, but something is just not right.

    • That something is vision and intelligent for Vela and for Wellington I have no idea. Seems like they hate Wellington in Levante. Can’t believe he stayed and the other coach is doing the exact same stupid thing.

    • No, it has more to do with work rate and off the field stuff I would think. On the field, Vela has everything when at his best.

    • if Vela has everything he would have showed it now. But his vision and intelligents of play is letting him down. It has nothing to do with off the field for Vela. Nothing at all. He got some vision and great great techniques but why is he not using the techniques the right way? because his his decision making is poor. That is down to intelligence and experience. But Vela has been with the first team for a couple of years now and he has been with top players for many years now. If he isn’t showing how great he can be today then there are no hopes for him at Arsenal.

      Take a look at the Vela vs team videos in youtube and you will see what I mean. Its not only showing how good he can be but hor poor and how many times he actually drop the ball. He is doing the same mistakes game after game after game.

    • Jom… You do realize a whole lot more goes into football than just talent right?

    • Yes but you need to have the talent to become big. Vela doesn’t have it. If you think back a few years he is almost exact the same player. Not only that.. he is mostly a finisher but if you think back a few years again he has done the same finish many times. And with this rate he is becoming nothing at Arsenal.

      You see the world class talent.. I don’t see it. He is not a talent anymore he is a footballer now. You can come with excuses for every talent you see on the pitch but he is not a world class talent. He is known mostly because he plays at Arsenal. Not because he has been awesome in many matches.

    • You can have your opinion but I completely disagree. Also your comment on excuses….really? Saying that football is more than just being talented and attitude might be the issue is not an excuse. It is a realistic reason but then again at the same time, any could say any reason is an excuse. Example, would you say that Ronaldinho was not even close to being the best player in the world in 2007 just a year after he was one of the best players the game has ever seen because he was not talented? NO, clearly more goes into football then just talent.

    • my point is you see the talent but I dont see it and I am sure that has nothing to do with off the field things like you believe that is what you dont understand. You believe hard in his talent altough he hasn’t showing it for years and years in various first team football. But go ahead and believe its his issue off the field which is the reason. And then you go ahead and compare an obvious world class player… god! In Ronaldinhos case he didn’t want to stay and maybe he did lost the spirit but he showed it for many many years. so basically are saying that any player that isn’t showing their real talent is because they have issue off the field. as I said Vela hs got chances in various first team football but has never showed anything. Think about it. Goals is not enough to be call world class unless you score shit load of them.

  • Arsenal@heart

    Well done Joel.

  • What can you say about this game verse Tottenham. We posses the ball forever but we are not dangerous so what does it matter? Get 2 up top so RVP can have some help. The man can’t do everything by himself. Then the subs were hardly inspiring. What happened to AOC. Then you have Aaron Ramsey who we will give a slight pass to because he is still trying to get his best back but he had one of the worst games I have seen. Honestly without Song, Szczesny and Man of the Match Coquelin, we would have lost by 4 or 5. Then of course you have the newest injury to the list in Sagna. We are going to be playing with our u18s soon.

  • I fear for us this season, i really do!!! :/

  • I just want to break up my discussion for what I see so far of this season Arsenal team players.

    1) Eboue wanted to earn more money. Y’know finish out his career with extra money in the bank. He left on his own accord…. Wenger should have brought a replacement to steady the ship cause Carl Jenkinson is not ready for the shift to the big stage yet and he needs to blend in slowly just like AOC, Miyachi. Carl didn’t got the pace to deal with fast wing attackers, and you need at least one player to protect his right back position which is not ideal for top level to attack at will which is not naturally balanced. Wenger need to buy a top experienced Right Back player to achieved balanced, attacking flair and link up with wing and midfield players.

    2) Our central defender has no issues unless DJ can sort out his confidence, and Squillichi not playing again for us. Wenger should buy Gary Cahill to provide healthy competitions for DJ in the 4 or 5 slot even in the expense of youth development.

    3) If you compare Fabregas, Nasri, Song (yes yes I know the front 2 leave us last season) you can see Song improve the most all rounded from his defensive midfield duty to attacking half. He to me is the most important player in out team. He grows in his role very well. Coquelin is a neat player and we can see his qualities with Frimpong needs time to build their career. We might need to dip into the transfer to provide quality squad player, healthy squad rotation and hand gliding for both Coquelin and Frimpong.

