Arsène Wenger poised to hand Nico Yennaris a dream début

Jamie Sanderson October 25, 2011 News 49 Comments

Arsène Wenger may have altered a number of his long standing philosophies in recent years, but the Frenchman will once again return to his youth orientated Carling Cup roots, by handing Nico Yennaris an Arsenal début against Bolton Wanderers this evening.

The fourth round clash comes at a time when Wenger’s new-look side have found some form, with six wins from the last seven games, including a 3-1 win over Shrewsbury Town, which set up tonight’s fourth round clash. A similar result would see the Gunners into the last eight for the ninth consecutive year.

As such, Wenger has included a few experience faces. Łukasz Fabiański, Sébastien Squillaci, Yossi Benayoun and Park Chu-Young are all in need of minutes, and are all set to start. As is vice-captain Thomas Vermaelen, who only re-joined full training on Friday.

That experience helps, but youngsters fill the key gaps. The versatile Yennaris, a rugged, aggressive and tenacious holding midfielder, will act as a make-shift right back, having been used there on a handful of occasions for the Reserves, while Ignasi Miquel is poised to occupy the other full back berth.

Third round stars Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Emmanuel Frimpong and Francis Coquelin should return to boss the midfield, against a Bolton side who maybe be down on confidence, but not threat.

The bench is again made up of Reserves. The fit again Vito Mannone and the newly re-signed Sanchez Watt will be joined by Daniel Boateng and Shrewsbury débutants Oğuzhan Özyakup and Chuks Aneke. Jernade Meade and Ryo Miyaichi are also poised to be involved.

All in all, its a solid Arsenal squad, for a game that always boasts a party atmosphere.


  • Finally an article!

  • so
    yennaris- Squil- Verm- Miquel
    Coq- Frim

    AOC- Park- Benni

    Who is the CAM? You only named 10 players to start!

    • You missed Coquelin in your line up.

    • Its Arshavin.

      Yennaris – Squillaci – Vermaelen – Miquel
      Benayoun – Frimpong – Coquilen
      Chamberlain – Park – Arshavin

  • I hope Ryo gets more game time than he did against Shrewsbury, fantastic young player.

  • Miquel will be our left-back? If that is correct, I think the lineup maybe be:

    Fabianski, Yennaris, Squillaci, Vermaelen, Miquel, Frimpong, Coquelin, Rosicky (c), Benayoun, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Park.

    • Vermealen is the official club vice-captain so im pretty sure if he starts hed be the captain.

    • According to the neither Rosicky or Chamakh are in the squad, so that sorta kills off any question of who’ll have the armband.

      A little part of me is hoping that Ox will play in the centre of midfield, with Yossi on the right…it’ll give Ox more time on the ball and ensure Nico is protected a little by Yossi.

      Either way, it’s great to see Verm back (not so much Sebastien).

  • Fabianski, Yennaris, Squillaci, Vermaelen, Miquel, Frimpong, Coquelin, Rosicky (c), Benayoun, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Park.

  • so that means, verm and squil as CB and a slow-ish Miquel who i’m sure will do well either way, at LB. but of course I love the midfield with Frim and Coq and Park leading the line. I’m really happy for Yennaris getting a run in. Always one of my fav players in the reserve for his fight! Now he has a chance to show us what he’s made of…

  • ———— Fabianski
    Yennaris – Squillaci – Vermaelen – Miquel
    —— Coquelin – Yossi – Frimpong
    Chamberlain ——– Chamak ——– Park

    Yennaris struggled against WBA so I am bit scared about him being a RB but lack of options I guess and Squillaci was a disaster so even more scared with him being in there

  • What happened to Angha?

