Wigan 1-3 Arsenal: Ryo On Target

Jamie Sanderson August 23, 2011 Matches 50 Comments

Arsenal continued their 100% start to the Premier Reserve League this afternoon, coming from behind to beat Wigan 3-1. Goals from Sanchez Watt, Chuks Aneke and Ryo Miyaichi wrapped up the points, after Daniel Redmond has scored a first half screamer.

Neil Banfield saw his resources stretched further from the 2-1 win over Manchester United last time out, with captain Ignasi Miquel joining Armand Traoré and Benik Afobe in the first-team. However, Vito Mannone continued in goal, and as we told you earlier in the day, Ryo Miyaichi was allowed to feature, as he builds up match fitness.

ARSENAL: Mannone; Yennaris, Boateng, Angha, Meade; Ebecilio, Özyakup, Aneke; Miyaichi, Freeman, Watt.

Wigan had given Arsenal the run around in this fixture last year, and began with a similar swagger. Jordan Rugg did well to carve himself space, but the excellent reflexes of Vito Mannone denied the opener.

For all the hosts excellent passing, it was the visitors who struck first. Chuks Aneke played in Luke Freeman with a lovely flicked pass, and Freeman finished well, only for the offside flag to rule it out. Wigan then suffered the same fate, when Rugg’s cross was turned into his own net by Martin Angha, only for Callum McManaman to be flagged in the build up.

Yet undeterred, the Latics kicked on and took the lead in stunning fashion, when Daniel Redmond smashed home from all of 30 yards. The power beat Mannone, who had picked up a knock earlier in the game. He was then withdrawn, replaced by Sean McDermott.

Arsenal had struggled to create any chances of note, but snatched an equaliser when Jamie McCormack’s defensive error was sized upon by Sanchez Watt. He kept his head and lobbed the on rushing Chris Kirkland for 1-1.

The second half began in much the same fashion as the first – with more offside goals. Freeman thought he’d put the Gunners in front twice, only for both to be ruled out in quick succession. However, Banfield’s boys would eventually complete the come back shortly after, when Aneke exchanged passes with Watt before finishing confidently. 2-1.

Wigan threatened an equaliser through fierce shots from Dicko and McManaman, but Arsenal moved out of sight when the largely ineffective Ryo Miyaichi collected Aneke’s lob and beat Kirkland with ease. 3-1.

The hosts tired in the closing stages, but Arsenal couldn’t make them pay.


  • I always think Aneke should go on to loan and come back to the first team. He’s brilliant player! Time for him to step up and work with Benik Afobe and Wilshere etc.

    Two good wins so far! Lovely! :)

    • Two Left Feet

      Agree with Jono. Aneke would benefit from a loan spell, hopefully at one of the newly promoted premier league clubs like Norwich or Swansea. That will accelerate his development and perhaps he will be deemed good enough for the first team when he comes back next year. Incidentally, I think the same for Afobe i.e. he isn’t quite ready for the league and should be loaned out for at least 6 months to a championship club to get some experience under his belt.

    • Couldn’t agree more with you on that.
      How I wished I watched the match.

    • Two Left Feet: I think Afobe is due for a loan. He is to good for reserves and not good enough for the first team so ya give him to another Premier League side like Swansea or Norwich.

      As for Chucks, I think a loan to the championship is good for now because I feel if he goes to a Premier League team he might not get playing time because of the inexperience but who knows

  • Gunner from the south

    well certainly hope reserves matches can help ryo get match fitness faster… arshavin isn’t even trying when he has a bad day, and he’s had quite a few of those, even during this season that has just started… any info if chamberlain is ready for udinese, heard he wasn’t 100% fit…

  • how was Ryo in the 2nd half

  • is Ryo perform well?

  • Think Aneke should go into the first team. Hes consistently the attacking hub for the reserves with the first team lacking creativity.

  • arse or brain

    does this mean ryo def not on the plane today

  • What’s with Lansbury? Wenger has gone bonkers. Offering him to other clubs.