    4) Arteta stick to the teask and did well so far in providing protection to defense, tempo of the game and pass of ball for attackers to work their way into the last 3. Ramsey is a passer of the ball but his the type of player that needs to find his form back and his not suitable for the quick mind in the link up play with the false 9 striker so that explained why he seems to lack the spark to lead in the attack. We miss Wilshere and Diaby energy , and especially Wilshere here. Of course we cannot totally depend on Wilshere right now even if he is fit and he will probably be ready end of this season so Wenger need to buy a quality creative player so Martin Marvin is a good option to provide competition and the much needed link up through play with our captain RVP.

    5) We are well stock in the attack wing direct or link up type of players.

    6)Wenger never seems to be interested or probably be able to buy an expensive striker, but our play revolve around false 9 striker role which Park,Chamakhn and RVP are all this type of players.

    If we really want to secure a Top 4 champions league qualification, we need at last 3 players (Right Back, Central Defender, Creative Midfielder) to secure
    our overall perspective of challenging week in week out.

    • 1) Where did you read that about Eboue? Didn’t Eboue just sign a new contract not that long ago? My guess is that Wenger did what he always does. Cashes in on a player and replaces him with a cheaper player. Unfortunately Carl Jenkinson is not ready yet.

      2) We have so many capable center backs that it is just getting ridiculous. We can’t have 8 center backs on the team. I however would not be surprised if one left in january and we did go after Cahill (but by that point who is to say he will want to join us if we are sitting in 8th place or whatever)

      3) Discussing the defensive midfield area is just silly to me. We have 3 quality players now for that spot.

      4) No, Ramsey could do all that before the injury. The issue is just him getting back on his game. Arteta, yes he did those things but known of that matters. We will always have a ton of possession. It does not matter when you are getting no shots on goal. We don’t need another central attacking midfielder. We need to get back to the 2 strikers up top dangerous 4-4-2.

      5) Disagree. We pretend to be stocked but we have some average players. Benayoun…..come on. Walcott is NOT a winger. If we are not going to play AOC then the only good wide player is Gervinho who has not really sparkled yet.

      6) I don’t get all this “False striker” stuff. RVP is as good as any. We just need another good one up there with him. This is the most frustrating thing. We sell 2 world class players for 60 million combined but couldn’t bring in a Falcao who will give you 20 plus goals a game.

  • ramsey just isn’t good enough, should be sent on loan or offloaded. Good job joel btw!

  • B/4 i was casting my mind about le coq & frimmy but 2day i was convinced by his performance he should be ahead though i lyk frimmy as 4 d def mid were ok in dat position wit song le coq & frimmy fuck denilson

  • Hey guys le coq is not in d firsteam page in official website of arsenal he is d only positive 4rm d derby lost

  • Shane …My point.

    1) I read somewhere about Eboube so I might be wrong so give it a miss here. Yes true and now without better right back up for Sagna long term injuries I cannot fathom how Wenger can resolve this weakness. Major Wenger fuck up I say that will hunt us for the season now.

    2) Cahill you had your point I cannot disagreed. Just hope we can get him and see the back of Squillichi soon (He’s just not suitable for BPL). DJ confidence got a shot somewhere and his current form and game readership is not the same when he came good before. I’m not sure Miquel is the best temporary solution for now or a good rest to DJ might do good for him as we need him when the front 3 needs breather or injuries lay off.

    3) Song is a beast and he now added his attacking stuff into his arsenal so he was clearly the first choice for the defensive midfield set-up. Coquelin had the better of Frimpong and they will be good for the future but to expect them to carry Arsenal for the rest of the season will be silly for any coaches involved for their youth and inexperienced. We cannot allow injuries to hamper our squad progress in all competitions so an experienced head is always more than welcome here. Remember Arsenal team always subjected to injuries and the team dynamic will be affected with sub-par players taking up their role.

    4 & 5) This is what most frustrated to me as well. Wenger created 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 or whatever fuck you revolved as players dictate the play to suit the team dynamics and opposition. Fabreags, Nasri, RVP and Arshavin is the quality players that get this formation on the attacking apex to work well. I agreed when Wenger brought Gervinho, The Ox, and others you can think off why the heck Wenger cannot revolved the team formations to suit his players right now.

    I suspect his stubborness got the better of him and he must change to 4-2-2 and unless we get quality players in the Jan ’12 transfer window for the team, we cannot blindly hope the team can get a Top 4 finish this season.