  • Fabianski
    Yannaris – Squillaci – Vermaelen – Miguel
    Coquelin – Frimpong – Benayoun
    Chamberlain – Park – Miyaichi

    Personally this is the team i’d like to see out of the names mentioned, Chamberlain and Miyaichi could potentially be a devastating wing partnership in the future, definitely hoping they both get a good load of game time! Defence is a bit dodgy but with the Verminator back at least they’ll be someone to lead it! Not really sure how this one will end if that team goes out against Bolton who seem to be finally finding their feet but you have to give players like Frimpong, Coquelin, Chamberlain and Miyaichi a chance to prove themselves on a stage that matters, also, i’ve been DYING to see Park in action!

  • If the entire Emirates chant RYO RYO RYO. He will eventually be included in the line up. I don’t see the point of including somebody like Diaby in, who is so damn irritating! Wenger should give Ryo a change in the 2nd half..not just the last 10mins. nuts. Walcott should be on the bench for the next 20games so that Ryo can impress. Come on, this boy impressed in the dutch league during his 1st season. Walcott didnt even impress anyone!!

  • please no fabianski.. but Vito.

    ———— mannone
    Yennaris – Squillaci – Vermaelen – Miquel
    —— Coquelin – Yossi – Frimpong
    Chamberlain ——– park ——– ryo miyachi

  • Chamakh will start. He needs a goal.

  • Really dont want him to play at right back. It would be unfair on the kid to play him in a position that hes obviously not comfortable in, if he has a poor game which is a big possibility at rb he will have every know it all fan on his back and writing him off. And what has frimpong done to justify his place in midfield? all he does is rampage around kicking people, he has been awful with the ball and doesnt deserve this “fans favourite” status he has

  • I wouldn’t push Vermaelen into a game just yet. He’s only been in full training for a couple of days.
    To be honest, I like the look of Boateng. Play him at the back instead of Vermaelen.
    With a dodgy/inexperienced defense, Frimpong and Coquilen will be crucial. There protection and stability will help us build from the back and move forward.
    I would also like to see Chambo on the right, Ryo on the left and Benayoun’s experience in the middle of the Park. Get it? :P

    Subs: Mannone, Vermaelen, Aneke, Rosicky, Watt, Ozyakup, Meade. Give Aneke, Ozyakup and Watt a round-around

  • I really really hope the match is on tv

  • fabianski yennaris squilc tv5(c) miquel rosiky frimpong conquelin aoc park benayon

  • Gunner from the south

    i’ve been looking forward to seeing aneke, hope he gets a lineup… also it will be great to see park from the start cos i couldn’t find a stream for shrewsbury…also always great to see chambo… pity miyaichi isn’t there, but i’m glad yenaris will see that he’s got a future and that the boss believes in him… also ozyakup, boateng and especially watt will be interesting to see if they all get minutes…

  • Should play Meade at LB over Miquel or play vermaelen at LB. I would prefer us to not play vermaelen there at all and have Djourou or Miquel there.

    Hope Park starts and gets a goal ; im also looking forward to Ryo getting some more game time.

  • May be wenger should hv starts boateng @ Rb ahead of nico either way goodluck 2 d lads hope my bro chuks get more game tym

  • eka from Sweden

    Does anybody have a good stream. Thanks

  • Fabianski
    Yennaris Squillaci Miquel Vermaelen
    Coquelin Frimpong
    Chamberlain Park Ryo

  • where can i watch the game??

  • hopefully this run out will give these players further incentive to push for a first team place i would be surprised if wenger doesn’t include chuks aneke in his party as he has all the makings of a top class player. coquelin was arsenal’s best player in my opinion against spurs and i hope he has an excellent game. Also ryo Miyaichi deserves at least 60 mins to show what he can do, media in holland called him ryodinho due to his fast pace and trickery, give him a chane to impress

  • With this line up, one of the major worries is the defence..
    Yennaris Squillaci Vermaelen Miquel
    Coquelin Frimpong
    Oxlade-Chamberlain Park Arshavin
    Hope Coquelin and Frimpong focus more on the defence..