    • he is in squad for udinese fixture.don’t be so critical of wenger.if lansbury deserves to play for arsenal he will play.just like wilshere and gibbs.you can not question wenger’s judjement just sitting at your home

    • I don’t quite believe those rumors. I think Lansbury will stay with Arsenal at least for this season if not longer. With our midfield depleted as it is I doubt Wenger would want any more players leaving.

    • Lansbury isn’t on the plane to Italy. Check Arsenal’s website, it says he didn’t make the squad.

    • No he’s not in the squad but he was training with the first team and was on standby for Rocisky if he would’nt been fit to go.

    • If Wenger sells Lansbury now that the midfield is decimated I’m going to be fuming. The thing is he will do this, just like he sold Diarra, Flamini, Gilberto, Muamba and Seb Larrson all within 6 months of each other.

      Lansbury by rights should have Rosicky’s spot in the squad now at least anyway.

  • I actually think with his size and technique Aneke could do a job for us

  • Is McDermott any good, he’s so far down in the pecking order? I’d love to see an Irish international in the Gunners team but with so many ahead of him do you lads think he has much of a chance? I’ve never seen him play.

    Thanks again Jamie, nice result.

  • Hi Jamie,
    Good to see you back again! Do you see any future for Watt? Another loan spell perhaps? He did alright for Leeds last year and his early season form for the reserves has been encouraging as well but he doesn’t seem to have that extra bit of quality to capture Wenger’s attention. Would love to hear your thoughts on him.

    On a side note, perhaps you could write a series of articles explaining your views and expectations for the coming season for these young gunners. Just a suggestion.

    • Since Wenger refused to give JET a chance then clearly Watt has no chance what so ever, the same goes for Afobe.

  • Ryo, Ryo Miayichi, I’m your biggest fan and I will follow you up and down the country! (to the tune of papparazzi by lady Gaga)

    • Don’t be a cunt.

    • @ The Daddy

      So it’s a little naff (though terrace ditties are hardly renowned for their lyrical beauty), but is someone really a cunt for suggesting a fun chant?

      It’s no wonder the Emirates is a library, with fans like you berating anyone that dares to sing a song of support.

  • Lansbury has been left out of the squad for Udinese along with Wilshire (injured) Squillaci and Bendtner. I have heard 2 rumours one is Lansbury was seen saying his goodbyes to the rest of the squad in training along with Nasri, the other is Arsenal forgot to register him in their b list.

  • so ryo is not match fit?
    hello! we just started the season. and ryo had a full pre-season preparation. are arshavin and chamakh match fit? oh yes!
    wenger’s favouritism still happening.

    • yeah exactly we just started but the thing is we are not playing some pre season games where it doesn’t matter if you don’t perform. Ryo was NOT good in the preseason. What the heck are people blind or something? He was invisible most of the games and did some good things but most of the time he was gone.

      So people want a guy that hasn’t impressed in preseason to play against pool, newcastle and Udinese where everyone needs to perform?????? Sure some of the ones that has got the chance to play haven’t really impressed at all but experience and proven players who has already played in PL and CL should be ahead of any youngsters who has not impressed even in preseason. I’m still waiting to be impressed by ryo in Arsenal. Come on he is NOT good enough to play against United and Pool and in a CL qualifier. If rosicky is fit he should be in the flanks NOT Ryo and Arshavin.

    • Ryo missed training when had to travel to get his work permit

  • with regards to lansbury.if he is any good then he’ll b provided the opportunity to impress,i seriously dont understand,people being critical of wenger in this instance.same case with jet great @ reservers level but horrible otherwise.its not whether he’s a good player or not,buyt rather whether he’ll fit into the squad..as jamie reported ryo was largely ineffective,but i suppose a pennant is better than Arshavin he was a complete mokery..

