Arsenal Agree Deal For Siemann

Jamie Sanderson March 23, 2011 News 75 Comments

Arsenal have agreed to sign Hertha BSC defender Leander Siemann following a trial. The German centre back will complete the transfer in the summer.

Siemann joined Arsenal on trial in February, as Young Guns revealed. A regular for Hertha’s Under 16’s, he was set to leave the club in the summer, to spend a year in London studying. However, a family friend recommended him to Liam Brady, and the 15-year-old impressed during a week long training stint.

The six foot two inch youngster is noted for his powerful and physical approach. At home at either centre or right back, Leander has signed a three-year-contract, and told German agency ‘Bild’ that the move is a ‘dream come true’.

Arsenal have agreed a compensation package worth €250,000.


  • 15 years old, and already 6’2″? Excellent!

  • In the previous article, you said he is 5ft10in and now you say he is 6ft2in. This is great news.His height is great advantage. We will see if he is good enough in about 6-7 years.So here is me hoping he is the next Mats Hummels.

  • 6’2 at 16 that’s a giant.

  • What was the name of the other young German we are buying? Blanking right now.

  • Serge Gnarby from Stuttgart

  • whao Leander Siemann i think he is highly welcome.

  • Loose Cannon

    6’2 at 15 years of age is bonkers! What do they feed these kids in Germany…Elephant sausages? Jeez. I reckon he’d be better than Squillaci, put him in now… Might actually win headers from corners.

  • for a second i thought it said seaman
    Lehmann back, Now seaman back

  • Good news we need to bring up more defenders form the youth rank.

  • great news, we need some German players in our team

  • Jamie he’s not 6’2 he’s only 5’10 and although he can play as a CB he plays most as a RB for his club and is very very highly rated at Hertha Berlin. It seems one of their fan opened a thread to crticise Arsenal for stealing their best defensive talent in years. You got the robust part right he has been red carded 2-3 times according to people on their forum

  • y is that Daily Fail always publish the transfer news after u. Are they like stealing ur stuff.
    n how naive of them to suggest Arsene has signed him bcoz of our leaky defence, r they trying to suggest that he will go straight into the first team. Thats very lazy journalism from Daily Fail.

    • I think you missed the sarcasm mate! The Mail was making a joke. Still might be stealing Jaime’s stuff tho’.

    • They weren’t even making a joke mate. They were taking the piss! Something they’ve done to our club for years on end now.

  • germany r a typically good side in terms of defense,plus we’v got toral harper.finally some quality in the youth ranks.but hopefully we’ll be able to tie up hazard,if cesc leaves then we’ll need a few good attacking midfielders plus one good striker question is who’s gonna replace clichy.wenger will seriously consider a small clear out,besides rosiky,almunia&denilson everyone else is worth,it’s a matter of mentality thats season’s gonna be even harder we need some guys who could dish out around twenty plus goals a season.nothing else hopefully we’ll add to the yoth ranks aswell the we have now are real nonsense not good at all

  • @ amaan i read as well bunch of copycats nothing else

  • “Arsenal sign 5 year old wonderkid” “Arsenal sign promising sperm from ex footballer” “Arsenal sign 16 year old”…..all gets a bit tiresome don’t you think? What we need is players for here and now! This sort of info used to be of interest but now..?! The club focuses far too much on the future and it never comes.

  • wenger wont sell or I should say can’t sell Fabregas simply because we dont have a player to replace him with. Fabregas makes our team click and although Wilshere and Ramsey can do that in the future they are not ready yet
    Clichy and Nasri are two who might leave although I highly doubt wenger will allow it
    We have a great first XI what we need know are competent backups so its the likes of Denilson, B52, Almunia who will be shown the door next season not the players who can help us win trophies

    • I think Arsene can, and will sell Fabregas, maybe even this summer. Wilshere, and if Ramsey comes back to form, could definitely replace Fabregas in the long run…but of course, I rather have Fab in the team, than on Barcelona….

      Nasri won’t be leaving….and Clichy won’t leave, not for free at least. I expect them both to sign long-term contracts. Nasri will probably get a hefty pay raise. I also expect Arshavin and Rosicky to sign new deals as well.

