Bellerin Scores As Arsenal Beat Watford

Jamie Sanderson July 21, 2011 Matches 34 Comments

Steve Bould’s Under 18’s kicked off their pre-season preparations with a 2-0 win over Watford this morning.

Bould, who heads into the new season with one of his biggest squads yet, will use a selection of behind closed doors fixtures to decide who will play an integral part, and who may be forced to leave the club.

The first of those was today against Watford. The Gunners played some good football and won the game 2-0, thanks to goals from the lethal Zak Ansah, plus a debut strike from winger Héctor Bellerín.

More to follow.


  • Jesus saves

    looking forward to seeing this guy in action

  • VanDaManPersie

    Hopefully Bellerín can step up to the first team in a couple of years time

  • Great! Got the squad sheets J?

  • Any chance of a live chat soon jamie?

  • I’ll update the report with the team sheet shortly. There was a lot of subs in the game so just looking to check them all.

    I’ll be hosting another web chat shortly, JV.

  • great work Jamie yet again, really looking forward to watch Jon Toral Harper and Bellerin working their magic with their u18, last year was a disappointment as Bould never really had the class of the double winning squad. Btw did Jamie edge get released?

  • thanks a lot jamie, top top work, cant praise you enough!

  • Salisu Dangwani

    Congratulation Bellerin! try more, surely you hav bright future.

  • Cheers Jamie good reading be good to see squad sheet and subs used,

  • Was it the Watford U18’s?

  • Yep Edge was released

  • I thought when we signed up jamie edge he was supposed to be the nuts?What a waste,anyone know if he’s been signed up elsewhere?What about the news that JET has been pit up for sale?Another player wasting his talent by being a bellend as a person although um suprised there ain’t more like him due to the way the youth of today acts.

    • Oh there are lots of them. Just look at some of the members of our first team squad.

  • Jesus saves

    got a question J why was Bellerin presented with the number 2 jersey during a photoshoot was that just because it was his number at barca or do we aim on giving him that jersey ?

  • i just hope he won’t turn out to be another fabregas with barca DNA

    • i think i watched it before, somewhere he said arsenal is english team. meaning he was a gooner before we signed him.
      but still we have to get used to dealing with latin players and their homesickness. jose reyes, tevez, aquilani etc…
      As long as they give us their good services and we get a massive fee when they feel like going back to mama i have no problem with it.
      the truth is cesc loves arsenal but hypocrite spanish are blackmailing him with tribalism to get him back. none of them are beating tribal drum on almunia to back home…. bunch of hypocrites!

  • Why is everyone so annoyed if he did want to go back to Barcleona we paid small money for Cesc and should get £40M plus many years of being a brilliant player.

    Cant expect players to stay with Arsenal for there whole careers.


  • EmmanuelF4 on twitter:
    Watched The Youth Team Play Watford Today And OMG The Swedish Kid Olsson Looked A player he’s Got #DEEEEENCH Tekkers

    • methimpikehoses

      Translation for those who don’t speak yoof: “Dench Tekkers” = “Rather good technique” ;)

    • I’m 17 and even I can’t understand that. Do the other youth players have a translator on hand or something? Surely Olsson must have thought he was being threatened or something.

  • Next years crop of youth is hard to not get excited about.. Bellering, Gnabry, Olsson, Toral

  • Superrob i think jamie is heading to west brom i might be wrong though :)

  • methimpikehoses

    Are you sure Edge has been released?

    He’s still on the Reserves list and since he only signed a professional contract last September, I doubt we would release him this early, if only because we would be legally obliged to pay the remainder of his contract. Even if that contract was only one year long, we would be unlikely to let him go before this September. More likely, he’d have had at least two years as there would have been the belief that he was worth investing considerable time and money in; we don’t offer pro contracts for nothing when we could have let him carry on until now with a rolling youth ‘contract’. I haven’t heard anything either way, it would just seem odd if we’d let him go.

  • Arsenal release Edge as they begin to trim bloated squad (Arsenal Youth Blog reported- Dated:19 June 2011)….

  • Jeorge Bird maitained that Arsenl Youth Blog

  • methimpikehoses

    Thanks. Shows what I know. I suppose some of the young midfielders were going to have to get cleared out sooner or later.

  • No offense but I honestly hope England always have a crappy national team. I am getting tired of these over priced english players. Seriously how is a 28 year old Jagielka worth more then 10 million pounds? Jordan Henderson…20 million? Stuart Downing 18 million? Andy Carroll 35 million? Gary Cahill …18 million? How much does that make Matt Hummels worth then? 10 plus million for a 17 year old that has not played higher then the 3rd division? Are you out of your minds lol. I hope we never try to buy another english player ever again. England is the only thing that holds the English national team back.

  • I think frimpongs a good player and a breath of fresh air with his workrate and general like midfield approach but I really wish he didn’t say things like deeench!!…that’s my second hate in line with the african dances after any of them score!They should all stick to one celebration only,the now traditional eboue piggy back.I know this is off topic but how is modric worth more than £35million?Am I missing something?I think they’re stupid not to cash in and build a proper squad out of that money,oh well hey!:-)

  • Teamsheet anytime soon?

  • You forget something Jamie, you stated shortly????

  • Cardiff Gooner

    Any chance of the ‘more to follow’ with the team sheet etc? Cheers!

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