Arsenal Under 16's Beat Juventus To Win Atalanta Cup

Jamie Sanderson May 5, 2008 News 29 Comments

Arsenal Under 16s will travel home today with the Atalanta Cup, after they beat Juventus on penalties in the final yesterday evening.

After an entertaining 0-0 draw the game would be decided from the penalty spot. After the first 10 players had taken their kicks and all converted, trialist keeper Sean McDermott then saved one, before being given the chance to be the hero and win Arsenal the Cup. He converted and the young Gunners picked up the trophy during the week long tournament.

It seemed Steve Gattings boys grew from strength to strength the more the competition progressed. Arsenal beat Juventus in 1-0 in the opening game. Before flattening Chievo Verona 3-1 thanks to goals from Jack Wilshere, Jason Banton and trailist striker Nikos Karelis.

Then came Inter Milan who were romped 4-0 with a double from Benik Afobe, added to by efforts from Emmanuel Frimpong and Luke Freeman. Up next was CSKA Moscow in the Semi-finals, they were smashed aside with a stunning 6-0 win, which saw a hat-trick from Luke Freeman, and one a piece for Afobe, Wilshere and Nikos Karelis.

Setting up the fore mentioned final against Juventus. A huge well done and congratulations for everybody involved with the win, and in particular to Jack Wilshere who won player of the tournament, and to blog regular Joseph56 for sending this news via e-mail.

Goal Rankings.

Luke Freeman – 4
Benik Afobe – 3
Jack Wilshere – 2
Niko Karelis – 2
Emmanuel Frimpong – 1
Jason Banton – 1

Article By – J.Sanderson & Joseph56


  • Great news.
    Do you think they will push through a deal for Niko Karelis?

  • Great to read of some success at last for the club. Sounds like the youngsters did well.

  • Good to see Freeman back on the scoresheet. What news on the trialists?

  • Good job! Always nice to see the youth teams win stuff. Especially against such tough competition. After all, at least Inter Milan and Juventus have good youthsides. Don’t know about CSKA and Chievo, but I’m guessing they aren’t half-bad either. This looks good for the future! :) Thanks for the report!

  • who shot the first goal against Juventus?

  • thearsenalway

    Interesting to see Karelis and McDermott have impressive tournaments – wonder whether they have done enough to get a permeanent move.

    Thanks for the info.

  • thanks for the blog-post. What’s with all those clean sheets! Very impressive outing. Anyone know how to explain it? Was the competition crap? Were our boys bigger, faster and stronger? Was our technical level much better? Tactical nous?!

  • Only one goal conceded in the whole tournament. Good tournament for McDermott then, I suppose.

  • Great news especially as they won it so convincingly and for Jack Wilshere for winning player of the tournament well done

  • Great coverage. Who scored the goal against Juve in the first game? Was it an own goal?

    Great job by the guys. Nice to see the trialists doing so well, but I’m even happier to see Freeman score 4 goals. He seems to be a big prospect, but like all young players has his ups and downs.

    How do you see the U-18 up front for next season? Will Banton be released as we will have Afobe, Freeman and possibly Karelis up there?

  • they won 6-1 in semi final, not 6-0

  • Well done boys apart from Jack Wilshere i wonder who many of these players will be able to make the step up to reserve and the first team

  • Well done to the boys, it would have been great for ATVO or Arsenal TV to have covered the games.

  • how many other teams were in the tournament and have arsenal ever won the nike cup and are they in the champions youth cup 2008 and if they r not then do you know why and is there an arsenal cup in america.arsenal should do what manchester united did and get there own arsenal premier nike cup

  • this team make the league become live. always waiting for their show

  • gz to Arsenal youth! those were some incredible wins!

  • My sources tell me Karelis will not be signed, as i spoke about ages ago.

    McDermott will be made an offer, but its not 100% he will be signed.

  • plz sanderson,can u answer my questions that i posted

  • So many questions.

    Dont know how many teams, i dont think we have won the nike cup, we have not confirmed our entery into the Champions Youth Cup as yet.

  • Great result and it is good for jack to get player of the tournament and we surly will be in the champions youth cup and to beat Inter milan who have the best youth system in italy annd CSKA have a very good system as they do well in Russias youth tournaments

  • Arsenal will not feature in the CYC. They’ve already done the fixures with 16 teams and Arsenal’s not one of them. You can understand wy we chosed not to be in it because the facilities are shit and the weather can make you faint, I think it was a correct decission. Inter Milan will not have a team in the tournament either.

  • who scored the goal against juventus please?

  • J Sanderson

    Would you able to give me a list of U-16 players ?

  • Thanks for the info. nice to see Chelsea there too. Looks like they got beaten Fare and Square.

  • which teams were there can u name them plz and sanderson,is there no arsenal cup in america and do u think arsenal should follow man utds lead and get an arsenal nike premier youth cup

  • I am happy for the Juniors they give us a hope for the future and most especially Wilshere who along with Jay will go on to become the next fabgrepass coming from Arsenal…hopefully they will have the love of the team at heart and not have to walk away anyway…any soccer lover who will like to interact with other fans and dicuss any soccer related issues should check out Soccer fan base dot com it is free to join.

  • jason b is the best in the world

  • Congratulation!!!!!!!

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