  • correction: 4-2-2 is 4-4-2

  • Oh Shane …. Did you noticed where mertersacker ended up once saggy(Sagna) went off, yep out on the right covering jenkinsons ass whcih left huge gaps in our center, expect alot more (covering for jenks) if sags is out.

    BTW I forgot to mentioned our squad members are flexible to play in different role in the team. I do expect Sagna right back would most probably be handle to TV.

    Jenkinson needs organisation and discipline around him to help him develop and he wont get any of those things being thrown in at this stage in could ruin him…. 4-4-2 to sort out this mess right now or perhaps until quality players brought in to replacement Fabregas/Nasri in turn of numbers and attacking stuffs.

  • Maybe On today’s Spu*rs performance, I would have thought Coquelin was nailed on to replace Sagna, if we can get a bloody centre back back from injury to release Song.

  • if alex chamberlain was too young and inexperienced to play spurs why did jenkinson play?
    ramsey hadn’t had a decent game why did he pick him ahead of frimpong? personally i believe with song playing in defence and wilshere out our best midfield should be: frimpong-coquelin-arteta.
    why did he start with 2 strikers who faced late fitness test? we had chamberlain and park fit and available why did’nt arsene leave gervinho and walcott on the bench?
    arsene wenger is making his job difficult with bad decisions, we clearly should have won this game? we really gifted tottenham 3 points.

  • really hope that koscielny gets a chance to play right back, just think he will be a better option than cj at the moment. i fear for sagna any defender breaking his leg is worse than a midfielder or a striker. their game is all about tackling and mentally it is hard to get over, i should know it ruined my career chances.

    also hopefully we will sign a new centre back in january, preferably vertonghen then we can play one of the best left backs in the world in his right position if he is fit tv5.

    Personally i think we should go to Ajax with £35m for Van der Weil and Vertonghen


  • Coquelin started his career in Right Back so he is adequate to cover for Sagna. Carl Jenkinson is really not ready for top level matches. Coquelin is almost there for the first team week in week out but he still need to work on his fitness as he faded away in the end as expected for the youth. The rumours of Wenger interested to buy Fann M’Vila is real and hope we get him in this Jan ’12 transfer period to compete for Alex Song defensive midfielder position. I don’t see Frimpong technical skills and tackles skills is enough for BPL games and he constantly get caught on the fast break.

    Our defending was caught aweful at time as the midfielders and attackers are not putting up their duty as often as needed when the ball was lost. You cannot rely on the back 4 as they join in the attack and still need to spring back. Really hope vertonghen is brought in to replace Squillichi.

    Arteta had not stepping up to the next level and he might not be, but I really hope he does it real soon. Ramsey link up play are not on a consistent basis and his form is still way behind before his injury and we do need a creative spark to link up the attack from midfield to attackers. I wonder Diaby injuries woe can turn him into a promised player or else we need to dip into the transfer market and buy one. Banayoun sub standard. Rosicky a spend force. Diaby injuires prone. Now logically we need to buy and ship out the sub-standard or perform below his potential out of the club.

    We need top class talents otherwise Champions League will be 1-2 places from our sight.

  • I honestly feel if we spent dome money on a proper striker,one that loves to score goals and has proven pedigree in that regard then dropping van persie into the hole ala bergkamp will add that extra something to our attack,not that we’d get him now but imagine benzema up top with rvp playing off him and Theo and gervinho feeding off him too,it’d be dynamite,unfortunately when our midfield playmaker ie Ramsey at the moments not playing to standard van persies left isolated and out of the game,he’s our best player by a mile and rather than get our game going through him we rely on others to try and get him involved,I don’t get it.Our plan b should easily be a 4-4-2 alternative yet is untried,simply because all the strikers wengers bought are useless,they’re useless because he’s bought average players to fill the squad rather than buying players capable of replacing rvp if he’s out of form or injured,bad management,I honestly feel like every season must start with wenger saying one big prayer that we scrape through the season unscathed,he’s lost his winning mentality big time.On the plus side le coq was excellent and was even our best centre back when he slipped back there to allow mertesacker to go up top and do literally nothing apart from pirouette on the spot.I was worried before but ‘jenks’ at right back scares me,I just don’t think he looks comfortable,I think we should all tweet Lee Dixon to come out of retirement quick!

  • simple way to sort our team out
    buy 4 players:
    we will be back to unbeatable

    imagine this team:
    sagna Samba vermy santos
    song arteta gotze
    RVP TEVEZ Hazard

    sagna Samba vermy santos
    AOX arteta gotze harard
    RVP tevez

  • I don’t get all these thumbs down. Blind supporters are just as annoying as the ones that condemn the team all the time.

