Manchester City Apprehension on Losing Star Arsenal Performer for Better Salary

Chilean player Alexis Sanchez has not yet recovered from his extended vacation since pre-season as he played for his Arsenal Carabao Cup against Doncaster, England. Reports have been pouring in from all over as Manchester City fears losing him on grounds on better remuneration from the opposition Paris Saint-Germain FC. Sanchez is on the verge of quitting the Emirates and declares himself open to outsider Europe clubs early next year as his contract will be terminating with his current team. Rumors, of late, have been giving pointers that Sanchez had been cheating all this while on Arsenal, and this incident (if true) could also be reason for him quitting the cluster.


Guardiola Keen on Sanchez

After questioning head coach Pep Guardiola, the manager of Man City has reassured Alexis had a hidden desire to get on his team’s roster in spite of not bagging a £60 million track down for the preceding reassignment timeframe. However, the PSG FCteam is now revising their interests for Alexis and sees him alongside Kylian Mbappe and Neymar Santos on the turf. Just as a gentle reminder, Paris Saint-Germain also bought Kylian Mbappe and are now in pursuit of Alexis Sanchez which has higher tendencies towards Alexis to make a changeover.

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Negotiations Persist

The Paris Saint-Germain heads met with Sanchez in Paris in the summer of 2017 where both parties discussed a prospective venture together. Sanchez quoted a hefty paycheck amounting to £400000 for each week which the PSG could not afford presumably. However, Unai Emery and his party gave him a lucrative offer on signing the paper and hire him with a £275000 offer for every week. It should become evident by now that Paris Saint-Germain might as well relieve Neymar’s in-team adversary (owing to a free kick) Edinson Cavani  to facilitate the addition of Alexis.