Arsenal 3-0 Blackpool; Gunners Crush Seasiders

Jamie Sanderson September 27, 2010 News 56 Comments

Arsenal continued their superb start to The Premier Reserves League season with a 3-0 win over Blackpool at Underhill. After a poor first half, strikes from Chuks Aneke and Benik Afobe plus a penalty from Jay Emmanuel-Thomas sealed the win.

Neil Banfield welcomed back Havard Nordtveit and Conor Henderson from injury and both started. Gilles Sunu was also back from surgery, but he was only fit enough for a place on the bench.

Nordtveit – Hoyte – Miquel – Meade
Eastmond – Henderson
Afobe – Aneke – Deacon

Subs: McDermott (GK), Boateng, Evina, Ozyakup, Sunu.

Arsenal struggled to get their passing game going in the early stages and Ishmel Demontagnac caused havoc in the backline right from the off. Miquel’s header back to Shea appeared to be a little short and Demontagnac chased the ball down, only for Shea to win the race.

The Gunners lacked work rate but Emmanuel-Thomas always proved to be a threat in attack. His powerful run down the right allowed him to set up Deacon, but the England winger was just offside. Emmanuel-Thomas found himself in an identical situation moments later, but this time cut inside and drilled just over.

Banfield was animated throughout the half and he had work to do at half time, with the scores level.

Half Time – Arsenal 0-0 Blackpool

Arsenal snapped out of the traps in the second period and worked arguably the best move of the game. Afobe and Aneke each combined with the latter shaping and firing a low shot. Kingson did well to save.

Sunu and Evina came off the bench with Meade moving into midfield, and instantly it payed dividends. Meade was involved in the move which saw Eastmond roll the ball in for Aneke who shifted his feet and finished well for 1-0.

After finally breaking the deadlock, the Gunners stepped on the gas and quickly got themselves a second. Meade showed some delightful touches and played in Sunu in the box. He was clipped down and a spot kick awarded. Emmanuel-Thomas proved spot on from 12 yards, 2-0.

There was just time for Emmanuel-Thomas to tee up Afobe, he rounded the goalkeeper and made it 3-0 on the cusp of full time. Three goals, three points, and three very impressive performances from three youngsters to watch out for.


  • just happened to be the 3 youngsters we all expect to make the first team sooner rather than later. But I really want to see JET play with the first team this season. He’s up there and seems ready. a strikers needs that sorta arrogant confidence to perform..and he has the attitude as well as the skills to be at the very top.

  • what a result shame the first team couldnt match it.

    jay please take a second a have a look at my son a future ‘young gun’ please tell me what you think of him and have a mention to Arsene…

    any tips on how to make it at Arsenal mate?

  • Good win, they had alot of 1st teamers. Terrific trio of Afobe, JET and Aneke forging a great understanding it seems. Maybe JET will get a chance against Toon?

  • Great Win for Our Team against a strong Blackpool side.. Up ARSENAL…..

  • Great season for Reserves.Aneke Afobe and JET have bright future at Arsenal.Hopefully they maintain their consistency

  • new look website, really superb refurbishment….good coverage as usual…thnx

  • Can you tell me a bit about what sort of midfielder Conor Henderson is and what sort of potential you think he has?

    He recently signed a new contract at Arsenal so that’s a good sign.

    I’m particularly interested in him due to irelan’d dearth of quality central mids atm

  • Without you I would knew nothing about the the young guns. Thanks mate.

  • Aneke future super eagles star

  • Wale, if you are trying to start something I wouldn’t. Most people on here are English and would contradict that statement. I’m not English, but I’ll tell you this…he has decided who he wants to play for and it isn’t Nigeria. At least not at this moment. If I were you I would respect his decision instead of coming out with stupid statements or sentences that have no substance or truth in them. Just a suggestion.

    • That’s a bit touchy isnt it? Even if he does play for england naija boys can still find pride in seeing him play. I just don’t get wat would be so offensive to eng supporters if he did play for the country his parents come from? Just a thought

  • Guys why doesnt mannone play reserves?

  • JS great new website must have taken you ages.

    I am so happy henri lansbury is in the squad we need a player/character like him in our team.

    We dont have enough ppl to shout, stand up and battle.