  • I want to see Aneke and Afobe on the first team… They are doing very well

  • I hate seeing Rosicky in the team these days to be perfectly honest, as much as it saddens me to say it. He’s just a bit of a nothing player. He’ll occasionally produce a stylish pass or moment but for the most part he offers nothing, defensively or offensively.

  • Jom we didn’t see the same preseason, are you blind ? Against greentown and fc koln he was very interesting. Against benfica he was invisible but EVERYBODY in the second half time was shit even gervinho. So you cannot judge on this game.

    And what the hell are you judging on 1 game with the reserve. It was his first match with the reserve. He didn’t know his teammate, how they play, how to comunicate with them.

    Why do you hate him as everything you talk is wrong ? He impressed during preseason and nobody can’t deny it, if you don’t just watch again the matches.

    He cannot be as worst as Arshavin because instead of him he doesn’t lost ball a lot and isn’t lazy like him.

    • I not judging by one damn reserve game for god sake. I’m talking about the games he played with the first team. if he is on the pitch against any PL team you will see he will be invisible again. how it that helping a team? At least arshavin is seeing a lot of the ball. But someone I think will be much better than Ryo is Chamberlain and he should be given a chance ahead of Ryo.

  • My dads Peruvian, and he tells me all the papers are saying that Sandro orlandelli is following Andy polo, Jackson Martinez and Jose Randon.

    Will try and chase the source.

  • Guys, Ryo wasnt match fit cause he just spent over a week in Japan sorting his VISA, which meant no training for quite a while, so hence not being match fit, he just needed a little run out, his still going to Italy with the rest of the guys.

  • Maybe it’s just me but with the state of our attackers why not bring in Sanchez watt as an alternative to van persie?I like the guy plus his finishings very tidy,he’s a decent build and a lot better than people give him credit for,simply put if that waster chamakh can get game time then so can he.We’re also really lacking creativity in midfield and we could do with dropping van persie into the hole and playing another front man,that or maybe giving ozyakup a chance till we buy(if we buy..).How did freeman play?I rate him and am curious if he’s made more progress this year?

    • If we start playing Sanchez Watt in the first team then things are really going bad lol. I like Sanchez Watt but he is a lower league / reserve player.

  • people still dont get it, arshavin already failed as arsenal player.
    sanchez watt is definately not a great player but could play huge role when it comes to team work including tracking back to help your defenders and thats something arshavin doesn’t do.

    • We all know Arshavin is not the top choice anymore but comparing a guy that got 11 assist in the PREMIER league last year to Sanchez Watt shows how much some people understand this game. This is not a video game. It is not as easy as some people seem to think.

  • Why don’t we just play me then? I’ll work hard for the team. It’s a bit of a stupid point. Sanchez Watt is nowhere near good enough to play for the our 1st team, regardless of how good of a team player he may or may not be.

  • Why should Aneke go on loan to championship when Jenkinson moves from Conference Blue Square and 7 games at Charlton League 1 into the 1st team squad.
    Is he a better quality player ? If he is
    then get rid of the academy…. put him
    in the squad and let him develop. Its funny if he played for Reading he would get bought for the 1st team. Good luck Lansbury

  • completely agree with that Phil; Jenkinson has taken a massive step up yet looks completely at home. Like Wilshere last season. Why not give Aneke the chance to make a similar impression?

  • Jesus Christ IS LORD

    http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjk4MTQyNTQ0.html.. highlights of the game

  • We’re wasting time with Aneke. His technique and hunger is ready for big game football. He should be training with the big boys and ripping shreds off Squillaci and Koscielny on a daily basis.

  • I have no idea why people continously want AW to spend Big. Get the right player(s), not the expensive ones.
    In 2006, Shevchenko left Milan for Chelsea for £30.8 million (€43.875million) – by your reasoning, he’d be an instant hit in Chelsea. Torres for £50m – didn’t really fire all that well either when he joined Chelsea.
    It’s NOT about the transfer fee, go for quality and someone who fits the system.

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