      Denilson, Bendtner, and Almunia are not in the plans for next season. Almunia’s contract is up. Bendtner has been linked with every club imaginable, and Denilson has overstayed his welcome.

      I expect Wenger to add two or three players max. Probably a young keeper, a defender, and Hazard…other than that probably some youth players…we don’t need much to get over the hump to win some trophies

  • sue the daily mail now , pls

  • Sulemana Baako

    It is good. Let’s wait and see what he has for us.

  • High b gunners

    Nice one’ a real young gaint, but what about the ‘real madrid’ deal ‘benz’ and modric, hazard,McEachran ane the spain young star are they going to be died

  • The boy isnt highly rated in Germany he is a benchwarmer for the U16´s of Hertha its a very strange move imo.
    His trainer at hertha says he is a good athlete but his footballing standard needs to imoprove.
    He speaks italian and his familiy sent him here to do his A Levels in England. I dont understand why we have to pay for him if he is moving here and knocked on our door.

    • Because regardless of who contacted who, he’s still under contract at Hertha and they’ve developed him up until now.

      Confused about how big he is, though – Just saw some website claiming he’s 5’6″…

      Here’s the Daily Mail copy and paste, Jamie:

    • I read on a German Site that he is 178 cm tall.

      This transfer reminds me of the kyle ebecilio transfer. Not highly rated in there team but we buy them.

      im not trying to be negative but i get the feeling our scouts arent pulling their weights. Some of the players we have signed in the last year seem to be quite pointless imo and the players are only there to make up numbers.

  • michael amuakwa

    Great to learn that, we are getting a player from Germany. Those people are mentally made from steel, hence they are the sort of people that Arsenal needs right now.

  • It appears if you don’t leave positive replies then your comments are wiped like my last one criticising the continual bigging up of teen signings when we need something for the now not for the “if”!

  • Arsenal can end trophyless seasons only if our boss agree with fans to cough out some valuable pounds for an experienced CD, DM, CF. Pls arsene, hw many fans d’u want 2 die of hrt attach from ur stingy attitudes????

    • I forgot Vermaelen, Koscielny and Djourou are rubbish. And Song. And Van Persie.

      C’mon Wenger – what are you doing? Who is Cesc Fabregas anyhow?

      Stay on topic and don’t be such a tool.


  • Yet another 15 year-old will join us. I only hope due attention will be addressed, in the Summer, to our real need for experienced newcomers in certain key positions. We mustn’t over favour our youth policy at the cost of the current demands.

  • lets hope he’s good enough for the team.

  • Why is everyone so confused about this
    lads height 5’6, 5,10, 6,2. Do you think he could be growing, we do that in England too you know! 6 Months ago my lad was 4’8 now he is 5,2

  • So so happy Siemann has signed! Got Siemann all over my computer screen now… he looks like he will be a good player!

  • Off-Topic: Henri Lansbury’s Twitter says he has been sent home, I assume thats from the U21s. Do you know if he has an injury J? (or anyone)

  • Cheers matey!

  • im just waiting for the day when we see a midget in goal for the arsenal,that then will slap the icing on the cake….

  • Great news having watched the arsenal under 18s we are in dire need for some defenders.

    Apart from montiero everyone else has been crap.

  • You can’t play for us with hair like that! :)

  • “Safe Feet”

  • Yes why sign a 15 year old for 200 thousand who could turn into a 20 million pound player and will probably at least bring the 200 thousand back even if he does flop. We should take that 200 thousand and buy us a world class center back, a world class defensive mid and a new striker. Where do people get their logic from? lol

    On a serious note though, I use to be all for Denilson being a squad player but now I am jumping on bored with the what the hell is going on with him band wagon. He is shockingly bad now. It kills me when he receives the ball in space but drops it 5 yards back overtime time.

    • We should be bringing in only top prospects from abroad not any average players.
      And the 200 thousand is only the fee we pay Berlin how about the wages we will have to him for the next five years to find out if he will turn out to be a descent player. That money could go into our transferkitty for some backups at least. Im sick and tired of seeing no backup for song.