    Not enough talkers in midfield.

    We need the ramseys, wilshere, lansburys these ppl will fight as well as play football.

    Diaby, song, denilson, fabregas quality players but when the chips are down they sulk, heads are down etc

    • Fabregas is a sulker who let’s his head drop? Are you sure?

      It sounds like you just want more British players and less foreigners in the team. Fighting spirit is not a unique British trait.

    • …John, take your meds…your going bonkers again.

      BTW, this thread is about how great JET, Aneke, and Afobe did in the reserve match. Especially, Aneke, who will likely be the reason that Lansbury doesn’t make it at the club. I know you hate him and JET because of this but you don’t have to be that way. They are Arsenal players too, and great young prospects, even though you can’t stand the threat they pose to your hero.

  • Good to see the boys gettin a result tonight. Fully expecting to see JET make the step up into the first team this season..the boy is on fire! Hope the lads keep the good form up

  • John I don’t know if that statement is completely fair. I mean we have plenty of quality players who fight when the chips are down, like Rosicky, Nasri, Eboue, Wilshere, Ramsey, Robin Van Persie, Walcott, Fabregas…and more. All these players keep playnig when things aren’t going the way they should. There are leaders and then there are followers. i think that most of the players whom I mentioned are leaders. And yes, Walcott can be a leader. I know he is very young still and he hasn’t proven himself but I admire his mental strength greatly. He is under as much pressure as anyone at the club and it looks like he is starting to get used to the pressure and is starting to thrive under it.

    • @milo i dont care woteva ur opinion is i’m a 9jerian dats why i want him to play for his fatherland so does the bristish who want him to be a future 3 lions u also have to respect my opinion.u saying i came out with stupid statement is realling appalling cos as a 9jerian i want a 9ja kid to play 4 his country and so said dats stupid that really sums up d type of guy u are really.

  • Guys its my opinion.

    fabregas isnt a sulker i am just saying when we are losing to a big teams he just doesnt look intrested and he cant seem to galvanise the team and become petulacnt makes rash tackles, makes meals out of things etc wants ppl booked etc.

    I am not anti foreigners like i said i am big fans of diaby, denilson, song.

    In a squad you need differnt players. 11 quality footballers wont win you anything.

    You need flair, you need goal scores, yh all the attacking stuff and defensive stuff

    But you also need leaders, characters when the going gets tough they will stand up even if we lose.

    I remeber the stoke away game in the fa cup where we lost. Aaron ramsey was superb when he came on even though we lost 3-1 he was tackling, passing, getting shots in, trying to get ppl in. He wasnt sulking, not puttin in an effort etc

  • There aren’t many players with more fighting spirit than Fabregas.

    You don’t have to be a ranting and raving English skinhead to have fighting spirit.

  • When your facing teams like stoke, wolves you can tell fabregas and co dont fancy it.

    Thats when you need your british players to play and dig you out of a fight.

    Arsenals problem is that we play a european style of football in the premier league and it wont work in the premiership over 38 games especially when we dont have enough players who like to play ugly and can take it as well as give it to other teams.

    You cant play pretty football over 38 games which is why guys like denilson, song, diaby, fabregas dont relish games when arsenal arent dominating, breaking dow teams like that when other guys like wilshere, ramsey thye like those kind of games., getting tackles in etc

    Its a british thing you need Britisd players if your going to win the premiership

    • how come then that arsenal have won the pl before with hardly any brittish players?

    • Sorry but did you just say English players take it AND give it? I’m utterly repulsed! Haha dw i’m just having a laugh. JET will be a first teamer by the end of the season unless Van Persie comes in for a long period of time.

    • You are talking nonsense John. Fabregas doesn’t fancy it? Is this the Cesc who played on with a broken leg we’re talking about?

      Maybe Arsenal aren’t the club for you, too many foreign nancies. Stoke would be more up your street, lots of good old British boys there who can ‘give it’ and play ugly, just the way you like it.

    • Wrenny you dont win the premiership playing pretty football 38 games in a season.

      Barcelona would not win the premiership la liga is perfect for them.

      Arsenal try to play like barcelona but you cant in the premiership. Arsenal need to mix it up and thats why you need british players in your squad especially in the premiuership they know what British football is all about.