  • Doesn’t look like the game is on TV anywhere live. It’s just Aldershot and Man U, like anyone gives a f**k about that non-contest. The Bolton game wont be so one sided and should make for better viewing. Total BS in my opinion.

  • Do you think a bunch of the young guys (Ozyakup, Aneke, Yennaris, Meade, Boatang, Ryo, etc.) will go on loan after this match? Surprising to see so few youngsters out on loan this year, and more 1st team guys (Bendtner, Vela, Almunia, etc.) out.

  • How do this chaps choose the match to televise.I cant beleive i wont be able to see the boys play arghh.Twats

  • Fabianski

    Walcot Djourou Miquel Vermaelen

    Coquelin Frimpong

    Chamberlain Ryo

  • Hi everyone, quick questions I heard the game would be shown on arsenal player once it has ended could anyone confirm, if that is a definite? I have been on the website but no luck. Second question, anyone know what is happening to Wellington Silva? he does not seem to feature for Levante? i do apologise in advance if both questions have been answered recently, please just point me towards. Thanks.

    • Gunner from the south

      well i+m not sure about the match, everyone is still hoping to find a stream, but looks unlikely… and about welington, he had a falling out with levante’s management, and it’s very unlikely that he will get a chance there… this is his 3. falling out with some clubs management, he needs to change his attitude if he’s gona make it…

    • thanks for reply did not have a chance yesterday.

  • Arsenal members kan watch the game ‘as live’ from 10pm on Arsenal Player. Other than that it’s not being broadcast :(

  • Really, really wanted to see Ryo start. I appreciate he might not be fully match sharp or whatever but he is dynamite. I’m sure he could manage 60 minutes as well. We know exactly what Arshavin can do, this is/was a chance to see what Ryo can do.

  • Seriously to all the people going mad over Ryo give the newbie a break.

  • Really hope someone caps this game. Really want to see AOC. Bit odd to see Vermaelen was taken out. Was it injury or fatigue? Coquelin and Frimpong look a beast of a future midfield pair. People also need to calm down on this Ryo thing. I get excitement, but pressure for no reason is not good. He is a bright talent but a few years away from being a real Arsenal level player. AOC is on a different level in my eyes.

    • slightly comprehending

    • lol… I usually right long responses for each comment but just felt like condensing it this time.

    • You can’t help but get excited when you watch Ryo. He is an unbelievable talent. Got so much natural ability. Him being a few years away from Arsenal level is nonsense. To be a starter for us maybe but he’d be useful impact sub for us now, he’d give any full back in the league problems imo- running at them late in the game. Gretar Steinsson is a premier league right back and he tore him up when he came on last night. He’s as quick as Walcott and he’s got infinitely more dribbling ability. He’s a clever player too, in terms of passing and vision.

      And probably as importantly as his huge talent he’s got a fantastic attitude and great heart.

  • Mr jamie, it nice to see a new blog hope u alright. Nice game tonite wenger should take note park is a better striker to chamak any time.

  • Oxlade Chamberlain is ahead in term of physicality, however in term of defensive awareness Ryo is well ahead.
    Arsene Wenger also mentioned that Ryo had recently been injured and that he would not be fully ready until Christmas. By the new year I fully expect to see Ryo tearing defence apart on the flank.
    The only question is will we revert back to 4-4-2 because both are real wingers rather than attacking midfield players.
    Today we play 4-4-2 with Park and Arshavin the attackers, Coquelin and especially Frimpong were really under pressure as they were playing 2v3 in central midfield.

    • Oh no, the ATTACKING midfielder is not up to peak on his defensive awareness. I don’t why people think it is suppose to be the wingers job in our current formation. 4-2-3-1 is suppose to really on the 2 holding mids to tuck in. Do you see Ronaldo and Ozil playing a bunch of defense?

      I can’t comment on our formation sense I haven’t seen the game yet, but with those players picked and our previous line ups, I doubt it was a 4-4-2. How ever I would be excited if we did.

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