    • Shane – I am totally with you on this. There are some fans who jump at every spiteful headline directed at our club. We have some incredibly talented players. AOC will be England’s answer to Messi if you ask me and Coqeulin is a superb talent. Wenger is a brilliant and highly sought after manager who has changed AFC and English football beyond recognition.

      Unfortunately, the likes of Chelski and Mansheikh-ster City are cornering the market in top players by offering astronomical fees and salaries above their clubs financial capabilities and that of anyone else. Cesc had his head turned by his home team Barcelona, the best on the planet, so all Arsenal could do was negotiate the most favourable deal possible. He would have gone for double the amount if he was on the open market.

      We have started the season without our 2 best players, injuries, suspensions and mass turnover. The reality is that everyone else were only able to finalise their transfers deals after the ‘moneybags’ clubs have creamed off the best and that is why all our new players came in so late.

      There is something of a rebuilding exercise taking place with little time to get it right, twice being interrupted by International breaks.

      Champions League qualification and a good start in the group stages has been a remarkable feat by Wenger, particularly after being condemned to the stands. Premier League consistency is a harder nut to crack but it’s coming and we’ll get there…

  • Hahahahahaha, get TEVEZ??????????? How fucking stupid do you want to get???????????????? Obviously pretty stupid…made my day I’ll tell ya!!! I mean after everything that he has done, the best thing you can think of to help the squad and club out more is to bring in…TEVEZ???????? IF we do I will personally say that Wenger and the board have officially lost it. OFFICIALLY. I just have a feeling, JUST A FEELING, that we won’t sign Tevez…I may be wrong here, but I doubt it…highly…anything else??? Na, I’m done.

  • whats the problem with tevez? He is a superstar, something which our squad just doesnt have anymore. We are now a team full of average players and thats why we have average performances. I think Jack and Szecesny are stars in the making, RVP is very good but not one of the best in the world. All we need is a few top signings

    • You are high if you think that RVP is not one of the best in the world. Also Sagna is one of the best right backs in the world. Vermaelen is one of the best few centerbacks in the world. I will even come out and say it. Szczesny is easily one of the best goal keepers in the world if not already the best in england right now and Wilshere was on the EPL team of the year in his first full campaign here so don’t act like we don’t have some world class players. The problem is they are injured most of the time and we compete with teams filled with top class players. Don’t short change the ones we do have though.

  • Terry for manager…you forgot to add Lionel messi to the simple wish list,I think he could add something to our game also..seeing as we’re playing football manager couldn’t we just go to edit team and make all our players ratings the best on the game?!Then we’d be unbeatable..hmm

  • Van persie,wilshere,vermaelen,szscesny,sagna and squillaci are all world class,ok I may be wishing one of them is lol they are all players that any team in the world would happily have,bar squid face of course.Unfortunately some of the players around them let them down,I bet for van persie losing a player like fabregas who instintively knew when to play a pass and gaining a 10 touch,head down player like Ramsey must be like dating Megan fox then getting home to find out she’s got a horse cock,the guy looks so frustrated!Why would he wanna hang around?Especially when a side like man city can offer him what we just can’t anymore,wouldn’t be suprised if Barcelona tapped him up in the summer too,they’ll offer us a Lionel messi signed shirt and a framed photo of fabregas and pique in the bath and we’ll snap their hands off complaining that it made financial sense.

  • I think IF we could sign a player like Jovetic (who can play in the same manner of Ven Persie) then we will truly have good back-up or cover if or when Van Persie leaves. Jovetic can really pass well and he reminds me a lot of Robin. I’ve seen him play around 10-12 matches or so over the years because I have an Italian network that shows Serie A. He is the one striker in the world that comes to mind that plays like Van Persie. His finishing might not be there yet, but he’s only 20 or so so he’s deffinately got time on his side.

  • We need two holding midfielders to shield our defence and enable our attackers and fullbacks to go forward without ‘the brakes on’. Viera/Parlour, Viera/Petit, Viera/Edu, Song/Gilberto, I now say Song/Coquelin or Song/Frimpong. They would also provide some muscle power driving forward when necessary. The brilliant AOC has to be given more game time even off the bench each game. He’s ready and dangerous with skill, intelligence and finishing. What about Park? He’s scored 5 goals in recent games at International level.

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