      Fabgregas broke his leg after the pen and it was in the 70th minute and i think all our subs were gone he was yellow carded of course he wanted to play on anyone would have we were 2-2 nearing the end of the game any captain would stay on.

      It was just unusual to see a forgeiner stay on after they have been injured you dont really see it which is a good thing

    • well wat about chelsea, who play pretty beautiful football, and dont have english players in their squad? you sound like a xenophobic bigot, calm you shit down and use logic. Not every english player is built like a ford F-250 with a diesel engine, many of them are actually as fragile as their other european counterpoints. You need to open your mind…..people like you deserve no place in football. Your saying that the have certain genetics that make them stronger then say their Africa or South American counter parts. When lets take a look at the EPL’s top players…… Essien is, im my mind, the best CDM in the league= FROM GHANA!, Alex Song= CAMEROON! Your just angry because your precious “english boys” lack the technical ability to break into the arsenal starting 11 minus of course the ones brought up by wenger. TAKE YOUR RACIST ASS BULLSHIT OUT OF HERE YOU CLOSE MINDED BIGOT!!!! TRUE GOONERS REP THEIR SQUAD REGARDLESS OF RACE AND WE DONT GIVE A FUCK CAUSE WE LOVE OUR BOYS TO THE DAY WE LAY IN OUR GRAVE!!!!

  • here is my suggestions for the new site bro,
    The link NEWS in the upper right corner should take you to the latest blogposts, not like right now where you come to a page which advertises two blog-links, none of which are the latest ones.

    Perhaps the font for the comments could be in bold thought?

    Otherwise the new site is top notch!

  • Wow nice layout J. I take it you surrendered to moans off a change. Black was always my fav btw lol

    Great site

  • JS do you think lansbury could even start for arsenal tomorrow?

    The daily mirror think so.

    I know wenger really rates him highly. I watched that atvo he spoke at length about lansbury ability and mental strength.

    Eboue didnt have the greatest of games on the right maybe lansbury could do a solid job out there passing the ball, keeping it etc and protecting sagna more and also adding some height into the team?

    • Why don’t you go on and on about JET, Aneke, and Afobe? They are British too…oh wait, sorry John…yea, of course…they are Black, so of course you can’t suppor them. HaHa…my mistake…what was I thinking!

  • First time poster here. Just to say I was at Underhill tonight and I’m pretty certain it was Sunu not Afobe who scored the third goal tonight. The stadium announcer got them mixed up. Really good second half performance by the lads. Great site.

  • Using white text on a white background in the player profiles is not the most readable combination.

  • this is frm last year, but check out this interview with young gun Daniel Boateng:

    he’s got size on his side,now 18 and reads the game very well.. turned down the chance to join Chelsea and AC Milan this year and signed a 3yr contract with the gunners in the summer.. def one to keep an eye on

  • john ain’t a gooner. and other then three goalscorers looks like Meade and Shea did a good job as well. and , mannone has not returned from international duty yet?

  • Craig Henderson

    It would be great if Arsenal could play with 12 lpayers every week, that formation would be pretty tough to break down!

    • United States of Arsenal

      I assume you are under the impression Emmanual-Thomas means Emmanual & Thomas, but its only one person Emmanual-Thomas. Although I’ll give you that he is about the size of two!

  • Very interesting that Lansbury is the one that is making the 1st team over JET who is playing well in the reserves.

    I was surprised given all the talk pre Spurs about JET from Wenger that he didn’t play 1 minute of the 120. I feel AW is instilling some hunger into JET as we have heard concerns that his attitude isn’t great at all times.

    He’s showing him you have to have a work ethic and the right attitude to succeed as well as raw talent.

    JET – do you want to be the Next David Bentley??

  • interesting to see hoyte has now been converted to a central defender and nordveit int a right back, i dont know how wise that is, since we all no hoyte would never be a central defender.

    Since wenger used nordveit as a right back, the coaches have just assumed wenger knows better than them. that’s just plain ass kissing to me.

    and i thought sunu was supposed to be on loan.