    • It’s not a proper “Arsenal buy youngster” article until someone complains about how the money should have gone into buying a first-team player.

      Thanks JamesPond :D gold star for you!

    • You obviously have no idea how hard it is to bring in top prospects at the ages of 15, 16, or even 17. Some players look like they have all the potential in the world, and then fizzle out before they reach 20. Not every player the club signs is the best player in the world, or the most well known prospect in the country. Some players will make the grade, most won’t, thats how life is, for every club.

      Scouts have the hardest job in the world, predicting the future of a player 5 to 8 years down the road….that’s nearly impossible.

      And if you really think 200,000 pounds is the difference between Wenger signing a player for the first team, or not…then your full of rubbish. The money spent on this player has no effect on how much they have to spend on the first team squad.

      Oh, and I’m sure the 500,000 we spend on Fabregas was a waste too.

    • Fabregas was known as a top prospect and we didnt pay 500.000 for him.
      We gave them Van Bronckhorst and 500000.
      The hardest job in the world lol grow up and and start working you mug they most likely have the best job ever.

  • E ladno jos jedan bogdan navija za arsenal :D
    Now we have 2 german prospects :D

    • excuse me…
      p.s. actually one german as Serge is Ivorian

    • (Je l znas srpski mrzi me da pisem na engleskom)
      I know but half of Germany are foreigners.He is born in Germany so he is german football player

  • Hertha’s website say he is 178cm but I’ve got it on good authority that he’s 6’2. Hertha’s coach also confirmed he’s a massive guy.

  • Connor Byrne

    Sorry off topic here guys, but friend who plays for the same team as me is a CB also and is 6″4! Hes 15 now but hes been that height since he was 13!
    Shame he’s not the best!

  • puregunner75

    how do you recommended players to arsenal?

  • Let’s not get over excited about a 15 year old here guys. No reason to raise up arms before we know anything about the kid, besides his height.

    However, I will concede AW must make a huge splash in the transfer market after the season’s end. We need more experience leading these young boys and I’d like to see it happen sooner than later. Especially, with the chances of cesc leaving the summer increasing, in my belief.

    I also would like to point out that B52, Denilson, Rosicky, and Clichy must go. Might as well add Squilacci to that list as well. I think they all have show this season that they are better off playing some place else.

    All that said I still love my GUNNERS.

    • If Cesc leaves, I just hope he spends half of it on a defender, and the other half on a replacement for Fab…maybe Hazard, or Marin.

      Even if Cesc stays, Arsenal need to spend upwards of 30 million on the squad to make the necessary upgrades. They aren’t far away, but I feel the team automatically gets better when Almunia leaves, and Denilson and even Squillaci should go after his first season.

      B52 should leave, but only for a decent price…and if we sell maybe 3 or 4 players ALL of that money needs to go back into the squad this summer. We need higher quality back ups, and maybe even 1 or 2 new starters

  • Furious Shredded Wheat

    Jamie, any word on Carl Jenkinson moving to us from Charlton?

  • Seems to be a left back not right as some said or? Didn’t check their website or any game though…

  • he is so young. MAybe we need him for reserve team trophyes.

  • Alumni, nicklas bendtner, denison and Thomas rosicky all need to be replace

  • Clichy should only be sold AFTER Gibbs becomes better than him and that he can maintain fitness for 6 months straight… not before.

  • I think vermaelen can play left back

  • Arsene need to buy a great defender, a world class keeper like Hugo LLoris and a good replacement for song when he is injured. Alex Song is the best player in the team with Fab and Persie

  • Everyone standing still Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger insists he will not be rushed in the transfer market

    what no one standing still but us we need to add more to the back line im happy Clichy as gone i was going to say he ok at going forward but when i think about it he would make a good run then pass the ball back im happy with Laurent Koscielny he add a good first season but we do have alot of dead wood like Denilson Abou Diaby ps diaby only plays about 12 time a season Nicklas Bendtner Manuel Almunia Lukasz Fabianski Gavin Hoyte Sebastien Squillaci all players we dont need

  • hows Emmanuel Frimpong geting on was out for sometime but he looked ready to step up to first team in games i saw him play pre-season last year

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