    • Hoyte is a central defender playing at fullback couple of years ago because they want him to improve on the ball. When did you start following reserves/youth players

  • I have always said henri lansbury should have broken into the first team alot early maybe at 15,16 but got an illness, injuries etc he lost about 2-3 years of development and has gone on loan to build his fitness up.

    Hes talented but his attitude has changed alot wenger spoke at length on atvo how much he rates henri lansbury and for me could be part of this season squad and play some games.

    Jay thomas is too laid back for me hes thinks he made it cause he can rip defenders in reserves level.

    I am not a benik afobe dont think hes arsenal quality but i am a huge fan of chuks aneke i think hes a superb midfielder/striker what i like about him is that he doesnt give the ball away and hes got skill to evade players despite not having great pace or atheltism

    • JET is farrrrr from satisfied john, the fact of the matter is that he SHOULD be playing either a bit part role for us or be on loan at a prem club like Newcastle, Wigan, Bolton etc. He looks bored because he is much more advanced both technically and physically over many of the reserve players. He is scoring great goals with ease, and this isnt a challenge for him. The reserves are a JOKE for this kid, he needs true prem experience so he doesnt sit content for too long. the kid is too much of a beast….. imo…our future line up

      GK; Sczeny
      Def: Gibbs-Vermy- Koscienly-Sagna
      Mid: Song, Wilshere, Aneke/Afobe
      FW: Wellington, JET, Walcott

      ooo man think of the titles we will win

    • United States of Arsenal

      I’m not sure why everyone is getting all over John about his comments. Although I dont agree 100% with them, I see some relevance to what he is saying. I would say more particularly that often Diaby, Denilson, and Arshavin often look disinterested when the going gets tough. They dont seem to have the will to dig deep and take over the game. Fab can do it, but sometimes he looks more frustrated at his teammates ability to dig in. Nasri did it very well last game and almost single handedly got the point against West Brom. I think the English perspective is just b/c Gerrard, Lampard, and Rooney do this very well. However I also think Drogba and Torres can do this so I dont think it is purely English lads, just perhaps more common in the English mentality. Also, race is obvoiusly irrelevant, no reason to bring that up people.

    • @ U.S of Arsenal
      -You have a valid point with players being “lazy”, but the fact of the matter is that some of our hardest workers are not english i.e nasri, rosicky, fab, Chamakh, etc….. And look at the stats on denilson, as while he may not run that fast, he runs A LOT and completes the most passes out of all of our first teamers. Denilson completed around 80% of his passes against Partizan today, and covered the most distance out of all our players. These players are not lazy by any means, they are all just extremely inconsistent i.e Diaby, Denny, Arsha, shit even wilshere has his off days. on a different not GIBBS IS AN ABSOLUTE BEAST! FORGET ASS-HOLE COLE THIS KID IS THE FUTURE LWB of ENGLAND!

  • Sunu scored the 3rd goal, not Afobe!!!

  • Nice new layout and all J.S but how come two of my last three comments have just disappeared into thin air? There’s also a slight pause whenever you try to scroll down.

  • Oh look, that last one went through. What, long comments aren’t allowed anymore or something?

  • That Welling Town player in the pic with Evina is my boy Loui Fazackerley. He actually scored one of their goals in a 4-1 win over our youths/reserves this past pre-season.

  • Of all the players getting hyped up by the fans im surprised no one mentions Jernade Meade. IMO, he is more likely to be an Arsenal player than JET or Afobe.

  • I was at the game yesterday,I thought Jernade Meade had a tough game,got run rings round at times,also thought Miquel had a pretty poor game,the defence all in all was very shaky first half,very Arsenalesque.
    JET looked the best threat all game,when he ran at people you could almost smell the fear from the opposition. Was a decent game and the finishing in the end was very calm,the penalty by JET was a belter and can I add that it was Sunu who scored the last goal and not Afobe as the announcer said,Sunu looked great on his comeback,he reminds me alot of Wiltord.
    Shea in goal was forever shouting at his teammates given out instructions which I was highly impressed by,something you cant just teach and finally I was biterly disappointed in the cafe for running out of burgers,hot dogs and pies..unbelievable!

  • SUNU scored the last goal, NOT Afobe. ANd Sunu was very impressive when he came on. Are you giving all the credit to Afobe?

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